How Would You React If Your Boyfriend Called You Fat?


Having somebody you love tell you your body isn’t good enough never feels okay. Whether somebody says you’re too short, too tall, too thin, too heavy, too flat-chested or vice versa, or anything else physicality-wise, your significant other should never insist that your body requires a change in its shape or size (unless, of course, it is a serious risk to your health and not some f’d-up vanity trip on their part). Unfortunately, Kourtney Kardashian‘s weird partner/children’s manchild father Scott Disick did just that the other night…on television.

On the most recent episode of “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami,” the most disturbing thing that happened — well, second only to Kim‘s blood facial – was when Kourtney states how difficult it has been to lose her baby weight from their second child together and Disick notes that she is the heaviest he’s ever seen her when not pregnant. Um, it should go without saying that statements like this should go without saying. It’s just a cruel comment, and I’m not sure why he would make it besides to be an asshole.

But wait! There’s more. Later, when Kourtney steps on the scale and reveals she is 115 lbs. at 5 feet tall, Disick asks, ”Do you know what you’re supposed to weigh for your average weight for your height?” Kourtney guesses 105, though she estimates that her weight upon their first meeting was approximately 95. Disick remains unsatisfied with this number.

“Ugh, I feel like 93 is the dream. Your body was bangin’ when I first saw you on the beach with that little ass.”

Now, Kourtney reacted almost rationally by calling his comments “disgusting.” Of course, “fully rational” may have involved going back in time to throw water in Disick’s face “on the beach with that little ass.” This fully rational reaction would’ve been especially appropriate when you consider Disick’s words upon realizing Kourtney has begun to cry over his cruel remarks.

“You know that you’re perfect. I just felt like you wanted to lose a couple extra pounds. I just feel like sometimes you want to be thinner …”

Yeah, so…my reaction would likely have looked something like this:

Look a tad concerned…

…voice my concerns politely…

…ensure my concerns were taken care of.

Something like that, only I have had a boyfriend call me fat more than once, and if I recall correctly, I also cried. Because it’s mean and you really, really shouldn’t do it. Not to your girlfriend, not to your boyfriend, not to your partner or friend or loved one of any sort, mmk?

I admit that I’ve always had an attraction to Scott Disick when I see him in photos; his appearance appeals to me in a bizarre, off-brand American Psycho way, and up until recently, I had also rarely heard him speak since I do not watch any of the Kardashian shows really. I’ve heard that his personality is typically the reason why people decide they are not attracted to him, and that I hear more of his actual statements and opinions, his kinda hot 80s ski-lift bully looks are fading in my eyes. Plus, I keep seeing photos of him doing stuff like this:


Yeah, glad to see you’re down to let her both carry a baby and push a stroller while dozens of people and photographers follow you. That’s cool.


Anyway, Disick’s comments are absurd, inconsiderate and rude. It’s never all right to criticize the body of somebody you love like that unless there’s a serious reason (again, a health-related issue that requires bodily changes to help fix). Throw in the fact that he did it on camera? Yeah, I’d say he wins Asshole of the Reality TV Year((because I refuse to allow people like this to exist in my IRL idea of the world).

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    • JennyWren

      I would like to point out, in addition, that at 115lbs Kourtney would actually be the ideal medical weight for her height (doctors recommend a BMI of around 22 as being the best weight to stave off infections and such)- 95lbs would be a little low. Obviously, BMI doesn’t apply the same for everybody, but honestly, just look at the woman- she clearly does not NEED to lose weight, and when you get down that low every pound becomes a battlefield. Even if she did need to lose weight for her health, there would be no justification for talking about it like that.

      So yeah, Scott is a dick, and I probably would have sat down on the couch and eaten an entire tub of ice-cream while maintaining eye contact the whole time just to spite him.

      • Ollie_Cat

        Exactly. Her BMI is perfectly healthy anyway, at 22.5. On top of that, she’s had two children, and she still looks great! When he first met her on the beach as he says, she was bordering on underweight, but just barely. He has to remember that she HAS HAD TWO BABIES RECENTLY and isn’t a tiny little 20-something, and that’s normal. A girl or teenagers body is 93 pounds at 5 foot. I remember being 5’8″ and something like 115 pounds, equally skinny… in the 7th grade, when I was 13! And that’s underweight for a 13 year old kid who just went through a massive growth spurt, of course a grown woman should weigh more!
        I really can’t stand Scott, and he really shouldn’t be mean to Kourtney for being perfectly normal and healthy rather than looking how *he* wishes she did.

    • Stepuhhnie

      Funny you say he appeals to you in an American Psycho kind of way. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that his style inspiration definitely comes from Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman.

      • Jon

        now it’s from Kanye

      • Samantha Escobar

        The fact that he’s aware of it changes everything. DONE!

      • Stepuhhnie

        I was trying to google for the article, but instead I found that Bret Easton Ellis wanted him to play the role in the remake!

    • Cate

      I am nowhere near fat, but definitely if a boyfriend called me fat I would probably cry.
      I mean, I almost cried last night when I realized I have too much booty to fit into my boyfriend’s jeans and he was really nice about it, explaining that, well, being a lady I have hips and he would be disturbed if I could fit his pants.

      The sad part is, I might not actually dump him, I’d probably just never eat anything ever again.

    • mm

      My most recent boyfriend told me I was fat all the time. What’s worse is the fact that he knew I was a recovering anorexic. He would constantly tell me I looked fat, that I wasn’t attractive to him anymore, etc…but then if I stopped eating he’d get mad at me. I was too depressed to work out, although that would have helped the depression. It was a vicious cycle because he made me feel so horrible that I would just eat my feelings, and I actually did gain like 30 pounds while I was with him. Anyway, after breaking up with his sorry ass I lost 25 lbs in 3 months just from being happy, healthy, and exercising. All I can say is don’t make the same mistake that I made. If a boyfriend tells you you’re fat in ANY way that seems mean or ridiculous (I was a healthy BMI……) dump him. If anyone makes you feel bad about yourself, remove them from your life. I’m the happiest I have ever been now, and I look hot. He, on the other hand………

    • anon

      Okay, I’m not going to comment on the whole Kardashian situation. But my ex did once tell me that he noticed I had gained weight – and I was GRATEFUL! First of all, I had gained about 30 pounds. I would have been surprised and a little hurt, actually, if he hadn’t noticed that my body had changed that drastically. Also, it was obvious that he was coming from a caring place. I felt like crap at the time because I wasn’t taking care of myself, and he could tell. His concern was a wake-up call that got me on an appropriate, healthful weight-loss track. He and I are still friends, and I now have a personal policy where I want boyfriends to be honest with me, instead of disregarding obvious changes that affect my well-being. I have always had a horrible time controlling my weight and regulating my eating habits; maybe if those things were easier for me, I would feel different. But right now, my ideal, supportive, loving partner would notice when I’m not taking care of myself, and help me identify the problem so I can fix it. *(Side note: I know my situation is totally different from the K situation, since I didn’t just have a baby and did not have a healthy BMI when my ex made that comment… even though I said I wasn’t going to comment on that).