This Jewelry Designer Just Made $1 Million. Seriously.

isabella barrett

Are you a little jealous that a new jewelry designer just made a cool million? In a recession? No? That’s really well adjusted of you. By the way, she’s six. Toddlers and Tiaras star Isabella Barrett is six years old and she just made a million dollars, and you are failing at life.

You know, I wondered for a second if I would think that anyone being a millionaire by the time they were first grade was just kind of absurd, but I really don’t think I’d think that about Shirley Temple. I’m pretty sure Shirley Temple would get a pass.

Only Shirley Temple, though. I doubt this kid can dance. Mostly she just seems to design jewelry. According to In Touch:

At 6, Bella is a mini mogul who’s raked in more than $1 million in the past year with Glitzy Girl, a line of kids’ jewelry and makeup she created with her mom, Susanna Barrett. “It’s a lot of fun,” the little entrepreneur tells the new issue of In Touch. “I’m the boss!”

I mean, it sounds like Isabella actually does go to the factory and pick out pieces, so she’s doing a lot more than many celebrity jewelry designers. And at least something good came out of Toddlers and Tiaras for someone. Even if this does seem to indicate that being a jewelry designer is something a six year old in a shiny suit can do.

Picture via Isabella Barrett Facebook

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    • Nikola

      Ugh, to everything in this story, especially being told that I am failing at life. I’m sorry, I guess I missed the memo that said the goal of life was to make a lot of money at a young age…

    • Fabel

      Ugh, could she at least wear some children’s clothing? And what is she doing? I feel like she’s up on her tip-toes in order to pretend she’s wearing heels.

    • Amy

      I actually thought that was a little person at first.

    • Lgarcia

      Look at her extended arm. I am thinking in the word midget right now (i don’t want to offend the little girl)