People Wear Things To Parties At SXSW


Greetings everyone! I write to you from sunny Austin, Texas, where I am currently convalescing after four days of intense party reporting. (You can read about my adventures here if you don’t mind joining The New MySpace to do so. The series is called “And Then It Got Weird,” because duh.) My week was pretty well occupied by seeing bands, consuming intoxicating substances, and breaking into hot tubs, but I still found the time to take a few style snaps of people I encountered on the street and at parties. While many people looked like they’d just stepped out of an Urban Outfitters catalog, I tried to get some diversity in there, which is why you will also see a guy in a monster costume and a girl dressed like a slutty Rainbow Brite. I’m in there too, of course, because I am a narcissist.

Photos: Jamie Peck

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    • anna

      i knew you were at sx and was actually hoping i’d see you around town and you’d take my picture. sad now.

    • Fabel

      I like the way bathroom girl rolls. Is she also slapping her own ass? because I see a motion blur!

    • Maggie

      Ahh the shenis! Glad to know that’s working out longterm.

    • Pippa

      I have a shewee (like a shenis, but uncomfortably clear). They are legit the best things for any kind of festival/drinking extravaganza!