This Is What Happens To Disney Princesses After Their Weddings

You’ve probably always suspected that life does not end the moment you get married, as Disney movies would generally lead you to believe. Paint – who hopefully Disney will not sue, and will achieve some measure of fame out of this – has a very impressively rendered update to all of the Disney princess stories. As you probably expect, things don’t work out completely happy for Ariel, Jasmine, Belle and Pocahontas. Wow, do they ever not work out well. It’s pretty sad for Ariel when she finds out that she’s going to be eating all of her fish friends. It’s likewise pretty sad for Jasmine when she finds out about Guantanamo Bay.

Really, all of them have some pretty sad surprises in store.

Life is rough out here in 3D. As, again, you had probably already come to suspect when you realized that no manner of birds were going to help you do any of your household chores. Not even parrots, who seem like they’d be useful.

And, even if you do love the idea that being virtuous and singing to small woodland equals a lifetime of happiness, you can appreciate the updates on some classic songs. Especially the much darker revamp on Prince Ali (which really was the best Disney song, if you’re keeping track or anything).

-via Jezebel

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    • Tania

      That was fantastic. Absolutely amazing.

    • Jenny

      That was awesome! The only thing that bugs me is that Pocahontas was a real person so it bothers me to just make it up. But still, very awesome.

      • Vern Roberts

        I’m not sure how it was made up… She died of syphilis contracted from John Smith, and the fighting between the Native Americans & the European invaders is well documented. The only part that I can identify as construed (not made up) was that she wanted the Europeans dead for what they did to her & were doing to her people.

    • bicyclebill

      If you like this, copy it — download it — save it — do something. It ain’t gonna last.

      it *IS* fair use, but if you’re a guy who is so broke you can’t even afford backup instruments and have to sing all four parts yourself going up against Dizney and their horde of lawyers, who do *YOU* think will end up holding the dirty end of the stick?

      • Nanette

        Ummm I think it wouldn’t have been as good if there were four separate people. And I think it will last!!!!!

      • bicyclebill

        The bit about being too broke to afford backup and having to do it all himself was meant to be humor. Sorry you missed it.

    • deanrd

      Why would Disney sue? Clearly it’s satire and therefore protected by the First Amendment.

    • Katy Hearne

      This. is. brilliant. God, can you imagine how long it took him to make it?