Shopping Guide: Crazy, Colorful Street Style Bait Wedge Shoes On A Budget

cool colorful summer wedge shoes

Last week we brought you a sneaker wedges Shopping Guide… but we secretly hoped you’d be pissed because they are hideous. This week we’re bringing you also-ridiculous wedge shoes but no sneakers in sight–instead, they are a riot of textures, colors and weirdness in the sub-$150 category. For those of you (like us) who tend to have a restrained aesthetic, sometimes a really oddball statement shoe can make an outfit look more deliberate.

Or… you know, just plain ridiculous. Whatever. Have fun.

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    • Sean

      Umm, I’m not sure if the aim was to make fun of these shoes, but I think the blue ModCloths are kind of nice.

      • Katie

        I think the aim is to make fun of shopping guides in general (while doing one anyway, which is kind of Gloss MO?)? I get really annoyed on Refinery29, for example, when it’s like “6 GENIUS NAIL POLISH COLORS FOR SPRING!” and then it’s like… green… coral… metallic. Genius.

        What I’m saying is I like the tone of this.

      • Sean

        Ah, I get it. Thanks Katie!

    • Samantha Escobar

      I want those flowery Guess ones! I would definitely fall, but I want them nevertheless.,,I’ll just sit around, feet out, looking rad.

    • lelde

      I love as you can find there great selection of clothes, shoes, accessories and you can create your own fashion styles! Find the perfect outfit that will match your shoes! :)


      These are great! I really love this trend!.This looks amazing!I am from London My Favourite Choice is wedge shoes


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