8 Imagined Recipes From Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Diet Cookbook, It’s All Good

recipes from Gwyneth Paltrow's new diet cookbook, It's All Good

Last week, we learned some very interesting things about It’s All Good, the new “elimination diet” cookbook from GOOP leader Gwyneth Paltrow. Namely, we learned that it eliminates food.

Here’s a quick list of ingredients you won’t be using when cooking like Gwyneth Paltrow: coffee, alcohol, dairy, chicken eggs (more exclusive eggs are fine), sugar, shellfish, deepwater fish, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, corn, wheat, meat, soy and all processed foods. If this seems a bit draconian (or an obvious symptom of “laughable Hollywood neuroticism“)–you’re right. But nobody said it was easy being Gwyneth Paltrow. Well, maybe they did.

Anyway, the cookbook has been backordered everywhere and Paltrow’s publisher anticipates a big success, which is why we’re extremely pleased to bring you these eight healthful and delicious recipes from It’s All Good–exclusively on The Gloss. Enjoy!

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    • Fabel

      So good.

    • S.


    • Lisa(r)

      I know that these recipes are a joke, but I actually really want an avocado and sardine sandwich now… on wheat bread!

      (Alton Brown’s idea: http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/01/alton-browns-sardine-avocado-sandwich-diet.html)

    • Heather H

      I think it is just no red meat and there are chicken eggs in recipes that I have seen. Personally I think a lot of the backlash is hype by folks who haven’t actually looked at the book.

    • Emily


    • http://twitter.com/misst0pia Not-So-Miss Kelli

      I actually made black bean-based chocolate cake as a birthday treat for my no-carb former boss. They would have been excellent if I’d made them with sugar instead of Splenda. The texture was great.

      • http://thegloss.com/ Ashley Cardiff

        There’s a place in the East Village and they have black bean brownies sweetened with sweet potatoes–and they are delicious!

      • Lisa(r)

        The sweet potato industry would be thrilled to hear about this.

    • MR

      ‘Emma’? :) I laughed from begining to end – but now the real life version is a grownup.

    • Jaclyn

      Absolute perfection. If this writing thing falls through, you should definitely publish a cookbook.

      • http://thegloss.com/ Ashley Cardiff

        The world needs me to explain how to boil an egg.

    • jamiepeck

      This is a perfect thing.

    • Sara

      Amazing! LOL

    • Kayla

      Hahaha! Didn’t want this to end