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Foreskin Is Great

Say hello to my monster.

Say hello to my monster.

As with most American women, I lived in fear of the foreskin. OK, “fear” is a bit intense since I didn’t even know that foreskin existed until college. I knew some men were circumcised and some were not, but up until I saw a photo of an uncircumcised penis, did I really understand what the word “circumcision” really meant. I never asked, I didn’t care, and because I had only had sex with one person at the time and he was circumcised, it was a non-issue.

My freshman year in college I had a neighbor who “loved” foreskin. When I say “love,” I mean this in almost an obsessive type of way like how I felt about Kirk Cameron when I was 8 years old. I didn’t get, I didn’t understand from where this obsession came and when she showed me a photo of an uncircumcised penis online – a flaccid one, mind you – I nearly died from horror. It was ugly.

Actually, it was beyond ugly. It was foul looking, vile; it was wearing an outfit that seemed so unnecessary to me. I vowed to run like hell if I ever saw one, although I knew, as an American, the chances were pretty slim. At 19, I assumed I’d end up with a boy from Boston – no matter where my travels took me in life. Boys from Boston don’t have foreskin.

Then I moved to New York City.

New York is probably the biggest melting pot on the planet. We say the States in general are, but the hub is definitely the city in which I live. I can walk down a street and hear three different languages in just a single block and I love it. By the time I was living in the city, I was banging my first love again, and that image of foreskin, the one I saw on the computer that day, was a distant memory. However, the Swede situation wasn’t that far off.

And so came Swede into my life with all his Swedish-ness: his snobby preferences for stinky cheese, his perfectly made glögg every Christmas and his foreskin. The first time I took him home and made my way down his stomach to his cock, his erection hid the truth. It was when I put my hand on it and stroked upward that I realized it.

“What the hell is this?” I asked.

“I’m Swedish. What do you think it is?”

And that was my first, and far from my last, face-to-face moment with foreskin. With the multiple French men, the Irish dude, the one-night stand in Barcelona, and of course the up and down roller coaster of Swede for almost four years, I became accustomed to foreskin. In fact, it was all I knew until last spring when I met Tattoo Guy. After so many years of foreskin, he looked naked to me. Wasn’t his cock cold without its li’l outfit?

I stand before you as a convert. And what I’m about to say has shocked, and even horrified my friends (that’s what it tends to do to some American women): Foreskin is great. I’m serious, you guys; it’s fucking awesome.

Foreskin makes handjobs the easiest task in the world. No need for lube, no chafing, and your arm is less likely to get tired if you’re with one of those guys who really enjoys them. The extra skin is your best friend in these situations as it slides back and forth with ease, as you’re doing half the work as you would with a circumcised penis.

Men with foreskin enjoy sex more. Well, this is what the word on the street is, but it does make sense. If a part of you anatomy is covered up the majority of the time, how could this not be true? The sensation that comes with an uncircumcised penis is apparently extremely intense. I even know a few circumcised dudes who would love it if their foreskin would grow back. I don’t think that will be happening any time soon.

The “dirty” factor seems to be a bit of a lie. I know that the snipping of the foreskin, outside of some religions in which it represents the baby’s ceremonial entry into the faith, is meant for cleanliness. While I’m sure there are some men in the world who don’t wash as they should and are probably walking around with some sort of funky spunk wedged underneath all that skin, I’ve yet to encounter it. Frankly, I don’t even want to think about that, so neither should you.

Foreskin sort of make cocks look like monsters, and monster are cool. I’m currently with someone whom I completely adore (more on that later), and I told him straight-up his uncircumcised penis looks like a friendly monster from Star Wars. Any Star Wars references will win over a man, because deep down they all want to be Han Solo, just as I would like to be Wicket.

Basically, foreskin is awesome. I’m not saying I would never be with a guy because he doesn’t have foreskin, but I think the weird stereotypes that American women – some of them – have about foreskin need to be forgotten. It’s natural; if it wasn’t necessary in some way, it would have evolved right off, as supposedly our pinky toes will in time.

Besides, who doesn’t occasionally want to think about Star Wars when they’re in bed? Ewoks, Han Solo and the Death Star? Sounds like a fucking party to me.


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  • http://blisstree.com/ Carrie Murphy

    I had a boyfriend who had foreskin once and I found it more satisfying than sex with a man without one. Another plus!

    • Amanda Chatel


    • Sean

      Ok I have to ask, how is it more sexually satisfying to be with a guy with foreskin?

    • Amanda Chatel

      It’s the clit factor… I swear the wee bit of extra skin hits it just right.

    • Sean

      But how is that even possible? The foreskin is only long enough to cover the penis when it’s flaccid…when erect a penis grows beyond the length of the foreskin. It’s no different than an erect circumcised one when compared side by side.

    • Amanda Chatel

      No no… the skin is a bit longer, so it’s pushed back. Like a turtleneck!

    • Sean

      Hmm, I still don’t see it logistically, but I know when to defer to those who know more than myself. I’m gonna go ahead and trust you ladies on this one.

    • MikeTorrez

      Sean, it moves when you thrust. So yeah it goes back in the “action stance” but when you hit it missionary the ridge of the foreskin stimulates the clit. Or so my girl tells me. But you make a good point. There really is no visual difference in either erect penis. The only difference is flaccid. And who really has a flaccid penis preference?

    • Sean

      Wow, thank you Mike and Patricia, both your posts were very helpful. I think I get it now.

    • Hugh x

      In the 1960s female “circumcision” in the USA was done using a gadget (that looks like a ViceGrip pliers) with a shield to protect the actual clitoris while the clitoral hood was cut off. See http://www.circumstitions.com/methods.html#rathmann

    • Patricia Robinett

      the other factor that affects the ‘dance’ is that a cut man needs to stimulate the only bit remaining of his frenulum, which is on the underside of his penis… so he bears DOWN when he thrusts – away from the clit … and the intact man has good sensation all the way around, so he has no directional preference and naturally moves upward as well as downward and all around… very sensuous. wow! nice. :) I’m the canary in the mine sexual shaft, because i was subjected to female circumcision as a child. the intact style generally works well with my altered anatomy – and with a cut man? it’s often very difficult to synch up.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Clark/100000568225513 Jen Clark

      I’m sorry if this may seem too personal, but what do you mean by “i was subjected to female circumcision as a child”. The only female circumcision I’m aware of is the entire removal of the clitoris and often times the labia.

    • RicardoD Diaz

      Jen, That’s what happened to Patricia, right here in the USA. Thought it was only in Muslim cultures and African tribes? Please take a look at Patricia’s book, _The Rape of Innocence: female genital mutilation and circumcision in the USA_.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Clark/100000568225513 Jen Clark

      Omg that’s terrible, yes I did make the error of assuming it was a third world country thing, mainly africa and the middle east. I also assumed that patricia might have meant that maybe just the hood around the clitoris was removed. I never thought I would actually ever meet anyone that’s been through something so awful. : I’ve read so many stories about it from other countries and I can barely handle them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1194543535 Jeff Cowsert

      Jen, it was only in 1997 that the US Law enacted the Female Genital Mutilation Bill – making it against the law to perform so much as a ritual nick on a girl’s genitals. Prior to that, it was fair game to tie down a little girl and slice away parts of her vagina while she screams for her life. The very same thing is still being done to boys in this country. The thought disgusts me every day of my life. For 10 years now, a group (which I am a member) called the Male Genital Mutilation Bill http://www.mgmbill.org has been demanding that the US Gov enact the bill to give boys the same freedom from Genital Mutilation. All the while, religious and medical groups scurry to protect their desire to amputate normal and functional parts from the reproductive system of helpless boys. Strange how the US is supposed to be the land of the free, yet they violate the freedom of 3,000 boys per day and take a life every two to three days for no good reason. I wish I had been born in Europe where such a horrible crime is rarely heard of.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Clark/100000568225513 Jen Clark

      So, from what I’ve looked into, alot of doctors and articles state that male circumcision has benefits, but the more I look into it, the benefits seem more based on hygienic issues, like if they don’t clean under the foreskin it can cause cancer, or problems with the glans etc. But people aren’t that dumb to not know how to keep their genitals clean, and proper care is also what doctors are there to tell you about. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, with girls, there’s plenty of small folds and the clitoral hood you have to pull back to clean around everything efficiently, and we fare just fine, so do intact men today. So why do you think doctors still do male circumcision, do they really think men are incapable of cleaning under the foreskin, or is it really just a case of making it “look better”? I know alot of people claim that removing the foreskin makes the penis larger and sex feel better. but I’m pretty sure that’s a lie.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=506299071 Chrystal Brawdy

      Jen, it’s all down to cultural bias and, ultimately, money. Depending on where you are in the US, 1 circumcision procedure costs anywhere from $300 to $1000. I was trying to find the map I saw that showed these costs but I can’t find it now.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Clark/100000568225513 Jen Clark

      Well of course there’s money, everything is always all about the money. I would expect circumcision to cost alot more than $1000 though honestly.

    • KyukiYoshida

      I just realized something… How did you know my name? lol

    • roger desmoulins

      The American Comstocks who advocated infant circumcision in the late 19th century also advocated clitoridectomy, but the latter did not catch on. The thought of a male surgeon spending 20 minutes staring at the vulva of an anesthetised girl as he carves it up strikes all of us deeply disgusting. We assume that there is no way a male surgeon could do that without getting a fair bit of illegal and morally repulsive sexual gratification. These powerful common sense feelings protect nonMoslem girls in all western societies.
      An unconscious assumption that all doctors are either everyday heterosexual males, or pure minded women, means that millions of Americans let their guard down and did not care that their boys underwent circumcision at birth. In fact, I suspect that a fraction of circumcisers and of the nurses who assist them have psychosexual issues. The people for whom this is the case are yet another group of victims of the circumcision juggernaut.

    • llw71

      Doctors still do male infant circumcisions for the money. They overplay and exaggerate health “benefits” and keep parents in the dark about circumcisions having NO medical benefits. They do it to infants because it’s easier to do it to someone who can’t object (even though it is the BABY’S body part). The doctors get money for doing the circumcision, then turn around and sell the foreskins to cosmetic companies for more profit. Heard about Oprah and her favorite $kin cream? $150 and ounce. The doctors are making money off the procedure and the foreskins, the cosmetic companies buy the foreskins and use them in their creams, then they make money off of them, too. The baby boys of the U.S. are the ones who pay the real price.

    • AngelXY

      Because American doctors love selling snake oil remedies to gullible parents. It is very profitable.

    • cosmopolite

      The shame and embarrassment women feel about their vulvas are declining by the year. Hence women are less and less ashamed to clean and inspect their vulvas. I bet undergrad women have very very candid conversations in college dorms. Your entire generation is benefiting from this social change. Men are growing shyer, and the resulting emotional blockages prop up American circumcision. When you are too embarrassed to think about the foreskin and its hygiene, you can convince yourself that cutting it off is a way forward.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1194543535 Jeff Cowsert

      Patricia, I am so sorry this was done to you. As a victim of MGM, I know how it feels to be violated and realize you have been robbed lifelong – very unfair. People who amputate parts from the reproductive system of infants and children will be taken down by Karma. Shame on those to continue to cover lies and sell false agendas to promote child mutilation.

    • cosmopolite

      An amazing comment by an amazing woman. Ms Robinett has no clitoris, thanks to a barbaric surgeon 60 years ago. But she can still climax — but only with an intact man. Wow. Wow.

    • http://www.facebook.com/katrina.mason.395 Katrina Mason
    • Hugh x

      It may look no different (or it may not: http://www.circumstitions.com/comparison.html [NSFW]) but most still retain some mobility that a circumcised one lacks. Think of it as being like a natural French tickler.

    • Martin

      What a weird thing to say. Something like 3/4 of us intact guys still have a covered glans when erect, unless a hand, lips or a vagina slides back the foreskin.

    • RicardoD Diaz

      Sean, Take a look at http://www.sexuallymutilatedchild.org/33-color.htm Scroll down to “The Three Zones of Penile Skin” (Nos. 29-33). There you will see how the model and photographer have placed black lines around the preputial opening and on the foreskin over the glans sulcus.
      This lets you see how much tissue there is in a foreskin when the model retracts his foreskin. It is two layers all over; the inner layer is mucosa lined with thousands of nerve endings and the capacity to extract emollients from the blood and deposit them on the mucosa and glans surfaces (to keep those two surfaces ready to interact with each other and impart sexual pleasure signals to the CNS [Central Nervous System]). Clearly it is NOT “just a useless flap of skin.” Intact men have many small or mini-orgasms throughout the act of coitus; the big one, from the prostate upon ejaculation, is just the icing on a cake already delicious in it’s own right.

    • roger desmoulins

      I don’t understand how the intact penis does more for the clit. I can conceive of it doing more for the g spot. Cut and uncut look alike in dim light when both are erect. But there are subtle differences. For instance, intact has the frenulum and ridged band. And they often feel quite difference, if only because of the gliding action. Foreskin makes a big difference for foreplay, especially in the hand. Women report that foreplay reveals the greater sensitivity of the natural penis.

    • http://blisstree.com/ Carrie Murphy

      Yup. That’s exactly it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=666922665 Nicole Marie
    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-DesMoulins/100000506980696 Roger DesMoulins

      Jane Smiley’s Horse Heaven” has a scene where the American heroine first makes it with the hero, a British trainer of thoroughbreds. As he enters her for the first time, his penis suddenly “turns to silk” inside her, and she is astounded. When they’re finished she tells him about what she experienced, which was totally new to her, and asks him what he did. He tells her that she should thank his foreskin. The heroine suddenly sheds her American provinciality…

    • Hugh x

      Read it here (women, not while you’re at work): http://www.circumstitions.com/Horseheaven.html

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-DesMoulins/100000506980696 Roger DesMoulins

      Intact male here. I thought for decades that the foreskin is sexually irrelevant because it vanishes during erections. I was flat out wrong. Here’s why.

      The foreskin is a storehouse of extra skin that keeps the skin of the entire erect penis loose. When he goes in (out), this loose skin moves back (forward). This makes vaginal intercourse less brutal. The inner foreskin, the intact frenulum, the ridged band, and the frenular delta all greatly enhance what he feels. Therefore he is content to be slower and more gentle, which most women prefer. 10-30 seconds of her pumping his foreskin with her fingers will nearly always make him hard. More pumping will get the precum flowing. The foreskin catches and spreads the precum in a nice way. Male precum is the best known lubricant. My better half tells me that every man she dated before meeting me, who had PE, was cut. In her opinion, cut men are worthless once they ejaculate. Not so for intact men.

      Women who write as Amanda Chatel has are the single most potent weapon against the American obsession with making the penis bald 24/7, driven mainly by a fear that an intact male in the USA will have an Epic Fail social life.

      I freely grant that if a woman has seen nothing but cut on her brothers and on the men she’s dated, intact will take some getting used to. This is much easier in cosmopolitan New York than in Des Moines.

      Pay close attention to what Patricia Robinett writes below. Even though her clitoris was removed by a Kansas surgeon in the 1950s, when she was a girl, she can still climax with a man. But only if he is intact.

    • Amanda

      Is rough sex uncomfortable for an intact male? I’m honestly curious. I don’t like slow sex, I find it quite boring.

    • CountWestwest

      No it’s not. My stroke rate and force change according to the feedback my sex partner is giving me. In my experience, all girls like it slow and tender at the beginning but if you’re doing things right, sooner or later she’ll screaming “harder!” or “faster!” at you. It a great feeling when you know you can deliver.

    • roger desmoulins

      Poorly lubricated sex is very uncomfortable for intact years truly. And I like slow sex, and suspect that I enjoy it because I am intact. I use her breathing to pace myself. We very gradually speed up together. We need more testimonials from women who’ve been with both. One such testimonial is by the novelist Jane Smiley, in her novel Horse Heaven.

    • roger desmoulins

      If a man is intact, all sex is unpleasant unless at least one partner has natural or artificial lube.

      I don’t need fast driving sex, because I get a lot of feeling from slow and gentle. I prefer slow and gentle because it allows Missus D to feel all of my bits, including the way my foreskin moves inside of her. This gliding action can really turn on a sophisticated woman.

    • AngelXY

      Not uncomfortable at all… but we are all different. Rare but some guys have a shorter frenulum that can hurt if they thrust to hard or without waiting for enough natural lube first. Rough or slow the foreskin acts like a roller bearing in the same way to make it more comfortable. There is too much emphasis on friction and thrusting with circumcised guys in order to generate enough sensation.

      Slow sex build more intense orgasms in my experience. Rough sex is great for a quick session but slow sex leaves both partners in a heightened state for hours afterwards. Also, most intact guys can have multiple orgasms without ejaculation as well as multiple ejaculations during a session. I am gay and have been with both but have never gotten a cut guy to have multiple orgasms. They tend to view sex as simple, single transactions for instant gratification.

      Foreskin is great for foreplay and playing with it makes guys lubricate more and faster. Guys with a bit more foreskin tend to be more responsive and playing with it can sometimes make them orgasm without even touching the rest of their dick.

      In my opinion male and female sexuality is not actually all that different but circumcision has completely altered the way men understand their bodies, their sexuality and the experience of sex. Also the way their partners understand it and after many generations of circumcision – the societies they live in also lost all inherent knowledge of normal male genitals.

    • cosmopolite

      Your comment is very perspicuous and detailed. But you know, str8 yours truly noticed many years ago that educated gay men are fine foreskin connaisseurs. I am intact but am not multi-orgasmic, however.

    • cosmopolite

      I can only speak for one uncut male, namely myself. I have never pounded my wife, and am not capable of jackrabbitting.

      By slow I mean no faster than I breathe. Slow does not bore me at all. It gives my wife an opportunity to feel the nuances, including the fact that I am intact. My body and its capabilities are all plain vanilla. The only something extra I offer in the sexual realm is my foreskin, and that is special only for American and Jewish women.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Clark/100000568225513 Jen Clark

      I actually don’t like slow and gentle sex at all, neither does any other female I’ve talked to. And when it comes to sex, the best known lubricant is vaginal secretions.

    • CountWestwest

      Uncut men can deliver a pussy pounding if that’s what you like. Just ask for it. As far as lubrication, that’s for me the greatest advantage of having my foreskin; I’ve never had to use lubrication for vaginal sex. When I started to date older, more experienced women, the first thing some of them did was take out the K-Y Jelly out of the drawer. Some really looked surprised at the sight of foreskin, but they where sold after one test drive.

      Some women have actually told me that my uncut penis tastes better that circumcised penises, but I’m not sure if that’s an individual characteristic or a general trend.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Clark/100000568225513 Jen Clark

      I’ve personally never seen or had any experience with an uncut member, so I wouldn’t really know lol.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Clark/100000568225513 Jen Clark

      Well except for maybe my current partner, he says he’s circumcised, but I’m not sure, it looks kinda different. lol

    • roger desmoulins

      My wife has never taken me in her mouth unless the sex session began with my taking a shower. She has been know to use a bit of KY with me even though I am intact.

    • CountWestwest

      No woman before marriage or after marriage ever put any conditions for oral sex with me, but I can understand how most American women are brainwashed into believing that the foreskin is particularly dirty. I never consider myself clean by default, so I’m very particular about washing morning and evening. I had a girlfriend that was so at ease with my foreskin, that she would sometimes receive me in her apartment with a BJ just after closing the door.

    • Amanda

      This. I don’t know anyone that prefers slow & gentle sex.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Clark/100000568225513 Jen Clark

      I’m sure there’s some that like it, but I know in my case, maybe yours, and everyone else I know, if it was slow and gentle, we would never get off ever, from intercourse. Lol

    • Amanda Chatel

      Agreed. But why is that? They seem to like it in the movies.

    • roger desmoulins

      Movies don’t show reality, but what directors want us to see, and what actors and actresses are willing to show. In Hollywood R rated films, women are on top much more than in real life. I suspect that feminism has something to do with that.
      You ladies criticise slow and gentle because you believe that you cannot climax from that. That is not an issue for me and my wife, because she always combines clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration. That way she is in complete control of her trajectory to orgasm, and does not have to rely on my competence.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Clark/100000568225513 Jen Clark

      I’m not criticizing it, different things work for different women, and I know for a fact, that I have no fun with slow and gentle. lol

    • Not an American

      Slow and gentle feels VERY different with an intact partner than a circumcised one. Generally, intact men prefer a slightly different angle, and that creates friction and pressure along the clitoris with each stroke. The presence of the foreskin changes almost every aspect of sex. Circumcised men and their partners are at a major disadvantage and in studies, consistently report MUCH lower satisfaction levels with every single type of sexual contact than intact men and their partners.

    • CS

      And this kids right here is why so many men who have been circumcised feel self conscious about it because we are punished for a choice we did get to make and how much women are now starting to prefer uncut

    • CS

      did not get to make*

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Clark/100000568225513 Jen Clark

      And actually, women being on top often has nothing to do with feminism, alot of women in real life actually like being on top, since there’s more control and it’s easier for some to climax that way. Plus in movies, when it comes to sex scenes they usually cater to men, and men want to see naked women, so they get a much better view with the woman on top.

    • roger desmoulins

      If you take on board what I wrote about her masturbating while she is being penetrated, missionary with woman on bottom works very well.

    • roger desmoulins

      My wife insists that we start slow, and seldom tells me to go faster.
      And she is emphatic that male precum is “the best known lubricant”!

    • Ann2323

      Interesting but I have found vaginal lubrication is actually better.

    • roger desmoulins

      My better half swears by male precum.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gary.harryman.9 Gary Harryman

      Mother Nature spent millions of years of trial and error developing the complimentary designs we are now blessed with. Nature does nothing without a reason.

  • Tania

    I’ve never understood having a die-hard preference. I see so many women (online, mostly Americans, as you say) who are totally grossed out by the idea of a foreskin. I don’t get it! All penises look a little funny if we’re honest, regardless of how else you might feel about them. That’s why they get all the good euphemisms. (Purple helmeted warrior, anyone?)

    • http://thegloss.com/ Ashley Cardiff

      “I’ve never understood having a die-hard preference.” Agreed.

    • RicardoD Diaz

      If it’s on a circumcised men, it won’t be purple for long. A few years at most. Then it’s covered with keratin, a shade of grey, and even more numb, and eventually will look like a photo from an autopsy. Nice color and texture are the trademarks showing Mother Nature has been respected, rather than defiled.

    • Ann2323

      Don’t know the ones you are talking about but the older me. I’ve been with didnt have that problem.

    • roger desmoulins

      To understand a die hard preference for cut, you have to have grown up in the States, surrounded by cut boys and men.
      To understand a die hard preference for intact, you have to be an American women with chronic sexual difficulties, until her first night in bed with an intact man, with things work much better.

  • Ms. Pants

    Team Foreskin!

  • Jade

    I’ve never had seen a circumsised dick in real life (British girl) but the thought of it horrifies me, they look so naked and chafed all the time!

    • Amanda Chatel

      Love this comment!

    • RicardoD Diaz

      They are naked. They are chafed. Years of exposure to clothing and multiple doses of soap rinse with every shower. (Intact men retract and wash, invert for rest of shower. One more quick exposure to dry it and check for anything needing medical attention [In intact cultures 1/400,000 men may need a look-see by doc in a lifetime, less than 1% of those will need any actual medical treatment]. After that, back into nature’s hoodie for safekeeping until next use. It’s not nasty for anyone who bathes; it’s natural and normal, whole and healthy.)

    • http://www.facebook.com/lis.tudor.1 Lis Tudor

      Keep telling yourself that. They’re NASTY looking.

    • Ann2323

      Here’s my counter argument to the whole natural thing- a full bush or rather pubic hair is natural but culturally that’s frowned upon to sport a bikini with side bush. Sometimes natural isnt always better.

    • edouard

      If bikini with “side bush” is ugly, she doesn’t have to shave the bush: she can become a naturist and doff the bikini. I firmly believe that going naked at beach and pool will be an option for fully adult women by 2060.
      Pubic hair is not ugly, it’s nature’s g string. It conveys innocence.

    • M -

      I completely agree with you. I haven’t been with anyone circumsised either, and I feel like if I ever encountered it, I just wouldn’t know what to do.

    • Zayna

      I wouldn’t know what to do, to be honest. I would be afraid of hurting him or boring him, either seems quite plausible. Can’t imagine how to do a handjob or oral. My husband – who is not circumcised – finds direct stimulation of the glans painful most of the time, so exposing it permanently seems sooo wrong.

    • edouard

      Circumcision may be the deep reason for the American obsession with fellatio. That obsession has spilled over to the entire culture of porn around the globe.

  • Roguette

    Its not that great. Or at least not on so many levels. Exotic perhaps for somebody that comes from dif culture i guess it could be. Circumcision here is mostly pratice as religion thing or health issues as fimosis. As religious practice is celebrated and encouraged and mind you, used to be done by butchers,barbers rather than a trained person ie doctor or any sort of medic. And no, im not from middle east. My husband had health issues an he had his skin removed when he was 3. Having experiences with both skinless and skin having guys i cant make such loud statement about who is better. Its just estetic preference and what makes a man a monster in bed is more an additude than piece of derma.

    • MikeTorrez

      Well then how about “Healthy foreskin is great”?

    • loadnabox

      “As religious practice is celebrated and encouraged and mind you, used to
      be done by butchers,barbers rather than a trained person ie doctor or
      any sort of medic. And no, im not from middle east. My husband had
      health issues an he had his skin removed when he was 3.”

      Please do some research. In the US alone appx 120 boys die every year as a result of circumcision, and thousands more are permanently disfigured or sexually crippled for their entire lives. Doctor or not, it is unnecessary and frequently results in very extreme life altering complications.

      As for Phimosis, it is extremely over-diagnosed and treatments other than circ could resolve the issue in 99% of cases. Unfortunately many US doctors don’t know how to properly treat it. It would be equivalent to a girl having a sealed hymen and the doctor recommending a clitorectomy and labiectomy.

      Lastly, in regards to it being “just a piece of derma” Again do some research, it is an extremely important piece of flesh, Not just some derma. With three times more erogenous nerve endings than a womans’ clitoris, protecting the glans from keritinization, as well as a number of important anti-bodies and immune-system functions it does far more than most people ever realize.

    • Roguette

      As far as I know, both of my brothers, my father and all males in my family are uncut.( yes i am aware how wrong this may sound) I only said what I know. I live in multicultural enviroment so lets say catholic boys have it, muslim dont. Again its not the rule, more of a personal (or family) or health choice. My ex was an irish from cork and was circumcised. So if us docs cant deal with phimosis, neither can european.And please before asking me to do research, do better one with your own informations, foreskin and nerve endings? Glans has them, foreskin does not. But I can understand its purpose . Woman circumsition on the other hand is diferent thing. De gustibus non est disputandum.
      Pardon my pidgin english.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gary.harryman.9 Gary Harryman

      Roguette says: “And please before asking me to do research, do better one with your own informations, foreskin and nerve endings? Glans has them, foreskin does not.” If one researches the original scientific documentation you’ll discover just the opposite is true. The glans is virtually bereft of pressure-sensitive nerve cells and is therefore relatively numb compared to the foreskin and especially the Ridged Band portion of the foreskin. Start at cirp.org and read Taylor’s research. What we call “male circumcision” amputates the mobile portion of the penis and thousands of the most specialized pressure-sensitive cells in the human body; Meissner’s corpuscles for light touch and fast touch, Merkel’s disc cells for light pressure and texture, Ruffini’s corpuscles for slow sustained pressure, skin tension, stretch, and slip, and Pacinian corpuscles for deep touch and vibration are found only in the tongue, lips, palms, nipples, fingertips, the clitoris, and the Ridged Band of the male foreskin. These remarkable cells process tens of thousands of information impulses per second! These are the cells that allow blind people to “see” Braille with their fingertips. Cut them off and it’s like trying to read Braille with your elbow. Information from tactile sensitivity gives humans environmental awareness and control. With lack of awareness comes lack of control. To say that amputation of the clitoris or the mobile roller-bearing-like portion of the natural penis and consequently thousands of these specialized nerve cell interfaces does not permanently sub-normalize one’s natural capabilities and partially devitalize one’s innate capacity for tactile pleasure is grossly illogical denial of the bio-mechanical and the somatosensory facts of human genital anatomy. The mobility of the male foreskin also forms an organic seal keeping natural lubricants inside the vagina during intercourse. Millions of years of trial and error evolutionary forces have synchronously engineered the human sex organs. The unaltered penis perfectly compliments the unaltered female body. To say otherwise is to deny evolution. Like other organs and limbs, a man can live without out his foreskin, but he’s certainly better off with it, and so are women.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1194543535 Jeff Cowsert

      Actually the male foreskin has 20,000 nerve endings in it. The female foreskin has 8,000 nerve endings.

    • loadnabox

      I have done a ton of research, a second of googling would inform you quickly. Since i have the time and have this strange hope I can get someone to rethink a position, here’s some links that back me up (found in seconds on google)


      And from wikipedia

      Boyle et al. (2002) state that “the complex innervation of the
      foreskin and frenulum has been well documented, and the genitally intact
      male has thousands of fine touch receptors and other highly erogenous
      nerve endings.”[20] The AAP noted that the work of Taylor et al. (1996) “suggests that there may be a concentration of specialized sensory cells in specific ridged areas of the foreskin.”[21]

  • Breezy

    I’m 26 and I just saw my first uncircumcised dick last week while cruising the Internet! Blew my mind. I’m not sure what I imagined it would look like, but you’re right about the monster thing. Kinda reminded me of the sheath that came with my umbrella, also.

  • bucketandamop

    I have dated & fucked both kinds but ended up marrying a guy with so little sensation in his circumcised penis that he likes me to use teeth. There’s no way I’d ever circumcise a baby, because I know that for me, feeling the foreskin makes vaginal intercourse much more interesting. Sorry, American guys, you got shafted.

    • MikeTorrez

      Not me! I was spared the knife and I’m American.

    • http://twitter.com/BanCirc Ban Circumcision

      I hope you have thanked your parents!!!!

    • edouard

      Torrez is a Latino surname, and USA Latinos have successfully resisted the American cult of the Bald Penis.

  • anna

    oh god. don’t google it. not that the penises are ugly, there’s just a million pictures of stds. and a bunch of pictures of various un-penis related skin diseases?

    • anna

      guess thats what i get for googling penis anything.

  • Amanda

    That is interesting. I haven’t ever been with an uncircumcised guy, and probably won’t ever, but only because my boyfriend and I are planning a future together, so I won’t have the chance. I have to admit, the pictures I have seen of them do kinda gross me out, but I would never turn down a guy based on the fact of whether he is circumcised or not.
    Unfortunately, clit stimulation doesn’t do much for me. I’m very weird in the sex department; I can climax much easier from G-Spit stimulation than clitoral.

    • Amanda

      However, I do have to add that my boyfriend and previous partner were both circumcised and I have never had trouble with pleasure or achieving orgasms, especially with my current one. I always feel a great amount of pleasure, as does he, and we both usually always orgasm.

    • roger desmoulins

      The sexual damage of routine infant circumcision varies a lot by man and by the women he is with. Many couples where he’s circumcised are fine, especially before middle age. You are part of such a fortunate ones. But there are American women who have concluded that their marital sex lives are a chore, nay ordeal, because DH is circumcised. And there are American couples who are ecstatically passionate at 25, who find sex dull at 55. This random factor in the adverse consequences of circumcision is a major reason why American doctors and lay people delude themselves into thinking that RIC does not harm sexual pleasure and functionality. And when problems do arise, they are often blamed on aging alone.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-DesMoulins/100000506980696 Roger DesMoulins

      There is a possibility that the ridged band of intact men stimulates the G spot better than a cut penis can.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Carroll/100003342890124 Dave Carroll

      Okay but just because it ‘grosses you out’, don’t use that as a justification to have your son mutilated if you have one. The vagina can seem somewhat gross at times but I would never take a knife to one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sameurysm Samantha Escobar

    Plus, the scar tissue from circumcision can make the penis less sensitive aaand since the head of the penis doesn’t have a covering, it can also get desensitized from being exposed to clothing so much.

    Also also…that fucking image. Omg.

  • anonymous

    Great article. I wish my husband hadn’t been mutilated and we could experience sex the way it was intended to be.

    But please, call it intact. Uncircumcised refers to adult men who have restored their foreskin and the term implies that circumcision is the normal or natural state when it’s not.

    • RicardoD Diaz

      Please go to http://www.norm.org Order the book, _Joy of Uncircumcising_, by Jim Bigelow, PhD, in Print Edition. Great history of circumcision in first half of book, good information for men who want to restore foreskin in second half. You can’t make your husband do it if he doesn’t want to, but you can help him learn about the possibility. Tell him about what you’ve read in the book; leave it lying around the house where he’ll be sure to see it. Just getting some loose shaft skin is a huge gain and some men quit after that. But most, once started, take it through to get the next best thing to original equipment. For the woman any gain in a man’s tissue is great; unfortunately for the man he will never have his ridged band and frenulum back. Those structures are covered in the book. Original purpose of US medical circumcision was to reduce sexual pleasure so couples would copulate ONLY for the purpose of making a baby. Now that medicine knows the money value of circumcision, they keep inventing new reasons why we should accept it; since our culture has moved beyond superstitions about sexual pleasure, they refuse to acknowledge the harm intended in the first instance.

  • LR

    Amen, sister! I’m with you – I’d never seen an intact penis until I met my husband, who’s 100% American and whose parents opted not to let anyone with a knife near their precious son’s penis. And thank God for that! It’s sooooo much better when the guy has all of his original parts. No lube required, no jackrabbiting (that happens when the guy has less senstation in his penis). It’s sex the way Mother Nature intended it.

    We’ve also left our son intact – he’s now 18 months old, and every day I’m so happy we left him the way God made him. The minute he was born and I held him in my arms, I knew I would rip the arms off anybody who touched a hair on his head.

    The only explanation for why Americans do this to their boys is nothing more than cultural bias and ignorance. No major worldwide pediatric organization endorses routine infant circumcision. Luckily the rate is falling here, so hopefully during our lifetimes (and our son’s lifetime) it will become a non-issue.

    • loadnabox

      Unfortunately part of your statement is no longer accurate, the AAP now does endorse it, admitting the science is weak but encouraging it based on the idea that hey if it might possibly be good we should do it ignoring the bad parts.

      The Dr who pushed for this has publicly admitted over half of his practice is derived from doing Circs or, as a pediatric urologist, from fixing complications of circumcisions (conflict of interest much?)

    • Guest

      No, they don’t endorse it, they merely changed their stance more in favor of it, but they fall just shy of endorsing it due to the “unknown” risks.

    • Martin

      The latest AAP statement actually does endorse (praise, stand behind) circumcision, but stops short of recommending it.

    • http://twitter.com/BanCirc Ban Circumcision

      No, they don’t endorse it, though they now lean more in favor of it, just shy of endorsing it due to the “unknown” risks. Can’t really listen to them though, because Diekema is the one who basically wrote the AAP’s new stance, and he couldn’t care less about the well being of children.

    • Hugh x

      He also chaired the AAP’s laughingly-named “Bioethics” committee that proposed to allow a token ritual nick to girls “much less extensive than neonatal male genital cutting” in their own words.

      (The motive was supposed to be “harm reduction” but they produced no evidence that any significant number of people in the USA want to do it, or would get it done in a back street if pediatricians wouldn’t do it, or would accept a token ritual nick instead of the “real thing”)

      The policy lasted a month, once US women heard about it. Some day men will react the same to male genital cutting.

    • RicardoD Diaz

      To his eternal shame he also once testified that a 14 y/o boy was mature enough to decide he wanted to die for his parents’ cult belief that blood transfusions are evil. The boy needed one to live; doctors wanted to give him one, his parents objected and went to court. Because of Dr D’s testimony the judge “allowed” the boy to decide the matter in the way his parents wanted him to decide it. You see, Dr D understands that US medicine has persuaded US parents THEY have the right to decide about altering a boy’s penis for life a day or two after he’s born). He could never support anything that might ever be used to run against circumcision. As long as we let such wing nuts decide the fate of baby boys, we’ll have child circumcision. The transfusion boy died, or course, as do 117 to 229 from circumcision in the US every year. Medical ethics? I don’t think so.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1194543535 Jeff Cowsert

      Men are starting to react against male genital mutilation. There are surveys such as http://www.circumcisionharm.org/ that includes the cries of rage from 1,008 men. Also http://www.mendocomplain.com/ is a support group and sounding board for men who realize the truth about the violation they have suffered. We need all the support you can give. This horrible madness needs to stop being inflicted onto helpless infants and children. In 1997 a bill was adopted to give female children protection from all forms of genital mutilation in the United States. Boys deserve the same and we need your support of the Male Genital Mutilation Bill. Please visit http://www.mgmbill.org, hit the “take action” tab, write your congress in support of the bill. Thanks, Jeff

    • edouard

      The AAP’s latest stance is a bucket of waffling dog barf, completely unworthy of educated and decent people. It is blatant that the Task Force was torn between the American psychosexual obsession with making the penis bald 24.7, on the one hand, and science, and common sense, and European and Japanese reality, on the other. Doctors are often very bad social scientists, and very unaware of how medical practices can acquire a ritualistic character.

    • Ann2323

      That’s not really a problem for some women who tend to have their own natural lube. I’m just saying, like all guys aren’t the same all women aren’t the same either, I personally enjoy a bit more friction from the circumcised

  • Mom of INTACT boys

    Great article. I totally agree with all of that. I just have one suggestion. A penis that hasn’t been circumcised is not UNcircumcised, It’s intact. I find this terminology very important when reminding people that INTACT is the normal state of existence for a penis.

  • MikeTorrez

    Being an intact male, this article makes me want to go on a date or two with Amanda Chatel and then, if we hit it off, have lots of sex with her.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-DesMoulins/100000506980696 Roger DesMoulins

      By the time I was anywhere close to my current understanding of how the male foreskin improves sex, I had been married for years and was raising several daughters! I’ve learned a lot that American books on sex don’t mention and that the AAP resolutely shuts its eyes to. I would also enjoy sharing what I’ve learned. But hands on tutorials are out of the question. For one thing, I could be older than Ms Chatel’s parents…

    • Amanda Chatel

      I approve this comment as it involves possible sex… and probably Star Wars talk, too.

  • http://www.RestoringForeskin.org Restoring Tally

    Great post. Sadly, I was circumcised at birth. Fortunately, I learned about foreskin restoration and now I have a restored foreskin. The difference is amazing and having a restored foreskin makes me wish all the more that I had never been circumcised.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hugh-Intactive/100002216540067 Hugh Intactive

    Great, but you still haven’t quite got it:
    “If a part of you anatomy is covered up the majority of the time, how could this not be true?”
    His foreskin is a part of his anatomy. If a part of your anatomy is not MISSING the whole time, how could this not be true?
    “The sensation that comes with an uncircumcised penis is apparently extremely intense.”
    Or rather the sensation that comes with an intact penis is RICHER. It’s been compared to the difference between colour-blind and colour-vision, or one-eyed and 3D. And so when circumcised men say, as they often do, “I couldn’t stand any more sensation”, they’re um, missing the point. And when they say “I can still reach orgasm” they’re leaving out the journey. More nerves means more feedback means more control, so intact men can slow down and savour all the sensations, instead of :jackrabbiting” as LR puts it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.harryman.9 Gary Harryman

    I’ve experienced sex with and without a foreskin and I can tell you for the guy every stroke with a foreskin is more intense than an orgasm without a foreskin. With a foreskin a guy has more specialized pressure-sensitive nerve cells, more feeling, more feedback, more control, more pleasure. And the brilliantly engineered roller-bearing lube seal of a natural penis makes for easy sex-as-Nature-intended-it in any position for the lucky woman.

  • Rose D.

    AAAHHH! That’s not how evolution works. Not needing something doesn’t make it go away, needing something brings it into prominence. If the needed thing cancels/changes the not needed, than yes, it will disappear. The correct evolution scenario would be, “They obviously aren’t doing men with larger foreskins any harm, as there has been no evolutionary change towards smaller/non-existent foreskins.”

    • Martin

      And the fact that it appears that human foreskins have become longer and more specialized over millions of years, per the research of Dr. Christopher Cold and others. It’s anything but a vestigial part; it’s used daily to great success.

  • Eileen

    I don’t get the cleanliness fear in countries with running water. Do we really think there are men who don’t give their penes attention in the shower?

    • CountWestwest

      Showering is the best part of the day for me. Especially the part where I pull back the foreskin to wash. I remember when I was a teenager I could spend an hour making sure my foreskin was squeaky clean by pulling it back and forth.

  • Erin

    Thank you for this post! It is hilarious, and truly awesome. 85% of men in the world are intact. American women are some of the very few who do not typically experience sex as nature intended it. Thanks for this fun post to help normalize the natural male anatomy!

    By the way, did you know that it just happens to be Genital Integrity Awareness Week? This post came at the perfect time, and is quickly making its way around the “intactivist” community on facebook. Kudos!

    • Amanda Chatel

      I didn’t realize it’s Genital Integrity Awareness Week! Great timing! Thank you for letting me know!

  • anonymous

    Really? Every Boston Irish guy I know has a foreskin

    • Pats fan

      You know the old refrain: Boston Irish are uncut, Boston Italian are cut. New York is the reverse – NY Italian men are more uncut, NY Irish nearly always cut.

    • roger desmoulins

      I bet that almost every male born last century into a suburban Boston family where Dad had a college degree, was routinely circumcised at birth. A penis that was bald 24/7 was a “cattle brand” denoting upper middle class origins. To have been born in the first half of the 20th century, and to retain a natural penis, was perceived as meaning that one was born to parents who were one or more of poor, white trash, clueless about hygiene and sexual propriety, or foreign born. Much of the American revulsion at the natural penis is a form of snobbishness.

  • http://twitter.com/PortraitOfMmeX Madame X

    I know there are a lot of comments objecting to the terminology here, but I’m not sure intact is especially useful, either. Some men are circumcised for religious or cultural reasons that I am sure do not make them feel mutilated, damaged, or incomplete. The opposite of intact implies that sort of thing.

    What about, factory setting?

    • anonymous

      What leads you to the belief that a penis that has had half its skin removed, the part with the greatest sexual specialization, is still complete?

    • http://twitter.com/PortraitOfMmeX Madame X

      The fact that it isn’t my job to tell other people how complete or incomplete their bodies are.

    • roger desmoulins

      I agree with refraining from using any form of the verb “to mutilate”. I do not agree with refraining from using the word “intact”, which is not a word heavily loaded with derogatory connotations. Also, while the ritual circumcisions of Judaism and Islam deserve our respect, the rite of passage circumcisions of traditional cultures deserve no more respect than FGM done for rite of passage reason. Namely, none at all.

      Finally, Madame X, there are things which are true even if we deem it impolite to say them aloud. The main protectors of routine infant circumcision are prudishness, and a belief that it is inappropriate to openly disagree with parenting preferences.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1194543535 Jeff Cowsert

      Correction; some ‘infants and children’ are circumcised for religious or cultural reasons. “Men” are more rarely cut for these reasons because they have the ability to say “no” and refuse. Many of the infants and children grow up to be men who do feel mutilated, damaged and incomplete – just like girls. Males deserve protection from this crime.

  • RicardoD Diaz

    Congratulations on your discovery and honest repudiation of the brainwashing you had received from the mainstream of US medicine, which profits mightily from a million circumcisions a year, and 150,000-200,000 botches serious enough to require surgical repair (only the most obvious; many more discovered when boys become sexually active. Physic injuries are countless and hidden: “If you complain again, we’ll put you in an insane asylum.”

    Dr Christiane Northrup has been trying to tell American women about their stake in this for years, through several editions of her book. _Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom_, Christiane Northrup, MD. New York, RandomHouse/BantamDell, 2006. Please see pp 259-63 and pp 531-32.

    • roger desmoulins

      There never has been an honest study of the adult North American penis and its potential sexual problems. We don’t know how many circumcised men have damaged penises, too much skin cut off, problematic scar tissues, chronic ED and/or PE, uncomfortable erections. It has been obvious to me all my life that quite a few women find marital sex boring or outright uncomfortable. How many of these women have circumcised husbands? I suspect that circumcision is the real reason for most cases of vaginismus.

      What I wrote in the preceding paragraph was not intended to be exhaustive. Feel free to add anything you wish via a Reply.

  • http://twitter.com/BanCirc Ban Circumcision

    Great article! My intact son is one of the growing number of American boys who will hopefully change the tide of circ’d guys. By the way, it’s intact, not uncircumcised. Or you can also use non-circumcised. Saying uncircumcised means they undid their circumcisions. :)

  • Vincent

    Thank you so much for posting this! I wish my parents had been smart enough to realize it wasn’t their choice and leave me alone. My statement has some great facts and sources.

    has done me no favors! I have had bleeding abrasions from intercourse that a
    foreskin would have prevented. These made me leery of having sex with my wife.
    Without the mechanical lubrication provided by a foreskin, I have to use
    artificial lubricant or sex would be painful for my wife. My parent’s chose
    this painful and unsatisfactory sex life for me and my wife and I simply cannot
    fathom why. I would never have chosen to have my foreskin removed. Only
    1/16,667 intact males will have a problem with their foreskin, 99% of which can
    be treated with medicine not surgery. 117 babies die from circumcision a year
    in the US that is 9/100,000 babies that die each year from a cosmetic surgery.
    Men have lost their penis, glans, and suffered from deformity caused by the
    operation. It isn’t right that these children pay the price for a decision
    their parents made, a decision that should be left up to the penis owner. Even
    those who survive still have problems like mine, though they are seldom


    They didn’t tell you the functions of the foreskin, but they did lie to you and said
    it had health benefits. Did they also tell you pays for their house, their
    cars, and their kids college? FYI It is illegal to sell an organ taken from a
    patient but they still do it.

    for sale: $155/500µg = $310,000/g = $8,788,345/oz.


    numbers and claims are supported by these studies:

    Medical society and their stance on RIC


    document outlines the deaths caused by circumcision in the US.



    US Navy
    Study that shows circumcision has no effect on HIV or STI infection rates.

    to Appear in AAP’s “Pediatrics” journal.


  • http://www.facebook.com/XVanceX Vance Austin Neely

    It’s not circumcision, it is genital mutilation usually practiced on American baby boys without their permission. Stop cutting on male genitals and have compassion!

  • Tania

    I have to say it: my, how this comment thread grew. It must have been excited to see you.

    • Amanda Chatel

      We have Genital Integrity Awareness Week to thank apparently. And the fact that I had ZERO clue that such a thing existed; great timing on my part… for once.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1194543535 Jeff Cowsert

      Great article Amanda!

    • Amanda Chatel

      Thanks, Jeff!

  • http://twitter.com/eddycameron eddycameron

    The only scar that any child should routinely have from birth is their belly button. I will never understand why the United States medical community continues to willfully violate the hippocratic oath by performing this unnecessary cosmetic procedure on an unconsenting neonate at the will of their parents. Children are not property, you do not own them and cannot modify them to suit your belief in aesthetics, cleanliness or the false belief that there are ANY significant heath benefits that education and condom use will not prevent for this child. Female Circumcision was legal in the US right up until 1997, but women now have Federal legal protection from having their genitalia mutilated…boys do not. You may believe you’re doing right by your child when you choose to amputate healthy, functional tissue, but have you ever considered what you are doing to the MAN he will become? I fully support “My body, my choice” as it pertains to women and their reproductive rights and health, but what about MY right to MY body? I don’t care if one considers the prepuce “gross”, it’s there for a reason, several actually. Stop cutting babies. Genital Integrity Awareness Week in the District of Columbia has been sharing the stage with the DOMA crowd as well. Equal rights are equal rights, unless you’re a boy…then we’re going to just ingnore that and remove your prepuce.

  • linda

    My two late husbands were both intact – both were exceptional lovers…readings these comments makes me miss them :-) mutual orgasms were the norm. My current partner is circumcised but he is also a great lover..and it doesn’t hurt that he is 17 years my junior…:-) so guys it does work both ways – especially if you are considerate and really keen on each other.
    My son is 38 years old – you do the math – he is intact and I hope that works for him..not something we discuss…maybe I should tell him to thank me…I was adamant.

  • http://twitter.com/MasculistUK MasculistUK

    Circumcision is the polite term for male genital mutilation. An ancient barbaric practice carried out on boys. This practice leads to many deaths and is causing an outcry in Europe where the recent deaths of baby boys is thankfully rendering the act an un-necessary violation of male rights. The female equivalent is illegal, yet the practice on boys renders women the opportunity to talk about the male private parts as some kind of fashion statement ignoring completely the fact that a male was not proffered any say in this at all. High profile medical practitioners are now rebuffing the lies and myths associated with Hygiene and female cancers and rendering them back in mythology where they belong. Chancelor Angela Merkel spoke out against the practice which caused uproar in Germany’s Jew and Muslim population who cried and whailed it was a breach of their religious freedom to violate boys.

    For those who speak about hygiene I can suggest water is ideal for washing anywhere including genitals and as we progressed as a civilisation, man invented soap which added a fresher scent. The fact some have experienced dirty penises is irrelevant and not the reason to violate a boys rights to determine the future of his own genitals. And if, yes if hygiene renders the need to be a barbarian, then without question, the vagina could do with a trim and cut. Happy girls?

  • Brianna

    Love this and completely agree.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lis.tudor.1 Lis Tudor

    Dicks are ugly no matter if they’re cut or not. Mother Nature really dropped the ball on this one.

    • Cate

      I hope you are not a straight woman, because if you are I’m really sad for you. I can’t imagine what it would be like to find all dicks ugly, it would make sex a lot less fun.

    • cosmopolite

      Nature did not craft the penis to turn women on. Women do not warm to seeing penis in anything like the way men warm to seeing vulva. The penis is designed to make a woman feel good during sex. It is designed to make handjobs an easy an obvious form of foreplay. Yes, the penis is ugly and many women have told me this since I was a freshman in college. But that ugliness does not matter one bit. And when they are erect, they all look pretty much the same in dim light.

    • http://toyboxkiller.tumblr.com/ Cate

      I’m aware that a lot of ladies think penises are ugly, but it still makes me sad. Most of my friends and I are of the opposite opinion, and we seem to enjoy sex and sexuality a lot more than the ladies I know who think dicks are ugly and/or gross. This evidence is purely anecdotal, so doesn’t exactly prove anything, but it doesn’t change the fact that enjoying ALL the visual aspects of sex most likely makes for a better overall experience.
      I really have to disagree with you on the “they all look pretty much the same” front. I’m basically a professional dick-viewer (and toucher, and sucker, and fucker, and puncher, and poker) and whether in dim light or full light they ALL look different. Sure, some of them are ugly (like the tapers! So unfortunate!) but most of them aren’t, and a lot of them are, in my opinion at least, really beautiful.

    • cosmopolite

      You are a contemporary sex positive woman running on a fair bit of testosterone.
      When I said that penises all look the same, I meant that cut and uncut are very similar when both are erect.
      I have been a close observer of women’s craft projects for many years. The human penis is not something that is evidently appealing to women, given the beauty we see women create in their hobbies.
      The person who wrote that the erect penis conveys raw sexual desire like no other human anatomical fact, is Camille Paglia, a lifelong lesbian. Explicit imagery on the internet is rapidly moving our culture to a state where the only depiction of a naked human being that is hard core, is one of an erect man.

    • roger desmoulins

      It is true that when God designed the male body, he did ask a focus group of women to comment!
      The penis is not eye candy for females. Its job is to make its owner, and the women he partners with, feel good. Cave men and women mostly had sex in the dark. Hence how the human genitalia look did not matter. That intact men have loose mobile skin on their penises greatly facilitated foreplay, and makes intercourse less brutal and more fun.

    • AngelXY

      Genitals were designed for their functions, not for their looks.

  • Cate

    I am very, very pro-foreskin. Sadly, as an American, I’ve only ever seen three uncut cocks in my life, but they were all very nice and I have the pleasure of being currently involved with the gentleman attached to the nicest one I’ve seen and felt so far.
    It makes me so, so, sad when people chop off pieces of their babies’ dicks. I don’t understand why someone would do such a thing. Sure, most parents probably don’t want to think about their newborn baby eventually growing up and having sex, but there are so many other reasons not to chop.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-McGinness/100001157887765 Frank McGinness

    Awesome writing. What man doesn’t want 65%-85% more sexual receptors and a built in integral vagina? For this is what the foreskin provides among its 16 known functions.

    The Glans-Ridged Band Dyad
    There are two levels of sexual receptors in the dermis of the penis. The ridged band is a ring of innervated tissue just inside the tip of the foreskin, while the corona is the rounded base of the glans. On the top of the penis, there are more receptors in the corona while on the underside of the penis there are more receptors in the ridged band. This unequal distribution of nerve endings works in tandem to heighten sensation awareness. When the ridged band in the foreskin is completely removed (circumcision) this connection is disrupted and the increased sexual sensations are lost. Like going from stereo to mono.

    The above is my hypothesis based on this work, the Frenular Delta by Ken McGrath:
    The entire mucosa is invested with Meissner’s corpuscles (the nerve endings which mediate low-threshold and fine-touch sensation) which are heavily concentrated in the projections of the dermis that rise into the ridged band and in the frenulum. These corpuscles are innervated by thick myelinated axons of the epicritical sensory system. A recent quantitative study has shown mean axon bundle counts in the prepuce of 17.9 bundles/mm ventrally, 8.6 bundles/mm laterally and 6.2 bundles/mm dorsally.4 As each bundle contains tens of axons, the nerve supply to the prepuce is obviously very substantial.

    Cold/Taylor-the presence of smegma preputii is a rare finding; in a prospective examination of 4521 uncircumcised boys, only 0.5% had smegma.

    Dr. John Taylor penile and heart researcher – Sexual Function of the Dartos Muscle (loosely):
    Upon erection the Dartos muscle tenses creating a one-piece solid skin tube, where any action on the penile shaft is transferred to act on the erogenous Taylor’s Ridged Band and through its loop to the Frenulum, this action it transferred to act on the erogenous Frenulum, together the male’s sexual nexus. No action on the shaft is wasted on these sexual structures.
    Circumcision always removes all of the erogenous Taylor’s Ridged Band and part to all of it’s connecting Frenulum. Having this hangman’s noose of the male’s sexual receptors missing, no longer keeps the whole of the penile Dartos muscle tense. With tension gone, all action on the erect penile shaft is wasted to act on the Ridged Band and Frenulum. Action must be applied directly to the Frenulum remnant, if any remains. Meaning the intact man has his whole penile skin area to activate the erogenous receptors whereas in the circumcised if lucky has just the short narrow string, the frenulum remnant, and scarred and keratinized glands coronal erogenous receptors.

    Circumcision cuts off 65%-85% of the male’s sexual receptors (85% when the frenulum is cut or scraped off infant). This leaves 15% sexual receptors located in the glans corona where it’s overpowered by the more populous pain/thermal receptors, ratio 5% to 95%. It is this case that men report “If I felt anymore sensitivity, I think I would die of a heart attack!” (Larry David) Circumcision changes the way, means, and type of sensations felt. Circumcision sexually handicaps.

    CAN-FAP will soon release its video showing Glen Callender masturbating multiple times over minutes with the same erection, effortlessly, with a wiggle of a couple of fingertips producing high end orgasm AND ejaculation EACH TIME. Each orgasm was achieved using one the 5 most sensitive areas lost to circumcision. This dramatically demonstrates just how much we cut guys are missing out. The audience who have seen this video all gasp with celebratory wonderment and awe and gee I wish I did that, upon seeing Glen’s first orgasm/cum shot, but heavy mood then develops, crossing arms across chest for comfort, with each progressive ecstasy shot, when at the end, you want to kill somebody, do your own chopping of and off limbs. I saw it 3 times so I would just observed the audience. they equaled my own feelings. (I guess Planned Parenthood would say we are all NORMAL! ASS!! ). I continued to learn from CAN-FAP, the lighter the touch the more the sensation. While I’m at it there’s this: And as Sex as Nature Intended, online, there’s pleasure receptors inside the penis. At the tip, midway, and base. Tip receptors are right under the glans. The glans activates these by gentile massage action. A tight circ. will push the glans down on the receptors so there’s no room for massaging. The mid and base are not nearly as sensitive as the tip interior receptors, but cut men will employ these more than those intact to gain needed sensations. Cut guys thrust left right, up down to increase pressure midway and at the base.

    Male and female both cut off as much as is possible and still be able to procreate.


    Frankly speaking – circumcision and foreskin restoration (NSFW) http://justasnip.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/frankly-speaking/

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-McGinness/100001157887765 Frank McGinness

    http://www.circumstitions.com/Docs/aap-12-europe.pdf PEDIATRICS Volume 131, Number 4, April 2013 –

    Cultural Bias in the AAP’s 2012 Technical Report and Policy Statement on Male Circumcision

    Here are my four favorite videos for expecting parents. Each compliments the others in information:

    1. Pediatrician and National Children’s Ombudsman of Norway http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74NJSOjBTNI (7 min.)

    Dr. Anne Lindboe discusses children’s rights and circumcision. Says: she has seen the complications, the pain is as mush as adults, there’s no problem waiting until older, saving money is not important in saving children, circ. is a form of violence, children should be protected from violence, circumcision is not a harmless procedure.

    2. Child Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ceht-3xu84I (33 min.)

    3. Foreskin For Her Dr Paul Tinari April 2012 https://vimeo.com/56767851 (62 min.)

    4. Circumcision is Child Abuse by Aldin Entertainment Music Group http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJVR_BBKncI (3 min.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/aubrey.taylor.31 Aubrey Taylor

    But they CAN grow back. Not “soon”, but eventually, with the right kind of encouragement. No joke. Google foreskin restoration. =)

  • Richard

    As a circumcised man, I find it hurtful the way people discuss this operation as unnescessary or – at worse – genital mutilation. For some men, it’s not a choice whether or not they lose their foreskin; most of us who have had the procedure had no choice in the matter. I can’t say that I’m upset about being circumcised myself, although I’ve never known what it’s like to have a foreskin. All I know is my wife has no complaints and I bear grudge against my parents. These things only become a problem when people make them one: and I find it frustrating to constantly encounter this “oh, isn’t it UGLY!” and “ugggh, GROSS!” attitude from people with little knowledge or understanding of circumcision.

  • Sonny Vizzle

    To treat phimosis, do not throw away the best part of your penis so that an ignorant doctor can take a vacation to Disneyland at your expense.
    “Circumcision ablates the most sensitive parts of the penis.”
    The quote about lost sensitivity is from the 2007 article “Fine-touch pressure thresholds in the adult penis” written by Sorrells, et al.

    Phimosis can be EASILY treated with Betamethasone cream and help to loosen the foreskin! No need for invasive and damaging surgery!

    James E. Ashfield, et. al. “Treatment of phimosis with topical steroids in 194 children.” March 2003. JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, Volume 169, Number 3: Pages 1106-1108.
    “Topical steroids are becoming the standard conservative measure for treating phimosis. Our study supports this trend, with an overall efficacy of 87%.”
    “Betamethasone ointment (0.1%) was applied to the foreskin twice a day for up to 6 weeks. No adverse reactions to the steroid cream were cited. After 3 months follow-up, the degree of phimosis was either insignificant or had resolved completely in 87%, and only 13% of the patients eventually required circumcision. Prior balanitis or urinary tract infection did not affect the outcome of the steroid therapy.”

  • Anonymous

    circumsised dick is much better to look at and yes the sex is much hotter then with a uncircumsised dick,cleaner, and the fact that there is much less risk of STD,AIDES!

  • MotherOfHadley

    This whole “sex is better with a foreskin” is baffling to me, I dont know how a man can say this when they are circumcised…they have no clue if it really WOULD be better. And if they have a foreskin, how do they know it would be horrible without one? My husband has the most sensitive glans of any man I have ever been with and I have been with both, and by FAR think that sex with my husband is the BEST I have EVER had (and I have had a lot). He is circumcised. No foreskin could ever do what his penis does, and I have never met a man so sensitive about his glans…so I dont think those statements ring true for everyone…which is the problem I have with the “factual” statements.

    That being said, we left our son intact. He has hemophilia and couldnt be circumcised anyway, but after not doing it, and doing research, I wouldnt do it even if he didnt have hemophilia. My grandmother told me to do it….that all her boys were left intact and ALL had to be circumcised between 18-24yo due to chronic issues. She wished she had done it at birth. Come to find out, she pulled the foreskin back on all of them as infants, which I am sure led to a lot of their chronic issues. I dont see anything wrong with a foreskin, but I still by far think that my husbands penis is the most amazing thing I have ever had the privilege to have.

    My husband was most upset about our son being intact….but after time he has come to realize that it wont matter. He says our sons dick is big enough that the girls wont even notice. And I think he is right. Our OBGYN said it when she first saw it, and all his doctors say it now. The boy is hung. Plus if someone actually cares about the status of his penis (intact vs cut) they dont need to be with my amazing son anyway!