Man Demands My Little Pony Artist Quit Drawing Photos Of His Fiancé, Twilight Sparkle (Yes, The Pony)

Twilight Sparkle... in what I imagine she'll be wearing on her wedding day.

Twilight Sparkle… in what I imagine she’ll be wearing on her wedding day.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Because the world wasn’t “wacky” enough, out of the woodwork comes a man claiming to be the fiancé of the My Little Pony named Twilight Sparkle. And due to this engagement, he would really like it if the My Little Pony artist could stop drawing her, as she is his and he doesn’t want to see her gallivanting about the screen without him. You see, it’s about her honor, and all these “sexual” acts in which she’s been drawn to partake in, is very upsetting her fiancé, because he is remaining celibate for her until the wedding.

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The letter proceeds to go on and on discussing the activities in which this very normal and loving couple engage. For example, they “go out on the town,” they hit up vegetarian restaurants, he takes her shopping and out for coffee (Oh, sorry, I jumped ahead — he has a “handmade plushie” of Twilight Sparkle that he’s lugging around), and of course, they go to movies and hang out with their friends.

THEIR friends. THEIR friends who, and I quote, think the love between this man and Twilight Sparkle is a “thing of beauty and quite admirable.” Aww… it’s so nice when your friends approve of your love! It really does make it easier on everyone.

And so, my dear readers, there’s a man out there in the world engaged to a cartoon pony named, Twilight Sparkle. They will be married in a proper chapel next June or July, it all just depends on finances. This man is not jealous by the fact that the My Little Pony artist is drawing his beloved, because he’s very “secure” in his relationship; it’s more about honoring and respecting his soon-to-be wife.

I’m not really sure what to say about this, but love is grand — in all its forms. Yes, I think that’s the only way to end this post.

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    • Nicole

      Er wtf.

    • Andrew

      MLP fandom is out of control. This is a mild example.

      • ellenoro

        so one crazy dude represent the entire fandom?

        look i’m not a brony or anything,but that not even represent a example

        i know bronies and most of them are pretty normal.

        remenber in every fandom theres always some crazy ones

        btw….that dude just wanted to troll a bit

    • Kay

      I would just like to say that not everyone in the fandom is like this. Trust me. A lot of us are very much normal people who just so happen to like My Little Pony. Then there’s wackos like this who give everyone else a bad name.

    • Tania

      The only thing weirder than My Little Pony porn is being engaged to a My Little Pony character.

    • Cee

      I hope nobody really makes fun of this fandom because of this guy or believes they are above someone who likes My Little Pony. There is nothing you watch on tv or like that makes you saner, cooler or more adult like than anybody else in the outside world. Just because there are adults on the shows you watch are not animated it doesn’t make you smarter or better than anyone and point Keeping up with the Kardashians, Fashion Police, Jersey Shore, Toddlers in Tiaras…so on. I really hate people attacking this fandom like its the only one that has its weirdos. I went to the movies when Sex in the City premiered and there were many women dressed like one of the characters because they are a “total Carrie.” So many heels! To the movies!
      I am not a brony but I have been made fun of by my coworkers for liking “nerdy” things like comics and having a tote bag that says House Targaryen (Game of Thrones). Yet, they spend the whole time talking about Secret Life of an American Teenager and Teen Mom. Whatever, its what they like, but watching something/liking something perceived as “grown up” does not make you superior to anyone else.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Fandom is great! If someone is a hardcore fan of something — whatever it is — more power to them. And if there are dudes who are into My Little Pony, then cool. (I had to Google “brony.”) I’m just stunned that he thinks he’s engaged to a cartoon… I mean, you have to admit, fan or not, it’s a little bit… off.

    • Iwill Findu

      This man is delusional and needs professional help. It has nothing to do with the fact that he happens to like My Little Pony. If it wasn’t this cartoon it would be something else, this just happens to be the form his delusion has taken.

    • Lastango

      Actually, Japan’s “herbavores” — and there are apparently a lot of them, busy filling their lives with trivia — are not so far off this fan’s involvement with alternative reality.


      Here’s a longish snip from another piece:

      “I don’t like real women,” one bloke superciliously sniffed on Japan’s 2channel, the world’s largest and most active internet bulletin board site. “They’re too picky nowadays. I’d much rather have a virtual girlfriend.”
      Virtual girlfriends became a sensation last summer, when Japanese game-maker Konami released its second-generation of its popular Love Plus, called, aptly, Love Plus +, for the Nintendo DS gaming system. Konami skillfully arranged for an otherwise deadbeat beach resort town called Atami to host a Love Plus + holiday weekend. Players were invited to tote their virtual girlfriends, via the gaming console, to the actual resort town to cavort for a weekend in romantic bliss. The promotion was absurdly successful, with local resort operators reporting that it was their best weekend in decades.
      “I tried to explain the phenomenon via a TV interview for a US cable station: the men who spent their yen on a weekend of romance with a digital lover were a subset of a subculture many times removed from mainstream Japan. They are known as otaku, or hyper-obsessive and often asocial men who seek solace in imaginary worlds (not unlike many artists and writers, I should add). Nevertheless, these were clearly young Japanese man of a generation that found the imperfect or just unexpected demands of real-world relationships with women less enticing than the lure of the virtual libido. You can’t have sex with a digital graphic, but you can get sexually excited, and maybe satisfied, by one.”