Kate Middleton Shows Up At The Racetrack With Short Hemline, The Crowd Goes Wild


Yesterday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showed up at Cheltenham Gold Cup Day, the last day of the annual horse racing event. Kate Middleton and the Royal Fetus opted to wear a bit of a different look than usual, but it looked lovely on her all the same.

Middleton stepped out wearing a sandy pink coat with a shorter hemline and brown patterned tights. (And nothing underneath?! Just kidding, she probably was wearing something, it looks really cold out there.) She accessorized the beautifully with a chocolate brown hat, match clutch and Aquatalia Rhumba knee-high boots.

I’m pretty sure Middleton’s thick outerwear could hide any borderline ‘baby bump’ that the world could possible point out, I can only assume that Grape was donning a similarly polished outfit, probably minus the boots, as those would be rather uncomfortable for Middleton’s uterus, and that Joan Rivers will soon find a way to put it on a “Worst Dressed” list.

I realize that a lot of people think Middleton’s makeup isn’t very good, but I think that it looks exceptionally nice here. It’s soft and subtle, but coordinates with her outfit very well without overpowering her face, though I still have a feeling every photo from this particular day will include ‘her pregnant glow’ or ‘radiance,’ simply because any time a pregnant woman smiles, she is told she’s glowing. In this case, she looks really happy, rather wonderful and goddamn, I can’t stop thinking about how much I want that coat. Check out the full look:

The Cheltenham Festival - Day 4

Photos: Getty Images

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    • pudfucer

      Who gives a crap!!

    • bevbill

      She is both regal and glamorous, a lovely woman.

    • Peki1

      She’s a doll!


      Va, va, VOOM!

    • Dave

      She always looks happy.

    • Dolosus

      I would hit that.

    • KB

      Is it really necessary to use profanity when writing an article?

    • Karen

      @Samantha Escobar – I agree, cussing – more especially the word you used – is the last thing I need my young teenagers reading when they read an article of a public figure they really like.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        I agree Karen. What passes for journalism online is a joke.

      • Iclasticons

        And a very bad joke at that!

    • cajunwoman

      this is one classy lady wish our first lady would take some lessons from Kate.

      • Sidney3

        I totally agree with you

      • Iclasticons

        No need to insult the FLOTUS as you salute Kate. Besides, in JMHO your shot at Michelle is inaccurate. She is also a very classy but older mother of two wonderful girls who will definitely accomplish great things in life.

    • dc

      she can get thugged out

    • http://www.facebook.com/kat.delahaye.50 Katie Hayes

      I just don’t get why people call her “Middleton” now – she is married, and her official title/style is actually “Princess William.” She takes her husband’s name. “Her Grace” would also be appropriate, as “His Grace” is the proper style of a duke, and her husband is a duke and she is a duchess.

      • Iclasticons

        I met a Princess William once. He did not look anything like Kate Middleton. But, maybe it was just my beer goggles.

    • fan321

      It looks like she let the coat out by moving the buttons a few inches – look to the right of each button. Which is endearingly normal, to let clothes out rather than run out and buy new ones.

    • Iclasticons

      Yet another “journalist” to ignore henceforth. Great subject, terrible coverage. But, all it takes to generate link hits and ad revenue is a photo of someone whom I believe to be among the classiest ladies in the world. Keep it up, Kate!

      • http://www.facebook.com/sameurysm Samantha Escobar


      • Iclasticons

        Ah, grace under fire! I will need to take a second look. I might have caught internetitis and been just a wee bit harsh. Have a good one!!

    • hiway280z

      She is a beautiful woman and has class. A good role model for all. Not to many famous people are role models any more.

    • 2Dirt

      Escobar, you sound like and talk like a drug cartel member. You would never look good in that coat. I’ll bet you wear a hoody.s

      • http://www.facebook.com/sameurysm Samantha Escobar

        Oh, good, a racist commenter.

      • Iclasticons

        Wow, what the heck did she write to deserve that? Besides, what do you have againts hoodies? As a 65 year old bass fisherman, I wear them everywhere to emphasize my t-shirt fashion statements and social commentary. My wife just loooves them! Not!!!