Lindsay Lohan’s New Mugshot Is Rather Saucy

Lindsay Lohan new mugshot

Sorry, we don’t have any substantial cultural commentary or real jokes/thoughts to go along with this, we just wanted to show you Lindsay Lohan’s new mugshot–according to New York Magazine, it has the dubious distinction of being “her best.” That’s it, up there.

As for why Lindsay Lohan has a new mugshot, she’s headed to rehab in lieu of jail. Per People:

Lohan, 26, resolved her latest trouble with the law – which stemmed from a Porsche crash in Santa Monica, Calif., last summer by opting for a 90-day stint in rehab, psychotherapy and community service.

By agreeing to attend rehab, Lohan has avoided a six-month jail term for violating her probation in a shoplifting case. But Judge James Dabney made it clear if the actress has any legal problems, she’s headed for lock up.

“You violate probation and we’ll … just impose sentence and be done with it,” he said in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday.

Regarding Lohan’s five other infamous mugshots, our favorite will always be this one.

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    • kj

      You know, she really does take a good mugshot. (Except for the one where she’s a dead ringer for Dinah.)

      …I guess that’s why she’s a star…

      • Iclasticons

        The two reasons she is a star do not show in that photo.

    • Iclasticons

      Yeah, Judge, for sure. We can trust the justice system to get tough with this bimbo NEXT TIME. After all, that is what was said the previous 212 times.