Red Carpet: Eva Mendes Wore A Cool Valentino Dress But Her Accessories Kind Of Ruined It

Eva Mendes Valentino

Eva Mendes is Beverly Hills, March 13, 2013

Last night in Beverly Hills, Eva Mendes stopped by the launch party for the Vogue Eyewear Spring/Summer campaign (of which she is the face). The actress chose an acid-yellow and pink Valentino dress (from the 2013 Resort collection) and subsequently pulled off a really, really tricky color scheme. Good on her! With a paler lady, this could result in a sickly tone–on Mendes, it’s vibrant and striking.

The floral macramé-lace and tulle dress has so many interesting things going on–the delicate sleeves, the convenient pockets and the oddball neckline. Everything about this dress is making us excited for all the acid-trip prints we’re planning to wear this Spring.

However! The accessories really sink things here: what’s with the shoes? Heavy red velvet pumps? That’s not even good Fashion clashing. And the super dense, ornate gold clutch makes no sense with the dress, either.

Here’s another angle:

Eva Mendes Vogue Eyewear ValentinoUgh, again: we’re so into this dress but we just don’t understand the shoes and bag. Moreover, do earrings really need to be that intricate when there’s so much going on everywhere else? These problems are pure issues of styling, unfortunately.

As for beauty, Mendes kept it pretty simple with a defined eye, nude lip and loose waves.

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    • Katy Hearne

      ok, so I’m eyeball deep in SXSW where you see plenty of wacky/tacky clothes, so maybe that’s influencing me, but I freaking LOVE this. Like, love love love. I mean, it’s nutty & kind of makes me think of the candy peeps… but I adore it.
      Also, I’m still kind of drunk from yesterday’s free show…. so that may be why

      • gemma

        maybe it’s because i’m a native austinite and not just a sx tourist but i see absolutely nothing wacky about this dress. it’s a pretty dress with clashing accessories.
        is it really a weird dress? it looks like everything i wore to high school.

      • Katy Hearne

        I live in austin too! I’m not native, only been here 4 years. What part of town do you live in? What if we’re neighbors? I’m south east, right by the ghetto HEB

      • gemma

        holy shit we are neighbors! i’m off of oltorf and s.1st by the slightly less ghetto HEB!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        You guys should clearly be best friends.

      • Katy Hearne

        bahah! awesome. we’re going to chuy’s for dinner. how much of a pain do you think parkings gonna be? it’s gonna be hell, right? ha

    • Greta

      I LOVE the dress.

      But her stylist should walk the plank for those shoes.

    • Emily

      Stud earrings, hair pulled back to show off the intricacy of the dress, different bag, different shoes – perhaps strappy heeled sandals?