• Wed, Apr 3 2013

With Reimbursement For Abortions And Free Birth Control, France Makes The U.S. Look Archaic

women's rights in franceAs if we needed more examples of just how backward the United States is when it comes to abortion, birth control and women’s rights as whole, France went and one-upped us on Monday.

Now that President Nicolas Sarkozy is out and the far more left President Francois Hollande, is in charge and shaking things up, France is about to get even more awesome than it already was. With promises to make same-sex marriage legal, France has now passed a law that there will be reimbursements for abortions so no one woman will have to be forced into a motherhood for which they’re not ready, and free contraceptives (the Pill and implants) for teenagers “regardless of her income level or her parents’ opinions on her sexuality.

Wow. A woman being allowed to make decisions over her own body and reproductive organs? I’m shocked. I’m baffled. I’m screaming, “Vive la France!” out my window in Paris as I write this.

There are about 12,000 abortions performed in France a year, but with this new law there’s likely to be more now that every woman will have access to them without having to bear the financial burden that comes with such a procedure.

Sadly, it will probably be a long way off before we’ll see this in the United States. Yes, Obamacare is going to make a huge difference, but can you imagine a U.S. where abortion is technically free because you’ll be reimbursed for it after the fact? I can’t; and that makes me very sad.

Dear U.S.,
Step it up. You’re embarrassing yourself yet again when it comes to social rights and equality. Thanks in advance.
Best, Chatel.


Via TheFrisky/Photo: Robert Doisneau

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  • Raerae

    Women should have the right to make their own decisions about their bodies and reproductive organs and with that right are also held accountable for choices made.
    Playing the victim is never right.
    Most of us work hard for our paychecks and I refuse to see mine reimburse someone that made their own decision to end a life.

    • anon

      Sorry, but part of being a citizen and partaking in the social contract that comes with that is the obligation to pay taxes that benefit EVERYONE, even if you don’t always agree with every policy decision. I don’t want my tax dollars going towards military expenditures or bailing out corporations; and I’m free to criticize those programs, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to refuse to participate in my responsibility as a member of society. Get over your bizarre, neoliberal tendency to pick and choose what your dollars go towards- abortion is LEGAL, and often, a vital part of women’s health.