The Best City For Enhancing Your Love Life

las vegas souvenier

Can a place associated with gambling, magic shows, strip shows, too much alcohol, all bachelor and bachelorette party movies, the third-to-last episode of every reality show ever and waking up in what you can only assume is water at a hotel you have never been to…wait, what was I asking? Oh, yeah, can that type of place be the most romantic city in the world? Can a location so filled with illusion and grandeur be genuinely helpful to your love life?

To me, the answer is yes. It will not be an answer I share with many people for a number of reasons, but then, I can only tell you my own opinions on romance, as I am not good at guessing nor explaining anybody else’s.

Everyone I know will say Paris or Rome, New York City or São Paulo. Most magazines’ lists will top off with Buenos Aires or Kyoto, Copenhagan or Vienna. They cite the architecture, the history, the overall atmosphere. Each person can recount how many romantic movies have been set there and all the sweet love songs that sing about it. But I can’t help it: I absolutely love Las Vegas, and in just my few trips there, it has managed to make me understand considerably more about what I want and don’t want out of my love life, sex life and youth (whatever that means).

When it comes to sex, I am somewhat closed off to certain things. Despite being very open-minded regarding other people’s wants, needs and questions, I feel silly having my own. Though I discuss certain aspects of my romantic life online, it’s fairly obvious that I’m doing it, in a way, behind a mask. Yes, you can Google my name and see what city I live in, what social media networks I use, and even what I look like. But if you hate my stories, I just have to live with your angry comments (I think I got called a “slutty bisexual” four times before breakfast today, no exaggeration). A barrage of pissed of people on the Internet may hurt sometimes — actually, probably more than I’d care to admit — but it doesn’t cut nearly as deep as when people shoot you down or call you weird in person.

That is where Las Vegas steps in. In Vegas, you can not only be whomever you want to be, you can also be yourself.

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