I Cut And Blackened My Hair


When I asked for haircut advice in a crowdsourcing post a few weeks back, I got a lot of nice suggestions as to what, exactly, I should do with my long, boring, brown as fuck hair. Now, I will show you the results. (The actual results, not the halfway-there, blurry, styled in an unusual way results.)

Part of why I took so long to write this post was that I felt awfully vain for asking in the first place, because really, what does anyone care what I do with my hair? Then an internet friend told me he cares what I do with my hair because he is a homosexual, and I remembered that I write for a fashion and beauty blog. So here’s a photo. Let’s pretend I’m wearing sunglasses because I am a vampire and not because I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

In an effort to incorporate everyone’s helpful feedback into my decision, I sent a link to my post to my hairdresser friend Mischa. She narrowed it down to two choices for me (the severe bob or the Alexa Chung), and I chose the Alexa. She told me she wanted to make it a little bit shorter so that it grazed my collar bone, and I said sure, and just like that, I had a haircut. A haircut I liked!

Now let’s fast forward to last night, when I bought a box of Feria “starry night” on my way home from the bar, partly because I am throwing a goth party and partly because I was bored with my brown hair. I mean, my natural color was perfectly nice, but it had the potential to be so much blacker. So I put on some BLACK METAL, donned my “professional colorist gloves” and got to mixing some dark materials together. (By which I mean hair dye and its accompanying aromatic perfume packet.)

Here is what the bottom of it looks like (photographed in front of my favorite wall in my house):


All in all, I’m pretty happy with it, although I forgot that this color looks a little bit blue in the light. Thanks again for all your help, readers, and if you have a particular brand of non-blue-looking black dye that you like, I am, as always, highly suggestible.

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    • zanbrody

      I love the haircut!

      I like garnier nutrisse for at home hair dye. They have a non-blue pure black, a soft black and a shade called “darkest brown” which is ALMOST black, so much so that every person you encounter ever will argue with you that your hair is black, not brown (they are wrong). That feria starry night shade is striking at first, but fades to weirdness on me very fast.

    • Kara Zwicker

      Lovely! It really suits you.

    • Ash

      I have been dying my brown hair black for a few years, and I have found that drugstore black hair dyes that are called “soft” or “natural” usually don’t have much (or any) blue in them. Nice n’ Easy 122 Natural Black is a personal fave!

      • JLR

        Shoutout for good ol’ 122! No one ever guesses that my hair isn’t naturally black due to that wonderful stuff.

    • MR

      I like that first photo. Us heteros must wait? :)

      • jamiepeck

        Straight people are allowed to care what I do with my hair, too. Fuck it.

    • F George

      Ooooooo looking good, honey! It’s not a drastic change but enough to make your hair look like more of a thing (rather than just hairs growing out of your head. I mean this in a I-know-those-feels way). And I second comment below voting for Nice and Easy – I’ve only ever used their blonde colours but they come out beautifully, I’m sure the darker ones would be great too.