Makeup Tutorial: How To Get Demi Lovato’s Made Up ‘No Makeup Look’


When stars post their own photos on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr of themselves supposedly not wearing makeup when they very clearly are, I am suspicious and also irritated. It just encourages the media to write pieces about how beautiful women are without makeup and faux-concern-trolling us to not do so. For example, Demi Lovato‘s recent “no makeup look” she posted on Facebook featured the caption, “Ladies, be brave today…take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!” Yes, I forgot that it’s somehow cowardly for women to wear makeup and use filters, because the magazines, television shows and album cover photos she’s been in have absolutely not featured either of those things.

Every time people encourage females to not to wear makeup, I get annoyed. This isn’t because I think women should use beauty products, but because it’s annoying to love wearing cosmetics as much as people like myself do and have everybody tell you it’s because you’re insecure, that men only like “natural beauty” (Jen explained this excellently here). I wear makeup for me, as many women and men do, and I don’t need somebody telling me why I should stop or how I should look instead just to appease their sensibilities on female self image.

Do not get me wrong — women are beautiful without makeup. I just am sick of media outlets sending these absurd mixed messages obnoxiously critiquing celebrities who are actually not wearing makeup and are caught by paparazzi while on the way to yoga, then simultaneously praise others who take their own snapshots and certainly have products on their faces. I do makeup tutorials because I love makeup and know many of you do, too, but I also never would criticize a woman (or man) for being unmade up because frankly, that’s stupid.

It’s not inherently “brave” to not wear makeup unless you are extremely afraid of how you look without it, in which case, yes — it takes some courage. However, it’s important to note that she is (A) wearing makeup and (B) still informing fans on how they should look. It’s brave to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, whether that’s wearing makeup, not wearing makeup, jumping out of a plane or saving a cat from a burning building.

Anyway, if you would like to get the same “no makeup look,” except in the same way she did (you know, with makeup), here’s a how-to.

Step 1: Start fresh, as usual.

Wash your face using a light exfoliant or cream cleanser to keep it looking so fresh and so clean clean. And also grumpy, if you are me.


The “no fucks were given” makeup look!!!

Step 2: Use tinted moisturizer.

You can feasibly use BB cream here if you’d like a little more coverage, but a lightly tinted moisturizer will also work just fine.


Step 3: Cream blush.

This stuff looks the most natural since it blends into your skin, whereas powder blush can rest on any hairs or bumps and be more obvious. Choose a color that’s similar to what your cheeks’ natural skintone is after you’ve just been exercising or in the cold.


Step 4: Eyes.

Curl your lashes and apply one coat of mascara (black-brown if you have light hair, black if it’s darker).


Step 5: Eyebrows.

Fill in your brows with a bit of eyebrow powder using an angled brush in small, light strokes. Comb them up with a small brow brush and apply a bit of gel to keep them in place.


Step 6: Lips.

Glide a bit of berry-tinted lip balm without any shimmer or sparkle onto your lips. Add a little highlighter like Benefit’s High Beam to your Cupid’s bow and center of your bottom lip, then blend. Voila! You look not made up despite totally wearing makeup. Believe me, I’m sure you look stellar without makeup, too, but this is how you get the “naturally pretty” or “no makeup look” that people are typically touting whenever they write about ‘em in magazines…


…despite using all of this, if not more.


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    • Naomi Kashinsky

      Christ on a tricycle, I am seriously envious of your eyes and cheekbones.

      • mixedgirlinFL

        omg I just burst out laughing when I read “Christ on a tricycle.” Thank you!

      • Samantha Escobar

        You are too nice :D Thank you ! <#

    • Lastango

      To my eye, the only difference between all those shots is your confidence is up in the last one… it makes your beautiful eyes shine.
      (A little lip gloss is always nice, but you look just fine with or without the rest of it.)

      • Samantha Escobar

        Why, thank you!

    • Amanda

      I have such a baby face its ridiculous, so I can’t pull off the ‘no makeup’ look – makeup or not. I have to wear a full face of makeup (shadow, eyeliner, mascara, foundation/tinted moisturizer, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, blush) every single day so I don’t look like I’m 15. I feel extremely uncomfortable without everything.

      • Amanda

        One thing I don’t have to do, though, is fill in my eyebrows. They are insanely thick, like Demi’s.

      • Samantha Escobar

        I have friends who always say they get carded and nobody at bars believes they’re over 21 without makeup. I, on the other hand, just get asked if I’m sick. :(

        P.S. I envy your brows — I always need to fill in mine!

    • anna

      demi looks amazingly pretty with less makeup. I never thought of her as particularly good looking or bad looking, she was just there. But she’s a very pretty girl!
      It’s hard to go without makeup sometimes, it’s one of the things I’m used to. I only wear powder and do a tiny cat eye, but it’s my routine. It’s like when I pull my bangs back, my forehead feels naked. My eyes feel naked without the cat eyed swoop!

      • Samantha Escobar

        She does look gorgeous, very very agreed! And ahhhh my eyes look so odd to me without eyeliner and/or mascara nowadays; I can’t remember the last time I consistently didn’t use those products. Probably elementary or middle school.

    • sarah

      What brand/color of tinted moisturizer are you wearing? I also have very pale skin and can never find one that’s not too dark.

      • Tania

        I second this question! The only time I can wear them is in the summer, when even wearing sunscreen religiously makes me go slightly darker.

      • Nerdy Lucy

        I tend to mix whatever tinted moisturizer I have (usually just Cover Girl) with face sunscreen to dilute it and make it fit my skin tone more.
        Sometimes if I get ‘fair to light’ in the CG one, it is light enough, but if I get just light, I have to mix with sunscreen.
        Some other brands do provide more coverage, but I feel like they take on an orange tint.

      • Amanda

        I’m extremely fair & I use Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer in the lightest shade, Porcelain. In the summer I use the shade Nude.

        It looks like Sam is using Smashbox in this tutorial.

      • Samantha Escobar

        So sorry for delay. I used Smashbox BB Cream because I had packed up my tinted moisturizer (I’m in the process of moving, sad face), but I often just mix together a little bit of of MAC foundation plus an equal part of moisturizer and use that to get the perfect shade + sunscreen without it being too pigmented. :)

    • Greer Johnston

      Maybe it’s the touch of self-deprication in some of the articles you’ve written, but this is the first time I’ve seen you and you’re really beautiful. I didn’t expect you to be so lovely. You have beautiful skin and bone structure. Great makeup tutorial, too, by the way. Would you do 1960s/1970′s era Catherine Deneuve some time? She’s my favourite.

    • Karla

      as much as I support the message that you are trying to get across, I don’t like that you used Demi as an example and catagorizing her under the “celebrities who supposedly aren’t wearing makeup but clearly are” and especially when using that particualr picture. she’s obviously not wearing makeup in that picture and she certainly isn’t going to lie about it. be careful who you use as an example next time. otherwise, great article and tutorial. :)

    • Mh

      I liked the tutorial, and you’re obviously a very pretty woman. However, I don’t believe there is a way to tell if Demi is wearing makeup from a photo. The reason why I am not quickly condemning Demi as definitely wearing makeup is because I happen to look very similar to this without makeup. Im not as pale, but I have naturally rosy cheeks (some might say ruddy), dark pink lips, clear skin, and long black eyelashes. Most people looking at a picture of me without makeup would say i am definitely wearing some mascara or blush; however, my cheeks are always pink and I’ve had black eyelashes since i was born, even when my hair was white-blonde. There is just no way to really know if she is wearing makeup or not.

      Sorry for the novel of a comment.

    • julia

      how is your skin so perfect? :O

    • Bored

      You can’t say anything about Demi because you can’t be sure that she is wearing make-up in that pic. She encouraged girls to go without make-up and use no filter in their photos to send the message to not be ashamed of themselves. It’s obvious that Demi wears make-up and use filters in photo-shoots for magazines and album covers and on live tv-shows!!! You can’t criticize her for that! She was just saying that a normal girl should not wear a lot of make-up or use filters to change her aspect!
      (Live your life and don’t get angry just for stupid little things like this)