Upfront With Mari: Why Are Bras The Worst?

When it comes to talking fashion, you can bet that our beloved office manager Mari Correa gets straight to the bottom of things. Or, in this case the top, since this week’s Upfront With Mari is all about the most supportive (and most annoying) garments in the industry: bras.

From the trouble with spillage to their decided lack of comfort, Mari doesn’t mince her words when it comes to bra talk. No matter how many she owns, the majority of them just plain aren’t pleasant. I type this as somebody wearing a sports bra that has (embarrassingly) never seen a single jog simply because regular bras are the worst, so I’m all too familiar with the trials and tribulations boob garments offer of which Mari speaks.

If you’re sick of your own foam holders, Mari’s got a great idea to re-purpose all the previously useless ones at celebrations! (Hint: It will be the most popular party favor you have ever given out.) So, all ready to dish out your feelings on the subject? It’s time for bra talk, bitches.

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    • Jessica

      It’s somewhat surprising that with all the technological advancements in the last several decades, very few improvements have been made to one of the most important garments many women will ever own. Coincidence? I think not. It’s time that we collectively demand better bras! We want quality construction, breathable materials, and more anatomically feasible designs and we want them now!

    • Lauren

      Linda the Bra Lady (dot com). I think there are 2 stores in NYC. You make an appointment, they measure you and then the go find bras for you that fit your needs and all you have to do is try them on and say “I hate it” or “I love it”. They are a little more expensive but honestly worth it.

    • Krystal

      Mari might just not be measure correctly. I use to wear a 38DD and was horribly uncomfortable and began to develop back problems. When I got remeasured, I found out that I was actually a 32G. It’s important to have a snug band that goes directly across your back and does not ride up; the goring (the part that goes directly between your boobs) should lie completely flat against your sternum. It may not be that your bras are uncomfortable but that you’re just not wearing the right size. reddit.com/r/abrathatfits is helpful when it comes to finding the right size, and it’s a community where ladies of all sizes can give helpful tips and tricks when it comes to everything bra related. :)

    • Hooty

      I have to rest my keyboard after the last bra rant, but Mari, get a proper bra-fitting. Make sure they don’t use measuring tape. I’ve heard good things about Linda, who Lauren mentioned. If you’re doing it yourself, you can get your approximate band size just by measuring around your ribs under your boobs (don’t add inches) and trying something as close to that as possible. The cups are a bit more difficult, but if you get the band size right, it’s going to be above DD. (That’s okay. Most people who *have* to wear a bra are way above DD and don’t realize it).