Why You Need Raw Garlic As Part Of Your Beauty Routine

Zits and vampires should beware.

Zits and vampires should beware.

I love raw garlic. I’m so in love with it that I could actually eat it the same way I eat a raw apple. But since garlic can be a bit potent and doesn’t have the same delicious smell when it’s coming out of a person’s pores a couple hours later, I try not to eat the garlic in my home as if it were an apple. I do like having friends, and friends do not like stinky garlic Chatel.

Although I consider myself the furthest thing from a hippy, there are still some parts of me that like to choose natural ways to heal instead of pills. I figure I’m hopped up on anti-depressants, so I might as well give myself a break in other ways. I long ago started using raw garlic as a means to cure that one yeast infection I get every year at the end of the summer, and when I feel a cold coming on, I mix garlic in pretty much everything I consume. In these events, I’m either faced with something awful tasting or a new glorious recipe! But either way, I’m getting garlic in my body and I swear it makes everything so much better.

My cheering on of raw garlic aside, garlic is actually and legitimately awesome for a number of other things, too. If something can cure a zit faster than the speed of light, isn’t it worth having in your medicine cabinet as well as your pantry?

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    • Cat

      Ah garlic, the more the merrier! Also research indicates that garlic eaters actually smell nicer! This is supposedly due to garlic’s beneficial effect on overall health- and healthy smells better. Here’s a link to the study; http://scholar.googleusercontent.com/scholar?q=cache:sthy1VzdYLQJ:scholar.google.com/+jan+havlicek&hl=en&as_sdt=0,33&as_ylo=2012

    • Hadzic

      I LOVE garlic. Raw grated garlic and with a squeeze of lemon make the perfect low fat salad dressing! It also retains all the cancer fighting allicin when you eat it raw.

    • Kelly Williams

      I love garlic especially if its sauteed till golden brown. Though it doesn’t have that good smell but it still one of the most useful ingredients since it has some benefits to the health. http://thebeautyreviewer.com

    • Maggie

      I hope you don’t mind my asking, but how do you use garlic to treat a yeast infection? I’m intrigued!