Is Sam Claflin Hot Enough To Be Finnick?


We need to seriously consider whether Sam Claflin is sufficiently hot to play Finnick in the upcoming Hunger Games: Catching Fire, I guess, because that is what absolutely everyone is doing.

Over at The Atlantic, Richard Lawson writes:

I was of the belief that they’d just have to grow a new actor in a lab or travel back in time and cast young Jude Law. But of course they couldn’t do either of those things, so after a long search they settled on this Sam Claflin character, who appeared briefly as a dopey prince in Snow White and the Huntsman.

I mean, I think it’s also good to reflect on how well Jude Law has made the transition from being the most beautiful man in the entire world to someone who is very comfortable playing kind of sleazy guys. I feel like that’s good for him. Professionally. I don’t know what that’s like for him on a personal level.

Back to Finnick!

At Jezebel they say:

“It would be so much hotter if that were Jesse Williams, right? Right. Not gonna let that go.”

To which we say… OH MY GOD JESSE WILLIAMS IS ATTRACTIVE. Because I was not familiar with him before. So, that was a good learning experience today.

Perez Hilton says:

The newest image of the sexiest victor of all perfectly captures the GOR-GEOUS rugged yet sensitive demeanor that characterizes Finnick in the books.

To which I say: I think Perez Hilton is going soft. I remember the days when he said snarky things about celebrities, but I guess those were days before he mingled with them at every party. It’s hard to say anything mean publicly about someone you know you’ll be sharing a martini with in a month.

In conclusion: I think Sam Clafin is very nice looking.

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    • Tania

      I think he’s attractive! And I think that what makes someone attractive is as much how they carry themselves and act as it is their appearance.

      But wow, that Jesse Williams person’s eyes. They’re amazing. Which I think was a big part of Finnick’s appeal (I don’t remember 100%, could be wrong. Don’t quote me), so I guess he would have also made an good Finnick.

    • BriW

      I think Sam Claflin is super hot! I had such a huge crush on him in Pirates of the Caribbean.

      But the best part about all of this is that I have googled Jesse Williams, and WOW. Thank you for introducing my eyes to that beautiful face!

    • Madame X

      It isn’t that Sam Claflin isn’t hot, he just doesn’t look like Finnick. I’m willing to withhold judgment until I see the movie because maybe he can, you know, convince us with his acting. Since he is an actor. I follow him on Twitter and he’s pretty charming, which I feel is the main trait we need from Finnick for this film. So I am hopeful he can act like Finnick enough to overcome for his not really looking like Finnick.

    • Lakisha Caudle

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    • melissa green

      If i were to run into Sam on the streets or something, then sure i would think he was attractive. but he is no where near how hot finnick is supposed to be. Now Armie Hammer would’ve been the perfect fit!