9 Lies I’ve Told Since I Started Dating My Boyfriend

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Relationships involve a lot of patience, sacrifice, and white lies. Not just with each other, but everyone around you! I’ve been dating my boyfriend for three years, and each year I add more lies onto the pile of deceit. I’ve found myself living some of these lies — about how we met and where we live — so openly that I get lost in the story and have to remind myself of the truth.

Read the nine lies I’ve told since I started dating and admit that you, too, have been lying your face off.

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    • Jen

      So, you have a teeny, tiny apartment, and are never home, and you have a dog trapped in there?! Nice. Real nice.

      • Duh

        Yes, that’s EXACTLY what she said.

      • Brandy Alexander

        Whoa! My dog gets two walks through Central Park every day, and it spends an hour in the dog run playing every weekend. The dog sleeps in bed with us and enjoys snuggling on the couch when we are away. We know this because we are obsessive dog parents with camera in the apartment and a GPS collar to track walks and exercise. Yes, our apartment is small — but our dog has plenty of love, outdoor time, excerise, and trips upstate to run around. Our dog has a wonderful life and beat the odds — yes, even in a tiny apartment. Please check out http://www.saveasato.com

    • Rev Bucky

      So is this stuff just cutesie pooh, or is it the actions of a self absorbed self serving human piece of crap?

      You seriously lie to people so you can get free cake, or drinks, or special service? Seriously, wtf makes you so entitled and special that you feel that lying, conniving and theft are perfectly acceptable behavior?