Crowdsourcing: Help Me Pick A Summer Dress


It’s that time of year again. That time of year when I go to Bergdorf’s and pick one dress. You guys were really good in terms of helping me pick a coat, so now I just need you to help me pick a dress. For summer. So, the opposite of a coat. Which one is best? Go Thunderdome on this with me.

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    • Fabel

      Yeah, the last one for sure. The ombre yellow is interesting, but I’m afraid of yellow & imposing my fear onto you by not suggesting it.

    • Rose D.

      If you are really spending several thousand dollars on one. single. dress. then go with the print one. It is fun and would look great with your build and coloring.

    • Cee

      Holy Shit! A lot of these cost more than my rent, must be nice! Id buy them all…but then I’d be homeless.

    • T-Lex

      Guuuurl you know its going to be the last one. I agree with all of your points. Initially I was all for the sailor one but I feel like that is one of those dresses that once you have worn it in front of everyone you begin to feel awkward wearing it.. or maybe thats just me.

      But lets be honest… those blue and white prints…ugh

    • Tania

      The last one! It’s gorgeous.

    • Nikola

      I’m curious, how long does a >$1000 dress last? Is it stain resistant, tear resistant, wear resistant? Does it stop bullets? I just can’t see being able to justify that much money for an item of clothing, when most of my clothes only last for a couple of years before they are have a stain, tear, or worn areas that make it unwearable. Do clothes that cost that much last longer?

    • MR

      I like the way a woman looks in a floral pattern or a dark solid color. One compliments her figure, the other highlights it.

    • len132

      I would buy a new computer instead. But sure, whatever, go with the last one.

    • Lastango

      They are splendid! But instead of helping you pick one of these magical dresses at $1,000, how about if we help you pick a whiztech sewing machine?

      Then you can have all the beautiful summer dresses you want, and a perfect fit too.

    • Nymph1816

      Boat dress. BOAT DRESS. Follow your heart, but only your pirate heart.