How Inappropriate Is Lindsay Lohan’s Court Outfit On A Scale Of 1 To 10?

Lindsay Lohan Trial

I’d say Lindsay Lohan’s court outfit is probably a 7 on the inappropriateness scale, but allow me to break that down.

1) She’s wearing sheer pants. You can see her legs through her opaque pants which are made out of gauze. To court. She’s going to court (she showed up 48 minutes late) for a June car crash, during which she violated her parole (for shoplifting) and crashed into a dump truck. She’s being charged with “reckless driving.” I know all of this seems pretty old hat to Linday Lohan, but when you are facing jail charges, you still sort of owe it to the jury to put on some proper pants.

2) She’s wearing heels one would wear to a club. I mean, they would be pretty tasteful for a club, I guess, being all closed in. And I know that yes, high heels are appropriate for these events. But there is a difference between a tasteful pump and a heel that is seven inches high. The difference is that the second one is absurd to wear to court.

3) Why is she wearing only white gauze? Are we supposed to be tricked into thinking she is an earth angel? That is not working. That plan failed. That plan failed because we all know that Lindsay Lohan is a bit unhinged, despite wearing a cross, as evidenced by the fact that at one point she and her lawyer whispered about whether she could leave court and get back to surfing, soon.

So, yes, this outfit does not rank a ten, because it does have a top, and I guess we are not seeing sideboob in a courtroom, but seven. It ranks a seven. This is absurd.

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    • grammateen

      It was actually much tamer than I was afraid when I saw the headline. Maybe she CAN fool someone with the white-on-white. It’s worth a try. I give it a 5–surprisingly!

    • Fabel

      I really like that top, & would wear myself (not to court, though). But still, I think it would’ve been okay if the pants were not see-through? If she wore some normal pants in a different color?

    • Andrea

      Could be she doesn’t give a flying a fuck about what a “court” would have to say because previous experiences have taught her that she can buy her way out of anything.

    • Susan Ellis

      Thank you, I thought it was just me. “Earth angel”, haha

    • Shae Rosa

      …how hard is it to throw on a non-see-through suit jacket and matching slacks? Maybe with a shirt underneath? THIS IS NOT HARD, I DO THAT FOR WORK MOST DAYS.

    • molly

      Can’t understand why her attorney didn’t explain what she should wear to court. Can’t understand as I’ve witnessed in a courtroom before a defendant being told to leave dress proper then return the following day by a Judge, Why is she so special ?? Why didn’t the Judge have a problem with her attire ?? Oh, yeah forgot she’s got money and she’s Hollywood, they are not like the regular folk.

    • thehumburger

      Who cares what someone wears to court.

    • augustina udosen

      looks beautiful to me.luv to own the outfit.

    • Douglas Bader

      Why do you dignify this apparent fashion felony by publishing it? Don’t feed the troll.

    • LynnM

      She’s a skanky Ho so who cares. She has had so many chances send her to JAIL for a few
      months like every one else

    • Rufus

      You can’t legislate against slutty.

    • Lawman

      I like the dirt bag attorney with the louis vuitton briefcase

    • john burgess

      crowded prison syndrome made her that way what a year in prison would do for her, but movie stars are not required to do time in prison, they are SPECIAL