Alexa Chung Illustrates Extremely Basic Beauty Tips In Marie Clarie UK


Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but “beauty” stories can be kind of boring sometimes. I mean, how many different ways are there to tell someone to put their hair up in a ponytail, along with step-by-step instructions no one is ever going to follow because we all know how to put our hair in ponytails already? Then again, many beauty stories are really just an excuse to look at models looking beautiful, which depending on your outlook, you either find more or less fun than learning how to capture said beauty for yourself. Case in point: in an effort to keep their May beauty story lively, Marie Claire UK enlisted fashion plate/TV presenter/”cookie cutter hipster” Alexa Chung, ostensibly to illustrate the various “beauty techniques” they recommend, but really so we could all gaze upon close-ups of her stupid sexy face. Don’t believe me? Look at how basic all of these “tips” are.

(Via GlossyNewsstand)

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    • Lastango

      “…ostensibly to illustrate the various ‘beauty techniques’ they recommend, but really so we could all gaze upon close-ups of her stupid sexy face.”

      I suspect you’ve got that exactly right, Jamie. The other day I was reading about internet addiction. According to one theory, our brain naturally responds to novelty and, in some people, certain stimuli will cause the brain to re-wire itself to do so even more. The addicted web surfer’s brain goes into an endless loop, and the surfer will sit there for hours flipping from one fresh fix to the next. Each fix sets off the loop anew, and reinforces the wiring. There’s no sense of the sort of boredom that would come from looking at just a few images or reading the same articles over and over again. Time means very little, because the internal clock keeps resetting.

      So, after gazing upon her stupid sexy face, we’re off to gaze at the next face, and the next one. And then on to other, similar fixes of clothes, hair, lifestyles, relationships, with nearly every piece combining photos and text to push our buttons.

      Now that we can carry the web with us on our handheld devices, I wonder if internet addiciton will become our brain’s version of the obesity epidemic.

    • JennyWren

      To be fair, Chung has a great amount of appeal among a young crowd- 16 year-old girls love her look. I think magazines feel like they have to publish articles like this now and again to inculcate youngsters who have yet to become embroiled in the beauty beast.

      But there again, I initially thought the article would be about make-up instead of hair, which is a lot trickier to know how to use- girls who’ve been putting their friends hair in needlessly intricate plaits since the age of five aren’t going to be confused by the concept of a messy ponytail, so yes, this article is indeed useless.