What To Say To Your Guy If He Can’t ‘Get It Up’

impotence Impotence is no laughing matter. How would you like it if your favorite part of your body decided it didn’t want to function properly? You’d probably cry, wouldn’t you? Now think about what it would be like to be a man, a member of the gender who thinks the sun rises and sets on their penis. It’s scary, isn’t it? No one wants to be a limp dick.

But tragically, impotence can happen to any man. You don’t have to be dating an 80-year-old or even a dude coked out of his mind to suffer the embarrassment of witnessing a penis that refuses to step up to the plate and play the game. It’s sad, but true.

So how do you deal with impotence, and what do you say to your beloved to make him feel better about the situation? As the other person in the scenario, you do have some responsibility to say and do something. It’s your obligation as a good human being. So, open your mouth and get ready to quell the awkwardness.


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    • kj

      How about, “Maybe it’s time you laid off the weed for a bit?”
      Haven’t said that to him. Thought of saying it. Probably won’t ever say it.


      • Amanda Chatel

        Pot does that?! I knew coke did, hence, “I can’t, Chatel, I have coke dick.” But weed is new to me. Good to know.

      • kj

        I think it might be the chronic use of it. Said individual has consumed a lot of it in his time.

    • Bosworth

      The pot thing is true. I’ve dated two heavy users & they both had extremely low libidos for twenty-something guys.

    • Breezy

      May no man ever be limp in your presence, my dear. I think some of these might render a flaccid penis permanently dysfunctional.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bin.ary.98 Bin Ary

      What a b!7ch. How can you post s41t to make some one feel bad about their issues, f0ck1n6 a$$

    • gunwrites

      Inversely… Lookout ladies, a stiff dick has no conscience.

    • Chuck

      The same thing you say to a woman having a hard time with self lubrication.