Fashion Disasters: Gwyneth Paltrow Hid An Ugly Outfit Behind Her Own Dumb Book


Despite all the flack Gwyneth Paltrow has been getting lately for calling half a million dollars in clothing “essential,” barely feeding her family and releasing a cookbook that essentially makes air waffles and twig muffins, I have a feeling she is doing just fine. Her book, titled with gross inaccuracy as It’s All Good, is already selling incredibly well, and she’s still famous and attractive and rich. Therefore, I do not feel all that bad pointing out that the outfit she wore to a book signing at Williams-Sonoma was terrible.

You can’t see the worst part of the outfit, though, because she has blocked it with that equally awful book. Obviously, she is doing this because she’s at a book release party and she needs to show everyone her book on not eating anything that tastes like food. Nevertheless, you can tell it is still a pretty absurd outfit (particularly for a book release).


As much as my inner ska kid loves checkers, I am not a fan of this sheer patterned cutout top that goes — one can only imagine — down to her very organic and GMO-free navel. I also am not a huge fan of the shoes, as that shade of gold is similar to an unpleasant substance one may find while changing diapers, but I’m not feeling crass enough to elaborate this afternoon. I assume these are all pieces she considers borderline essential, so they may only add up to around a quarter of a million dollars. Cheap-o!

But really, it seems that even she knows she should hide that silly top.


Not seeing MY sideboob, plebs!

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      Is it wrong that–while I agree this outfit is bad–Gwyneth’s legs are so toned and awesome that I didn’t really notice?

      • Alexis H

        I was thinking the exact same thing! She must be supplementing her kale krispies with a protein source because definition like that takes some work. I don’t usually fixate on legs to this degree, but my GOD.

      • lalalal

        Once I saw her in Whole Foods and I was thinking “wow that incredibly skinny woman has the CUTEST bag” until I realized it was her….her body is BANGIN

      • Porkchop

        Me too. I was thinking that this outfit is designed to be a flashing neon arrow pointing to her toned thighs. They will haunt my dreams with their perfection.

    • Heather H

      don’t hate me but I own this book and I never buy “celebrity” books, but when I actually looked at it after reading how bad it is looked great. I shake my head every time I read these flame posts about how bad her book is but the posts seem to have nothing to do with the actual book content. Anyway, a typical daily menu suggested is something like: banana date muffins for breakfast, a tuna or turkey sandwich/lettuce wrap for lunch and then chicken fajitas, fish tacos, or teriyake chicken for dinner. How is this not eating or not real food exactly? I just feel people should be fair about the actual content and not their feelings toward Gwyneth herself but I guess they can be hard to separate.

    • MBCM1831

      Who are you kidding? She looks like a goddess!