Pregnant? A Half-Hour Emergency.


Sitting at brunch with my friend Meagan one day, we started talking about the differences between our 20s and 30s.

At the start of our 20s, our priorities were (and these are more or less in order) doing well at work, dancing until 4 a.m., karaoke, drinking, and trying to make a dollar from fifteen cents. As the years progressed, relationships started, burned, then fizzled. Friends who moved to New York with us moved back to Florida, went to L.A., or found another corner of the country to call home. Other, shall we say, acquaintances we only saw at 2 a.m. eventually stopped calling us, and us them. Apartment and roommate merry go-rounds slowed and settled.

Then we turned 30. Finally making enough money to do more than seek out the cheapest bars (though for the record, we still love doing this), a good time became eating at new restaurants and ordering from the fancier cocktail menu. Better vacations were taken. Laughing until our faces hurt with a giant bottle of wine in someone¹s living room was the perfect Friday night.

Some people got married. Some got divorced. Some shouldn’t have gotten married but did anyway. Life just evolved.

And it’s not that things are better now than they were then. Not at all. Both lifestyles were, and are, perfection in their own way. Growing up is just an amazing thing.

Then the topic turned to having children, a stage of life among many of our friends that hasn’t reached us here in New York. We were both surprised to realize we were less scared than we had been in our 20s to have a child. Essentially we agreed that if it happened – by accident! – it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

Okay that’s actually a lie. We were approximately six (strong) Bloody Marys in (I may or may not have been very casually licking Old Bay from the rim of the glass?), and the way it was framed was more like “If I found out I was pregnant, I’d keep it!” followed by very guilty-sounding giggling. I’m not saying it’s right! Just being honest, guys.

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    • Maggie

      This article was hilarious! My friend and I recently had a similar talk: she’s in a serious relationship and I’m engaged, and we both thought about how our attitudes towards getting knocked up have changed in the past few years. 5 years ago if either of us found out we were pregnant, it’s 99% likely we would’ve had an abortion. But now, if either of us found out we were pregnant, we’d obviously be freaked out, but keeping it would be a no-brainer and we’d both end up really happy to be having a baby. It’s weird and scary.

      • Lia LoBello

        Thank you so much, Maggie! Funny how things change isn’t it? And it just sneaks right up on you…

    • Mari Abe

      i can 100% relate to this story!!! i too have once tried to blame my protruding belly on a baby instead of my overeating. #truthhurts #30sproblems

      • Lia LoBello

        Love it, Mari! When the truth starts hurting…get that body moving? Or don’t. I don’t know. Being in your 30s also means not caring haha.

    • Katy Hearne

      “I don’t feel like doing math right now. Let’s just be pregnant!”
      - made me laugh out loud

      • Lia LoBello

        Thank you Katy! I wish the fact that I really did think that wasn’t true. :)

    • Brianne

      You are awesome! Can totally relate to the wanting things that other people have. Actually had a long convo about that earlier this evening. Grass isn’t always greener was the end result there. Kinda crazy to think how much our lives have changed since playing and my biggest worry was being last in the “happy line”. Gotta be honest that despite being in other states and really only chatting through Facebook, it’s refreshing to know that we are all somehow going through similar things in this phase of our lives. Helps put things in perspective that no matter where you live or who you are currently friends with, that this is just something that happens as life changes. Hope you are doing well and thanks!

      • Lia LoBello

        Thanks Brianne! I love what you say about the “happy line.” So true. But we all get to the front at our own pace. It’s keeping that in mind that can get tough!

    • Alejandra

      Thank you so much for this article; it’s this kind of brilliantly funny, honest, personal stuff that makes a blog like this really worthwhile.

      • Lia LoBello

        Thanks, Alejandra!