You Should Probably Let Your Boyfriend See You Without Make-Up


I mean, I hate it when men talk about how much they love natural beauty, but I also think you should probably feel okay about your boyfriend seeing you without make-up. Like a human person. Which apparently, is not a way 80% of women feel!

The Daily Mail claims:

But it seems that women are so insecure without their war paint that a staggering 80 per cent wait at least an entire month before letting a new lover see them without make-up, according to the latest survey.

Almost one in five (17 per cent) wait as long as two months, 16 per cent wait three to six months, 8 per cent keep up the flawless face facade for a whole year and 3 per cent never, ever let their man see them without their slap.

How do the three percent do it? Do you think they keep make-up just stashed in secretive places around the house? Is that a thing people are doing? I get that they sleep in it, but do you think they hide it in boxes for easy application when they’re say, in the kitchen? Do you think that is fun for them? It seems like that is the kind of insane habit that might be fun.
But no, seriously, it probably takes much less effort to let your boyfriend see you without make-up.
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    • M.B.

      Your source is the Daily Mail. Somehow I doubt its accuracy.

    • Fabel

      That is cray. I mean, I do sleep in my makeup most of the time (laziness) but once I take a shower in someone’s presence (like, at their or my place?), it’s all over.

    • Ash

      I think a good way to get over this anxiety is by taking baby steps. I gradually wear less and less makeup when I’m with someone, until I reach the point where I’m confident enough to go bare-faced. Because really, a good BF won’t care either way.

    • Eileen

      Even if you sleep in it, what do you look like in the morning? I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so taking it off for bed isn’t a big deal, but back when I was fifteen and first discovered eyeliner there was no way I could sleep in makeup and not look like a cliche in the morning. (Maybe this is a survey of fifteen-year-olds?)

      (In case it needed stating, every man I have ever kissed has seen me without makeup. In fact, everyone who is my Facebook friend has seen me without makeup because I’m not wearing any in my profile pic.)

    • Samantha Escobar

      I admittedly wear a ton of makeup, but I think I always “reveal” my bare face within a couple of weeks of seeing somebody…otherwise it’s too much work and also, why bother? I remember hearing something about Mariah Carey not being able to be around her ex (Tommy Mottola, I think?) without full-face makeup on at all times. It sounded so sad. :(

    • Abha Khabar

      why cover your beauty?

    • Pixie

      My guy sees with me makeup all the time. Granted we’ve been together 5 years and I’m really lazy, but I can’t remember ever giving any thought to it when we started dating. When her boyfriend stayed over, my old housemate used to wake up before him so she could reapply her makeup before he woke up. She’s better now that they live together but yeah..

    • LisaAYO

      It’s really amazing when you see that some celebs literally look like completely different people without makeup. This is like 80 celebs with and without makeup, it’s pretty crazy…

      Also, this one of Jennifer Lawrence will blow your mind…