What Is The Worst Thing You Can Say To A Woman?

worst thing to say to a woman

I can think of a lot of “worst things you can say to a woman.” Mostly, telling them to smile. Every woman hates that. However, I haven’t considered this as a seriously as The Daily Mail who has a list of the worst things you can possibly say to a woman. They report:

Asking a woman ‘when’s the baby due?’ when she is not actually pregnant has been voted the worst thing a man can say to a lady – according to a new poll.

Responding to the question, ‘does my bum look big in this?’ with the word ‘yes’, unsurprisingly  came second in the poll, with 17 per cent believing it to be the worst thing a man could say to a woman.

More than one in seven thought the most vile thing a man could say was ‘you look tired’ however, this was closely followed by ‘calm down dear’ with 12 per cent.

The phrase, ‘will you need a hand parking that luv?’ came fifth on the list with 11 per cent, whereas the comment ‘you look more and more like your mother every day’ scored eight per cent of the vote.

First of all, if a British man asked to help me park anything, I would go weak at the knees, so I don’t understand where that is coming from. I would probably accept his help, and then I would marry him, so, those two things. But I guess British women are slightly more resistant to accents, so, that makes sense.

However, I’m still shocked to see that “Smile!” did not make the list. What do you think is the worst thing strangers can say to you? Shout it out in the comments! Do not calm down!

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    • Tomboy Goddess

      You’re a feminist.

    • Leire

      “Ma’am”. That is all.

      • jacaline

        OH MY GOD YES. Whenever I survey every woman I know that is of a non-ma’am age, I am always the only one who ALWAYS get called ma’am. At 21. You would think that, hey, if you’re even remotely under the age of say… 60, you’d automatically get called miss. Especially if you’re like me, with unnaturally red hair and facial piercings.

      • Eileen

        I don’t mind this one unless it’s coming from a guy I’m interested in dating. I kind of think the miss cut-off is more like 25, or the appearance of a wedding ring or baby. I will admit freely, though, that my ex used to make a point of calling every woman “miss” back when he worked at a restaurant because it resulted in better tips.

    • AmbienceChaser

      A dude once told me I looked like I had Innsmouth Taint.

      • Sophie

        Do I want to know what that means?

      • AmbienceChaser

        He meant that I had bulging eyes and a wide mouth that made me look like I was both inbred and distantly related to a Lovecraft fish god.

        One hears the weirdest things at gaming cons.

    • Lo

      “Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”

      • Sophie

        Parker! Be subtle!

    • Eileen

      Honestly, the “you need a hand parking that, luv?” would be pretty up-there, but mainly because of the “luv.” I absolutely hate it when people – anyone, but it’s mostly old ladies and men of all ages – think it’s appropriate to call me by pet names if they’re not my friends/family/lovers. (It’s okay if a boyfriend calls me “cutie” or “darling,” or if my mom calls me “baby.” It’s not okay if a random stranger calls me “sweetie.” Never will be. And it NEVER happens to men.)

    • anna

      a smelly homeless man sniffed me very deeply in line today at the store and told me i smelled really good. he then proceeded to follow me back to my car and try to follow it. i think that’s technically something he’s doing, but i did not like it. i guess any stranger telling me i smell good? i think it’s a pretty odd compliment.

    • JennyWren

      “Is your friend dating anyone?”

      Okay, actually that would never annoy me as much as “calm down dear” (or anything about how I’m supposedly “overreacting”), but I’ve never understood this particular tactic that some men choose to deploy. You’ve just spent 30 minutes talking to me, what did you think I was looking for out of this?

    • smalltalkainteasy

      A guy I had met for the second time and was about to head to dancing lessons with, decided my mentioning my couchsurfing trip through Europe deserved his golden remark “Well it’s obviously cocksurfing for girls” *creepy eyebrow waggle*
      Followed by the comment that he unfortunately only managed to f*** one fourth of all his couchsurfers.
      Yes, buddy. And you deserve a wide, wide ring of social vastness around you.

    • sophie

      Sorry, I don’t believe in feminism. I think men need equal rights.
      Which was followed by “but men are getting more raped than women and where do you see that on the news?”

      and “Well, women can’t drive anyway.” How many women do you know? “My girlfriend always crashes the car.”


    • Laur

      I guess I’m just full of common sense or something, but when my boyfriend tells me that my bum looks big (in an unflattering way) after I have asked him if it does, I feel rather grateful that he feels close enough to me to tell me the truth about something everyone feels is taboo. I think it’s ridiculous that a girl would ask this to someone and then throw an emotional fit for hearing something she clearly baited for. That said, if a stranger, or a man that I was not my boyfriend brought up how my butt looks huge, I would simply hold it on the same level as a stranger telling me I should grow out my hair or wear less fuschia or to eat my vegetables. I’d be pissed if a female stranger expressed concern over my actions or appearance as well. That said, I think the worst thing a guy ever said to me was, “you use to be an 11/10″ because I smoked pot for a week and gained a mere five pounds from the munchies. In fact, those words have ruined my life. Fuck that blasted female-attractiveness-scale bullshit.

      • ash

        I agree about the big bum baiting thing. I actually respected my boyfriend’s candor last week when he sheepishly admitted that yes, that gold lamé dress that I wanted to buy did, in fact, make me look a little fat. It would be totally different if I hadn’t asked, but we’ve been together 3 years and it felt more akin to telling me I had poppy seeds in my teeth. Sometimes gold lamé just isn’t that flattering…

    • meteor_echo

      1) “When are you going to have children? Your man will leave you if you won’t have them, you know!”
      2) “You’re ugly”
      3) “Why aren’y you more girly?”
      4) “Your rape was your own fault”
      5) “Smile”

    • Maggie

      “Chew your gum, hun.” (from a sexist asshole that I called out for being a sexist asshole).
      Also, any man who is not my fiance that calls me “Sweetheart.” No bueno.

    • Emily

      If I don’t know the guy and he’s NOT a grandpa: “Hon” or “sweetie.”