Michelle Williams, World’s Cutest Human, Gets Another Killer Haircut

Kate Young For Target Launch

Sorry mortals, the title of this post is a little misleading–Michelle Williams isn’t really a human, she’s an angel who came to earth to rain cuteness on the rest of us. I mean, this radiant, talented, stylish woman is practically flawless. She’s so like-able. I heard she actually rides around in a bubble, like her character in Oz the Great and Powerful. She dated everyone’s fantasy cuddle buddy, Jason Segel, and they were perfect together, but then they broke up, proving once and for all that love is a myth.

But all is forgiven! Who could stay mad at that face?

Does Michelle Williams even have haters? Maybe my judgment’s clouded by unrelenting fandom, but it seems like her daring-yet-darling pixie cut a few years ago was better received than far less dramatic cuts. Ever since, Williams has been making haircut moves!  She debuted her newest crop at the Kate Young for Target launch last night. Here’s another angle:

Kate Young For Target Launch

Her new style is a tasteful take on the partially shaved head trend favored by rascals like Skrillex and Miley Cyrus. Williams drops more cute bombs than beats, so the softer spin on the look suits her. The results are edgy but pretty, a combination Williams effortlessly delivers time after time. Many asymmetrical haircuts can look severe and kind of try hard, but this one just looks feminine and dreamy. Probably because it’s on Michelle Williams’ perfect head.

Justin Bieber should take notes.

(Photos via Wenn)

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    • anna

      she has a amazing amount of haters!! they all cite heath ledger. all of them. she dated heath ledger and she wasn’t supposed to, i guess.

      • Lemona

        Just for the record, I’m not a Michelle Williams hater. I think it’s fine that she dated HL. I just oppose the hair jail.

    • Lemona

      Sorry, but I’m gonna hate on that hairdo. It does not flatter her head, and the evenly spaced pieces pulled across her face looks like . . . jail bars. Her face is in jail. Hair jail.

    • jacaline

      I think Michelle Williams is probably fairly awesome and am in no way a hater, but I’m also gunna have to disagree. It just looks so unflattering and unnatural, it’s just not right for her. Not to mention it has been done by many people, most of which have it at the moment. NOT that I believe that is a good reason to do/not to do something, but Michelle Williams is too cool to be like everyone else.

    • Alim

      I find her off putting and this hair cut is awful.

    • http://blisstree.com/ Carrie Murphy

      Love her to death forever and ever (I still cry over the pics of her laughing in the ocean at Heath Legder’s funeral) but this haircut is heinous.

    • annabanana

      this haircut is not cute. nooooot cuuuuuute. not even for her. what’s with the separated strands of hair? ew!

    • whogivesacrap

      get a life people. I don’t even know who this is and id walk right past her 10 out of ten times.

    • EndOfRepublic

      Who is this person and why would I like her ugly hair cut?

    • mediahype

      Who is this person, and what makes qualifies her as the world’s cutest?

    • Roger

      Wrong. Haircut sucks and she looks like a weirdo. Take it from a guy.

    • http://www.facebook.com/haskell.nixon Haskell Nixon

      She is not pretty at all. and that hairdo is crap. and she needs to gain some weight her legs are way too skinny.

    • http://www.facebook.com/glo.giroux Glo Giroux

      She looks like an idiot. Period.

    • Lou

      Is the ord gonna used anywhere in correct English.

    • 1eye2open

      She’s cute but not the world’s cutest, you’re just crushing on her. I don’t think her hair style is cute at all, she should have cut it all the same length.

    • silly2

      I don’t know who she is but I’m not a fan of the haircut. And I also must disagree with her being the world’s cutest human. That would be my sweet baby girl.

    • ben dover

      sorry–she’s just not that cute…julianne hough?…selena gomez?…ok, we’re talking TERMINAL cuteness…plus, her legs aren’t anything to write home about…she’s not even a BLIP on the “cute” radar screen…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Festus-Dillon/559332723 Festus Dillon

      Pretty girl, HORRIBLE hair style.

    • Stylista

      All of you obviously lack any sense of style. I’m sure you’re probably sitting there commenting in your outdated sweatsuit, with your hair in a scrunchie. If you don’t think her style is flattering and current, then you must not like P!nk’s haircut, or Miley Cyrus’s style. The new Michelle Williams cut is edgy and beautiful. Go hate somewhere else, preferably on a subject you know enough about to comment.