CNN Would Like To Express Its Sympathies To The Steubenville Rapists

Yesterday we learned of the guilty verdict for Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’lik Richmond, 16, the Steubenville gang rapists who dragged an unconscious 16-year-old girl to multiple parties over several hours, assaulting her repeatedly and spreading photos of their monstrous behavior via Twitter and Instagram. Further details are even more grim and nightmarish.

CNN broke the story, with newscaster Candy Crowley beginning, ”A breaking story we’re following… two star high school football players in Steubenville, Ohio have been found guilty of raping a West Virginia teenager.” After Crowley’s introduction, it’s a freefall into outrageous compassion for these two boys, these good students, these star athletes, whose lives have been ruined by an “alcohol-fueled” night of indiscretion (as opposed to their decision to rape someone). The kind of coverage we’d expect more from FOX News, but still aren’t surprised by.

Crowley then prompts general correspondent Poppy Harlow (reporting from Steubenville) to talk about the “emotional” atmosphere of the court room. Harlow responds:

 I’ve never experienced anything like it, Candy. It was incredibly emotional — incredibly difficult even for an outsider like me to watch what happened as these two young men that had such promising futures, star football players, very good students, literally watched as they believe their life fell apart.

One of — one of the young men, Ma’lik Richmond, when that sentence came down, he collapsed. He collapsed in the arms of his attorney, Walter Madison. He said to me, “My life is over. No one is going to want me now.”

Very serious crime here. Both found guilty of raping this 16- year-old girl at a series of parties back in August, alcohol-fueled parties. Alcohol is a huge part in this.

“Alcohol is a huge part of this”? As a sidenote, we’ve gotten pretty drunk before and never been compelled to rape anyone.

We’re then shown a clip of Richmond sobbing and Harlow goes on to relay a touching anecdote about Richmond’s father, hugging Ma’lik (the rapist) in the courtroom and telling him, “I love you.” Maybe for the first time ever!

We know a lot of people have already covered what’s so fucked up about this (here’s Mallory Ortberg at Gawker, summing it up beautifully, here’s Raw Story, here’s Jezebel, here’s another and another), but if you haven’t seen the video–we urge you to watch. Everyone should see how the mainstream media treats rape and the victims of rape–rather, how mainstream media makes those victims invisible, while offering heartfelt condolences to those who assaulted them.

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    • JennyWren

      “Alcohol is a huge part in this.”

      Honestly, I would have thought the whole rape thing would have been a bigger part of this, really.

      Bottom line is that these boy’s aren’t sorry for what they did, they’re sorry they got caught and are being held accountable. Seems as though they believed (and were encouraged to believe by many people) that there would be no consequences for them. I would hope that some kind of effort at real rehabilitation is made, so that one day they could actually understand what it is they did wrong, but it seems unlikely. And as long as we live in the kind of culture that thinks it’s preferable to chastise a 16 year-old for drinking (!) than to punish those who molested her, it’ll be a drop in the bucket anyway.

    • Tom Maker

      yep, the woman is just as much as fault for being a drunk, tease, who tormented the young men with her sex!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        This is some pretty incompetent trolling.

      • Maggie

        Nobody drink around Tom, or he might lose control because of your sex and rape you!

      • Jen Clark

        I hope that’s sarcasm I’m smelling and not ignorance and misogyny.

    • Markoolio

      Incredible. CNN should have their “journalistic” license revoked for such irresponsible coverage. WHAT ABOUT THE RAPE VICTIM, CNN?? The fact that these were 2 CNN women were apologizing for the rapists makes it that much more troubling. SHAME, CNN!

      • wayno347

        CNN: Crap News Network FOX News Forever!!!

    • len132

      I. Hate. The. World.

    • Riley Murray

      I agree that those “poor boys” should have the record wiped when they’re, say, 25. What you do at 16 is very different from what you do when you’re 30. But the phrase “You do the crime, you do the time” should be a go-to here. They had a minor punishment (1-6 years in juvi? that’s nothing). If anything they deserve a worse punishment.

      It upsets me to no end that the entire clip speaks nothing of the girl and the events that unfolded to lead to the judges decision.

      • Bobby Jean Napolitano Smith

        They should have to register and sex offenders.. They committed a crime and should pay for it ..This need to victimize the young lady in this case is sickening… Poor boys my rear end..

      • Ron Chapman

        I disagree. A sentence is best when it both provides justice, and rehabilitates. Justice, in my opinion, dictates that these boys register as sex offenders for as long as the victim is affected by this rape. Life. Rehabilitation is more difficult. How do you rehabilitate someone who has committed such a crime and who has such a lack of empathy as to not be truly sorry and repentant when rational thought returns after the alcohol wears off? It’s beyond my comprehension.

    • Jane doe

      It seems that they got what they deserved, altho they don’t seem to understand what they did wrong.

    • Tari Arneach

      If the boys are guilty they should be punished. But here’s the big question, where were these kids parents while they were getting falling down drunk? Where did these kids get all that alchohol to begin with. I was a kid once and I have regrets about some of my choices because I acted in the moment instead of thinking things through. I never once wondered what the consequences of my actions would be. These kids are no different than any of us, they acted foolishly in the moment and they will be paying forever for what they did.

      • Jen Clark

        ‘where were these kids parents while they were getting falling down drunk? Where did these kids get all that alchohol to begin with” Have you never been a teenager? It’s not exactly hard especially when you or your friends have two working parents, or simply dont care. it’s also easy when your parents are wealthy and always throw you money, and your parents are alcoholics themselves. Of course, all you need is a good lie, a ride, and a 21 year old friend that lives on his own and hosts parties. Not that I condone it or think it’s ok, im just saying that that’s how it was when I was 16, and everything I mentioned implied to me.

    • margar

      Rape is rape no 2 ways about it-the football players have been tried and sentenced
      Drunkfemales are drunk that act needs addressed and sentenced to a 2 yrs in AA or something besides the personal counseling for the outcoming of choosing to get that drunk
      The individuals who provided the alcohol needs punished because of the” enabling unaged alcohol supply” that resulted in rape corruption assult and battery-assessory to a felony. Just saying been there done that!!!!

    • ARooster

      After watchin this, I not only removed CNN from my prefered list but blocked it. Our adult children, who have their own children also blocked CNN. The only way that these CNN women correspondence will know how idiotic they are is if they become the victims of rape. However considering how out of touch they are with the reality and horrors of a rape, I almost doubt that it would be any object lesson to them.

    • bigboy

      It’s amazing to me that the writer of this story does the exact thing that they complain about. Why would you expect Fox news to go easy on rapists and not any other news organization. How can you let your own political ideology be a part of this story when political affiliation has NOTHING to do with rape?

    • josh

      Its just a sex act.. the girl will recover.. she is not exactly innocent.., Change the laws to prevent such crimes getting harsh punishment..

      • John Glenn

        Let’s put you in a cell with Bubba and then we’ll ask you how it feels to have “just a sex act” done to you… are you really that much of a Neanderthal that you think you should be able to drag a woman by the hair, back to your cave, where you can make her “just have a sex act?”

      • Linus77

        I think all the people who are defending these boys and calling rape just a sex act should be investigated and treated suspiciously as having raped others. Only a person who has or intends to rape another would see rape as not rape.

    • BK Martin

      Why the lame attempt to impugn Fox in this story? These morons remind me of the video where the dog keeps biting his own leg because he thinks it’s trying to take his bone…

      • AmericanBelle1

        I agree.

    • LDevine24

      I am thankful that as a Christian, as a Christ follower, I am able to view all parties with the love of Jesus. Jesus loved the prostitute at the well…..he defended her, saved her….My heart hurts for all three of these children! As a mother of both teenage sons and daughters, in a world full of hate and ugliness, I personally take complete, 100% responsibility for who my children grow up to be – that job, that journey started when they were in my womb. I can honestly say, the children under my roof, and I have the second one graduating high school in May, and three in middle school, have never been to a “party” where alcohol was being distributed to minors, but not only that, they have had a truly fun filled, activity filled school career, a participant in clubs, dance class, drama, exploratory teaching, friends, popularity, they have face books and go tot he mall, or movies with friends….they are excellent students, each with their own struggles at different times! but well monitored and controlled allowed atmospheres, situations and influences….I know their friends and the parents of those friends….it has been MY responsibility to make sure they have always been on a good path. At some point, the breakdown of the family unit, the neglect of adults as parents HAS to be acknowledged, understood and recognized as the main component to the breakdown of the moral characters in OUR CHILDREN and until it is? This will continue to happen, lives of babies and children, the victims and the accused will be forever changed and will never stop. Wake up people. You cannot be your child’s buddy, you cannot be their friend, you MUST be their parent, no one will ever ever love them like you do and no one will desire more for them and their future than you do….it is not only a responsibility for us but it is a reward not only we will reap the benefits of, but also a reward to society and the world when they are out living as functioning thriving adults. Not only that? They will then pass it on to their children as well…..we can’t break this cycle unless WE break the cycle,

      • Jane Smith

        My heart hurts for the VICTIM. Stop enabling the perpetrators! Anyone who had ANYTHING to do with this should be ashamed of themselves, and it’s time people have the guts to speak up against anyone who promotes rape in any way, such as in music, print, video, or social media, as pornographic and WRONG. I know you mean well, but there is NO excuse for the rapists or their associates. Thank God at least someone had the conscience to finally protest, and the rapists were brought to justice. They need to learn.

      • WhyCouldntGodSaveThisRapedGirl

        This is the most delusional comment Ive ever read….

    • AmericanBelle1

      Kids will be kids, huh? And they’ll do stupid things, right? WRONG! Welcome to progress! Kids aren’t kids anymore, they have been stripped of childhoods with Grimm’s fairy tales being too frightening, but getting an abortion behind your parents backs isn’t?? Promiscuity is taught, condoms passed out in school, 5 yr olds being introduced to sex education and learning about sexual “preference”(!), but the most destructive force in childrearing and student development (i.e., home and school) is that kids are not held to be responsible or taught that actions have consequences.They have no moral compass because today’s society is anything but moral.

      Look at the Gosnell abortion trial (no one else is!). Totally ignored so as not to pit morality against immorality, life against abortion. Kids aren’t taught the horrors of abortion; instead, they’re told how to have sex, and how to get abortions or take the morning after pill without their parents permission or knowledge!

      Coupled with the technology explosion, these kids no longer know how to communicate other than texting lots of bff’s and lol’s…everything is truncated, nothing explained. They are technological geeks who have absolutely no social skills. They can’t look a person in the eyes and have a conversation. There’s no personal contact.

      And then people wonder why kids can loose control (as if they ever had any) and get drunk and then rape their drunk friend, taking her from party to party unconscious, continuing the gang raping while others take photos and videos and put them out on the internet!

      And when the girls wake up and get their wits about them (whatever’s left), they’re humiliated but worse, can’t deal with the reality of what’s happened to them and go home and hang themselves.

      And when THAT story airs, the liberal media dimwits side with the rapists (as they side with abortionists like Gosnell!) claiming how unfortunate these kids are for getting drunk and doing stupid things. It’s an age old problem with kids. Except in today’s society which we’ve socially engineered to perfection, the stupid things we did when we were kids were really stupid, like throwing eggs or waxing windows or sticking pins in doorbells so they wouldn’t stop ringing. The difference is that today’s kids’ stupid things are criminal, immoral, and have consequences that none of them fathom or understand.

      • Robert Cannon

        You Nailed it! perfect! Do me a favor, please win the next presidential election.
        God bless you.

      • michelle

        Well said. Totally agree.

    • Woody_UMO_82

      Alcohol committed rape? Sort of when SUV’s started killing people?

    • Pf Wag

      Does CNN have much credibility on anything?

    • skitzo

      “The kind of coverage we’d expect more from FOX News,”

      I watch a lot of fox news and they don’t ever support a rapist. I would challenge someone to back that up.

      Not saying they are perfect, however.

    • Rhonda Iles Jenkins

      Why would you drag FOX network into this heinous story? I agree, CNN was horrible in their portrayal of this story, but no need to compare this action to FOX news reporting.

      • meyo

        If you remember fiox would not let this story die, Pissed MSM off.

      • meyo


    • Pullman Strong

      How phucked up can you be?…Why drag Fox News into it, they seem to be the only ones exposing this stupidass liberal crap! Liberalcrats will continue to report news in a totally faulse manner and it is those very Liberalcrats who got obummer & his thugs elected too.
      Libfreaks will destroy America as we know it. And it starts with chitty journalism!

    • Charles Wright

      Oh boo-hoo. Y’all raped a girl. Over and over. Shouldn’t even get out of “juvy” at 21. Not enough time to think about what they had done.

    • hotjava01

      I don’t excuse the boys, in the least, for anything they did but I think everyone should stay in touch with the reality of this situation and remember that all kids are a product of the culture, their environment, home life, peer groups as well as the associated social and moral values present or lacking in those environments. When something like this happens, the community should share the blame. Steubenville was one town out of thousands of little towns across the U.S., whose identity revolves around high school football (and other sports) whose star players are the “Gods”, worshipped by the entire town and whose actions (and grades) are never questioned and given as much slack as they need. The jocks grow up learning and being told that any girl is for the taking and most of the time the compliance and submissive behavior of the girls, in this environment, supports this attitude fully. If, in the case of Steubenville, no photos or videos had been taken, distributed, and viewed on the internet, drawing national attention, nothing would have been done, no charges file, and no eyebrows would have been raised. Just another party. No big deal. Lesson learned – bar the cameras and videos from parties Dude! Then Party On! That’s the reality!

    • Greg Vamvakerides

      un FREAKIN’ BELIEVABLE! Poor little Rapists….OMG

    • Jeanne

      This is disgusting! Those boys deserve to be in jail. A rape never goes away, not the day, time, even smell can bring memories back. No one has a right to rape anyone. When will we ever feel safe? Who is safe? A rapist has only one thing on his mind!
      I don’t know of anyone who has been asked to be raped. It is a violent crime, whether alcohol is involved or not.