Three Teen Girls Charged For Leading Ottawa Child Prostitution Ring


Crimes involving sexual assault and violence are always despicable, but there’s something particularly unsettling when they’re done by young people. In the case of three teenage girls from Ottawa, the cruel and dehumanizing acts committed are almost unbelievable. Or rather, it’s easier to imagine a world where teen girls don’t beat children, distribute underage pornography and pimp out kids to be raped by men.

Two 15-year-olds and one 16-year-old have begun to stand trial for seventy-four charges. (Yes, really.) Those charges include forcible confinement, theft, sexual assault, assault, human trafficking, abduction, and distribution of child pornography. Sounds like the crimes of some Law & Order: SVU scumbag and not young teenage girls, one of whom was described as “a class valedictorian and the go-to babysitter on her street.”

According to Jezebel, the means by which the girls drew in victims and attacked them were both calculated and horrifying:

The accused allegedly used social media to lure their victims to an apartment in a social housing complex, according to evidence obtained from the girls’ phones and computers. Once the victims arrived, they would strip them, steal their belongings, and then photograph them, beating them if they didn’t comply. The accused would then force them, through threats or physical coercion, to meet with johns. At least two of the victims were raped by johns (some men apparently sent the victims home after realizing they were being prostituted against their will).

Some of the girls report being forced or encouraged to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana — a victim, who was fourteen at the time of her abduction, recalls being stripped and photographed after she passed out drunk and high in a bathtub, while her fifteen-year-old friend was taken into the basement and forced to pose nude. According to reports, the defendants beat the fifteen-year-old so badly that her injuries were still visible in police photographs taken weeks later.

While I’m glad a few men realized that the underage kids — as young as seven, not mistakable for an 18-year-old – they were about to rape were being pimped out against their will, I wish they had done something more than send the kids home, such as call the police and stop these girls from pimping children. What they did wasn’t enough. Plus, underage individuals can’t consent whatsoever so regardless, these guys are still creepy, messed-up people. And there were other “clients” who were aware of the situation, but continued onto rape the victims regardless.

When the girls arrived at the agreed upon locations, there would be johns waiting. Some johns allegedly sent home girls in cabs when they clearly realized the girls were there against their wills. Other johns, like one particular cab driver, reportedly accepted a blowjob and paid one of these teen prostitutes $80—which her teen pimps allegedly took back from her entirely. Another, who allegedly has a “bikini fetish,” dressed one of these captive-teen prostitutes up in a “pink bathing suit and raped her.” Girls were sent home to their parents naked under trench coats.

I realize I keep using the word “horrifying,” but it’s hard to stop in this instance.

The actions of the teenage ring leaders themselves are the most disgusting and unnerving ones here, and they clearly exhibited bravado as a result of torturing and assaulting these kids. One tweeted she was the “female bill gates” and later posted, “Ain’t no problem like a hoe problem. I’ve got hoe problemssss.” It’s the same disturbingly casual attitude participants and bystanders displayed regarding the Steubenville rape victim; the act of watching or causing another’s suffering is somehow seen as simple entertainment or, in this case, a calmly-handled obligation.

Many media sources have said that the girls were under the influence of rap music and a “particularly prostitution-filled episode of 90210” wherein a character has sex for money in order to maintain her lifestyle. But millions of people have seen 90210, millions of people listen to rap music, millions of people see films that involve prostitution; does that mean we all have an excuse if we decide to hurt other people for our benefit?

Again, it is easier to imagine that these girls are somehow not responsible for their actions because it would be so, so much more wonderful to live in a world where 15-year-olds don’t do things like this — or, rather, where nobody does things like this. But to insist that rap music and television are to blame here, that these teenagers didn’t choose to harm several other human beings, altering their lives in a horrible manner…that would be irresponsible and would reduce the experiences of these victims to simple side effects of kids watching the wrong TV shows at night.

Yes, teenagers are not quite adults yet, but there isn’t a magic switch that flips when they turn 18, suddenly giving them consciences and the ability to tell right from wrong. According to the Ottawa Citizen, the teen pimps’ identities were an “open secret,” meaning hundreds of other teens knew about the violence and assaults. But at 15, you should know that forcing another human being to be photographed naked or be sexually assaulted for your monetary gain is wrong; I know I did, and I know I knew that long before the age of 15. The culture that glorifies sexual assault and violence needs to change, yes, but it’s important to show teenagers that traumatizing and harming other human beings is not excusable simply because they’re under 18.

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    • Tania

      What in the actual fuck.

      Please pardon me while I lock my teenage siblings inside, because the world is fucking terrifying.

      • Joseph Price

        I’m a 12-year veteran (3 tours) of the US Army infantry.I’ve tried to tell my wife (japanese) and my 2 teen step-daughters about the evil in the real world. They look at me as if I’m an idiot for even mentioning something that shatters their peaceful, happy mindset.
        I will use this story and shove it at them. I’m hoping they will listen.

      • ander35

        You sound like a super fun guy lol

      • norf4

        No, what he sounds like is a father who is willing to do what is obviously necessary to expose his family to the truth of what is REALLY happening all around them.

      • Wood Jablome

        Was common sense, now lost?

      • dxsmopuim

        You’re an IDIOT and obviously don’t have kids.

      • Nancy Law

        I make my kids watch REAL crime shows.

        Joseph Price obviously cares about his family.

        Clearly, ander35, you see it as a joke, Shame on you.

      • Fugly

        you sound like aCockSuckingSodomite whose into little boys

      • Just Ron

        You are one of those who Price is warning his family about.

      • ander35

        You sound like a super fun guy lol

      • Gort1

        me too….they need to know that evil does not look like a long haired guy with dirty clothes on…..most evil men..rapists look like your neighbor and neighbors son….good job dad…but be kind and thoughtful when you tellthem about it…give them information they can use and not just be afraid.

      • Alex R

        Agreed. And I know it sometimes feels like the world is over-run by evil and tyranny, especially when today’s media are more focused on extreme incidents, but it’s easy to forget that they are still rare. I try to remind myself that most people are not out to be cruel or do harm, and one can still live and take some basic precautions without becoming completely paranoid.

      • BurnerJack

        Joseph, it has been my consistent observation that, ironically, the better the Military does at protecting our way of life the more the threats you face seem unreal, pumped up to “get funding for the Military/Industrial Complex”. Even worse is the Left Wing is all to quick to deride the Military, sometimes even using terms like “unnecessary”, all the while, relying on Military protection to voice such absurdities.
        BTW, I would be remiss not to thank you for your service. Despite the Left Wing’s often treasonous rhetoric, millions upon millions appreciate the grisly job that you and your compatriots do.

      • Karen Cook

        Burner, what the hell does your political beliefs have to do with the horrible things that these “teenagers” did to these girls??

      • Stray Cat

        This post has nothing todo with the subject, should be deleted. By the way despite living in New York, I am often surprised at the horror stories in the new lately. These kids should definately be tried as adults.

      • common sense

        I never understood the “tried as adults” argument. If you can be tried as an adult, then you should BE an adult! I don’t care what the “charge” is… You try to say that they should “know better than to rape someone” yet on the opposite side of the same coin, you try to say they aren’t old enough to make the decision if they want to have sex or not. Same thing with murder. If you are old enough to “know better” then they are adults. It doesn’t make any sense to say they aren’t old enough to drive or vote, but we are going to charge them as if they could! And that’s another thing! How in the world is it that you can put the keys of a car (something that weighs thousands of pounds and can move at tremendous speeds) into the hands of someone you say isn’t old enough to decide they want to have sex or not? If they are old enough to be entrusted with something that can put thousands of people at risk every time they turn on that ignition, and can be charges as adults in crimes like this, then consider them adults! I know many people who were much older than 18 that shouldn’t be considered an adult, and several others who were only 15 or 16 yet acted much more mature than many adults I’ve known!
        These double standards are ludicrous and are just one more example why the rest of the world laughs at us.

      • Cynic17

        So now it’s the Left that is guilty of “treasonous rhetoric” that (presumably) is “pumped up to ‘get funding for the Military/Industrial Complex’?” Sure it is.

        You should spend a lot less time typing and more thinking about the absurdity of your mindset.

      • Kyle Rutherford

        “Joseph doesn’t know who you are. Joseph doesn’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, Joseph can tell you he doesn’t have money. But what he does have are a very particular set of skills; skills he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for people like that. If you let his daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. He will not look for you, He will not pursue you. But if you don’t, he will look for you, he will find you, and he will kill you.”

      • Fugly

        Movie quotes are fun

      • ninic1999

        Not fun in this instance!

      • cult.ref

        Serious crime no doubt… But I would love to see an alternate version of “Taken” with all the human traffickers acted by 15 year old girls. The effectiveness of Liam Neesom’s neck chop thing would be a lot more believable and a lot funnier.

      • Alan

        I love Taken… Liam Neesom was awesome…:)

      • LouAnnWatson

        the practice of denial of evil will eventually cause you to be it’s victim

      • Omar Lozano

        good luck

      • Fugly

        Thats what happens when obama libtards get their way.

      • Tania

        I wasn’t aware that Obama libtards had any effect on Canadian culture. Good to know! I always suspected Harper has his head up Conservative America’s ass.

      • jonathanhakim

        Stephen Harper, the leader of the Conservative Party, has been Canada’s Prime Minister for the last 7 years. Good try using other people’s pain to push your own political ignorance, though.

      • Ravishing Rick

        Why does everything have to revert back to Obama? Oh, you were redirected from drudge, loser.

      • Jim West

        Be an attentive sibling. Someone has to take responsibility to protect the innocent.

    • Rezia

      Oh God. I am so ashamed of Canada this week. First Rehtaeh Parsons and now this. There is a lot we give you Americans flak for (some of your food is disgustingly fattening. you gave the world twilight and jersey shore. I love Obama though. Good on you for that) but at least you guys DID something about the Stubenville rapists. Our justice system just completely and totally failed all these girls.

      • onlooker

        “We” gave the world “twilight” and we would be delighted to give “you” Obama.

      • Ken Stewart

        “We” should just give you to Canada.

      • norf4

        Better yet, I’ll be the first to pay for your one-way ticket there since you think the Canadian system of government is so superior to ours. Where do I send the check?

      • allah316

        Send the check to me at:

        East Capitol Street, NE and 1st Street, NE
        Washington, DC 20004
        Attn: Senator Harry Reid

      • Jesse Locke

        Haha So true.

      • romancaesar

        Yes, we will give the world “their precious Obama”!! Let him rule your country for a change!! Over here, He is acting like a dictator! He has signed approx 166 executive orders bypassing and usurping our Congress and Constitution, he is a demogogue and we will be GLAD TO EXPORT HIM to your country!! Just say the word……..

      • Paul Lee Palmer

        right obama needs to go

      • BurghMan

        your buddy Bush signed many more than 166 ..

      • norf4

        Even IF you were correct (and you are not) Bush held office for 8 years, this socialist-marxist has only been on the job 4.5 years. At this rate he will double the current number of “dictates” he has already imposed on we “subjects”.

      • Raiden

        Socialist-Marxist eh? I guess your tinfoil hat is not on very tight today. You forgot secretly Muslim, fascist, Kenyan-born, and I forgot what else is in your bag of right-wing tricks…

      • Jon Noj Snyder

        Sorry. I know it’s easy to make up numbers and act like you know what you’re talking about but it’s still not right. And did ANYONE here bring Bush’s name into the conversation before you? It’s the standard fall-back position of all passively uninformed liberals. Blame Bush, no matter how long ago he was president. Never accepting responsibility or admitting fault. You guys need to know that your behavior is something of a joke at this point.

      • Herbert Napp

        First of all, nothing would have been done about the Stubenville rapists if it weren’t for loud cries from the public/anon. Secondly, you “love Obama though”, what is this supposed to mean? Why even add it? You obviously don’t know anything about our country really. Obama is RUINING our country.

      • Tzipporah


      • Robert Han

        For political and personal gain for that matter

      • Nicole Lee

        Why put her down for her own personal opinion on loving Obama? Really Obama is the one ruining our country? Has nothing to do with those in charge before him right? Or the losers scamming Medicare and the welfare system out of millions? Or the POSs harming others, wether its domestic violence, rape, murder or theft? Nope Obama who has two young daughters who have a long time left on this earth is the ruining our country!!!!! REALLY!

      • Herbert Napp

        Because I live in this country and I can say what I want about the corrupt two party duopoly and Bush the third who is in office right now. Fk off.

      • romancaesar

        Obviously Nicole, you know nothing about the real issues befalling Amerika under Herr Obama. Get EDUCATED. Stop listening to the nightly news drool where the media is a lap dog for Obama and his “agenda for Amerika”……..this guy is very dangerous and the people do not trust him or his government at all. Obama is anti-freedom and more people are waking up to him daily.

      • Brian Lockett

        Newsflash: No matter who you vote for, you’re screwed. America’s too heavy in debt to ever truly recover. No matter who you put into office, nothing they do is going to make you happy. Everything they do is going to sink us deeper and deeper. It takes money to make money, and that we just don’t have. We borrow, we use credit, and we ignore debt, and one day, that’s going to bite us fatally. Welcome to why I don’t vote. It just doesn’t matter. And no matter who gets into office, I wasn’t responsible. So wake up yourself.

      • romancaesar

        I disagree with you Herr Lockett!!! Your kind say “it doesn’t matter what you do at all….we’re screwed either way…..” Yeah I get that to a certain extent, but it DOES MATTER who is in charge. Obama has borrowed more money than any other President in history to overwhelm our financial system. That’s not “propaganda” but hard fact. Just ask the GAO and they will tell you….It’s their own government figures!
        WE would have fared much better under a Romney Presidency – he could have turned the ship around. But the people were hell-bent and determined to vote for their “Messiah”. I see you are an author. Good. Put that in your next book.

      • marsh025

        I imagine that in your life and mine, prices are the highest they have been. borrowing cost more. everything is higher now than before.
        Is it so hard to extrapolate that to the government’s spending and need to borrow? What. do you think the govt. doesn’t pay interest too?
        It’s so convenient for you to blame the sitting president.
        Has not every president spent higher than his predecessor?
        Have you heard of a thing called inflation?

      • Mark

        I will have to agree that it doesn’t matter what idiot we elect. They all serve the big corps that spend the money that gets then elected in the first place! Lobbyist and special interest groups run our country! The bills that congress pass are thousands of pages in lenght and have billions of dollars of spending attached that go to special interest (pork barrel). I heard that 47% of our country now is on some type of goverment handout!

      • marsh025

        your nickname must be VOA (voice of america).
        get yourself some edumacation dere buddy and you’ll realize that presidents can’t do anything without the senate and house’s approval.
        where are the executive decrees and martial law style governing?

      • weeshox

        Man, too bad we didn’t know all this before we RE-ELECTED him – by a HUGE MAJORITY. Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! LOL

      • jonathanhakim

        The people do not trust him or his government at all? The same people who just had a majority vote him into office for the second time?

      • romancaesar

        Like they say Jon, “the masses are asses……” Yes, the “dumbed-down John Q. Public” voted for Obama, and they shouldn’t have. They will get what they deserve. They are largely the big democrap block of people, brainwashed, low-information voters who have been told by the popular media hype and MSNBC that he’s the best thing since sliced bread…..the problem is, these voters have no critical thinking skills, swallow what they’ve been told about Obama ‘hook, line and sinker’, do not check any facts, do not do any self-education or reading on their own, and waddle around saying how great Obama is…….when you ask these same voters something like “Well, what has he done that is “so great” (?) they look at you with those little beady eyes in disgust and there is nothing behind the mask. They are empty and devoid of all reason and suddenly find themselves stuttering and stammering with nothing substantial to say……….

      • norf4

        Why put her down for loving Nobama? For the same reason: You know NOTHING about what you type! Your facetious comment that he has nothing to do with those in charge before him is vacuous at best, and indoctrination at worst! First off, he was in office as a member of the senate and an outspoken critic who was successful in halting attempted banking market-reforms that were initiated two years before the collapse! He single handedly attacked the Bush Administration for what little they attempted in trying to reform the mortgage-industry before August of 2008. (Do yourself a favor and google CRA- better known as the Community Reinvestment Act) But socialists and equalizers like Nobama, Pelosi, Boxer, Watters, Reid, Frank, Meeks, (Barbara) Lee, Rangel et al said they not only saw nothing wrong with what was happening to the mortgage industry during 2002 through 2007, they encouraged Clinton-appointees in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to continue doing more of the same for the foreseeable future! (Just look at the U-tube videos of Maxine Watters insulting the banking regulators during the house-oversight committee hearings back in 2003-2007 which makes my point.) As for medicare fraud, that doesn’t make up a tenth of what illegal aliens are costing our country every day in welfare, education, medicaid, incarceration and unemployment (of American citizens)! And who is it that is standing in the way of border-states protecting the southern-border with Mexico from more illegal aliens invading our country? The two Soul-brothas from Chi-Town who successfully sued Arizona and Texas from doing what they (POTUS and the AGUSA) are charged with the responsibility of doing! And all of this is barely scratching the surface of the calamity he has wrought upon our country in just four years as POTUS; imagine what the next four years is going to bring!

      • jonathanhakim

        You’re blaming liberals for screwing up the mortgage industry between 2002 and 2007, when the Republicans actually had control of the White House AND the Senate AND Congress AND the Housing Department AND the Supreme Court AND EVERY OTHER BODY OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT from 2002 until January 2007?

      • Jon Noj Snyder

        Sorry. I understand your point but I will continue to ride EVERY Barry supporter I meet. Every single one suffers from one of three glaring conditions: A complete lack of understanding about how the world works, a total disregard or hatred for the USA, or a stunning combination of political apathy, an illogical burning desire to seek the approval of strangers, and a scary devotion to herd mentality. I thought Bill Clinton was a great president, as was Ronald Reagan. I’m not a right wing lunatic. Barry is just awful

      • marsh025

        amazing. To you, Obama is so awful but the other presidents were great. Democrat AND republican.
        What’s the only difference between Clinton and Obama? mind you, they both carry the same world view and political idealogies. So why would you like Clinton and Hate Obama?
        It’s not so hard to figure out.

      • Jon Noj Snyder

        Ha ha ha.. weak minded fools always move to the race issue. Clinton was restained in his liberalism and, in fact, showed some responsibility in his fiscal habits. Barry is an out of control train wreck and, worse, a master deciever. His fiscal liberalism is so completely unchecked it borders on reckless lunacy. So take your ace in the hole race argument and get it out of my face

      • LostInKansas

        so you will vote for Hillary then?

      • jonathanhakim

        Actually, Obama’s lowered taxes and kept spending even during his time in office.

      • jonathanhakim

        If Bill Clinton was such a great president, then why did he go to bat with a huge speech supporting “awful” Obama’s reelection at the DNC?

      • marsh025

        somehow it doesn’t seem that way for me. The country seems to be progressing just fine thank you. and I’m not as idiotic as others to think Obama has sole responsibility for it.
        but that’s just me. Which shows that your opinions relate to you.
        don’t pretend to speak for the rest of us.

      • romancaesar

        I agree! These stupid foreigners “foam at the mouth” when Obama’s name is merely uttered, which shows that they are part of his mind control experiement (apparently….) and drinking the koolaid. Why do they like him though??? Just because he is “black” I guess? I don’t care if he is purple, he is ruining the United States!! He is a black communist, this is why the world likes him because “he is ruining” our once great country!

      • Teena Marie Smith

        And u appear to be a racist.

      • Chiefpr

        You wouldn’t love him if you lived here and suffered hs vindictiveness when he doesn ‘t get his way

      • Kier Feeney

        Yea you can have Obama. He would say of the three teenage suspects “They’ve had a tough life, cut them some slack” Really Rezia ‘good for us on Obama’. Are you whacked. Besides, you gave the world ‘Loverboy’ and ‘Jim Carey’.

      • Tired_Libertarian

        Don’t forget Canada’s latest atrocity, Justin Bieber.

      • Joseph Price

        Obama is a POS…everything else is true though.

      • Nene

        We are living in Revelations. Luke 21:9 referring to events preceding the Coming of Messiah, “Nation will fight against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes and plagues and famines here and there; there will be fearful sights and great signs from Heaven.” People hearts will grow cold and callous. People will become unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self … brutal good gossips haters irreconcilable love lovers malicious not of self-control slanderous. I pray for all mankind.

      • weeshox

        They said the same thing during BOTH world wars. Still waiting.

      • Dai Alanye

        You should be ashamed. John Candy doesn’t make up for Jim Carey and Justin Bieber.

      • awesomecommenter

        Well, Dai, in actual mass, John Candy more then makes up for Carey and Bieber, especially towards the end…

      • Dai Alanye

        A joke that weak allows you to call yourself “awesome?” but he was twice the performer, I’ll agree to that.

      • norf4

        LMAO! Ya gotta point there! (Although I remain a “big” John Candy fan to this day…)

      • romancaesar

        Though I like Jim Carrey’s movies, he would be wise to shut up when it comes to how our Constitution works. His anti-2nd amendment comments were very typical of a Hollywood blowhard in his position. He can’t “Buy Amerika” with his millions…………

      • Marti

        RIP John Candy…
        He was such a talented, kindhearted and gracious man.

      • Dai Alanye

        Second City TV–loaded with talent.

      • Marti

        It really was, much like classic SNL.

      • romancaesar

        Obama sucks over here and he is “not liked” by the majority! He won by a rigged election!! Stop “Liking” our tyrant! Obama has given us more war, he is anti-freedom, he is busy signing executive orders stripping away our liberties and our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and he is basically a socialist-communist and the Trojan Horse in America today. Foreigners like him because this is “how” their countries have operated for centures!! Obama is “not” the American way and he is a terrible President. Get the real facts on Herr Obama before drooling at his dirty feet.

      • BurghMan

        you really like to make-up your own facts, dont you. you should check your sources, so you wont be so much the Buffoon …

      • norf4

        Okay Professor know-it-all, we’re listening…

      • romancaesar

        Hey “Burghman” you are the ULTIMATE Buffoon!! You probably make up your own facts. Go back to flipping burgers kid.

      • Jan Bony

        You are a very sad person. The way I see your comments, you are no better than the radical Islamic jihadist spouting “take out America”. The only difference is that you are a “Christian” “Republican” jihadist. You can’t handle someone else having a view or opinion that is different from yours. I don’t see what you are spouting, being much different from the people who take to violence to make a point. The difference “might” be that you just try to scream the loudest and make the most written noise to prove your point. YOU are a very sad person. Read and watch something besides Fox news and other right wing radical crap, which 99% of their facts have been debunked. We of the USA have a method of rule. Just cause you don’t like the current method, doesn’t mean you can’t change it in the next election. Your course language and lack of real facts, doesn’t impress anyone, it just makes you and your point of view silly and sad.

      • romancaesar

        Well Jan, I think YOU are the SAD person! Where do you get “Islamic Jihadist comments” from me you idiot!?? It’s President Obama who is most likely the “Muslim Jihadist” against Amerika, certainly not me. I can tell that you make up your facts as you go. I can definitely handle people having different opinions, as I thrive on them! YOU are a very SAD person you dumb biatch. Your picture is of you photographing birds, so keep on doing what you do best “bird-watcher”! I listen to all kinds of media, shows, radio and “not just FOX news” either. YOU need to stop listening to JUST MSNBC or CNN and all that liberal CRAP!! Of course we in the USA have “a method of rule”…….it’s called “the rule of law” to correct you. Sorry to hurt your sensitive ears with my “course language” honeybee, if you are going to respond to the roman, you had better get a thicker skin and be ready for the counter-argument.
        You said the word “sad” several times in your diatribe. I think it is YOU who is the sad one. I am happy go lucky and love to party! I adhere to the Roman God Bacchus who is the God of Wine and Revelry!!

      • LostInKansas

        respond to “the roman” made me seriously LOL

      • Wes Brown

        I have no idea who you are ranting at but it’s plain you are a brain washed
        liberal who hasen’t a clue from right or wrong much less spouting lies that have been drummed into your head…

      • LostInKansas

        bet he owns a gun tho

      • marsh025

        Does the “american way” only come dressed as a white man in your world?
        If the US is faltering, it’s because of dinosaurs like you who are resisting extinction.

      • romancaesar

        Herr Obama has racked up more debt than ALL United States Presidents COMBINED!! Now, he wants to get us into a war with Syria, another “no win democrap war” with no clear objective. He now wants to arm Al Qaeda in Syria who presumably attacked us previously!? This is what the Benghazi scandal was all about, Obama just got caught arming the Al Qaeda “terrorist” militants with more arms. He is quite the warmonger and domestically he is shipping our industry very quickly to China. Dinosaur? Nobody brought up race except you. I don’t care if he’s purple, he is “not” doing a good job for the USA or its people. It’s dinosaurs like you who bring up “the race card” whenever you lose the debate, as the last gasp of a T-Rex Liberal consumed by its own misery……

      • norf4

        You thank us for Obama? Are you kidding me??? You can have him anytime you want his sorry-arse! He has single handedly undone almost two decades of social-reforms, doubled the welfare-rolls, socialized our healthcare system (well, at least you Canucks won’t be crossing the boarder for medical treatments anymore since our system will stink as much as yours does) emboldened our enemies, turned the Middle East on its ear and set many of its societies on fire, turned his back on our diplomats, resulting in the deaths of at least four of them in Benghazi, doubled our cost of gasoline, doubled inflation (his is the first administration NOT to include the cost of energy and food on the inflation-index; gee, I wonder why that is?) driven us into such debt that our great, great grandchildren will suffer 70% or higher tax-rates, debased our currency to such an extent, not even the Chinese will buy our debt anymore and worst of all, he successfully turned the races against each other! For the first time since the Civil Rights Movement, Whites, Blacks and Latinos or segregating themselves from each other in this country!
        Do yourself a favor and stop getting all your news from the BBC and the NYT!

      • DocAnchovy

        “Cause and effect.” The “cause” happens first and the “effect” follows. Take a look at the fiscal shit storm the present Administration inherited. I am rather disappointed in what Obama has “done” versus what he “said he would do” but, I also don’t believe in the Easter Bunny @ 60 years old.

        On the other hand: How can you trust a guy that wears underwear and thinks those items of clothing are somehow “protecting” him? One weasel is no better or worse than the other. If anyone out there thinks we have two distinct “Parties” with similarly distinct agendas, you may as well be peeking out your window watching that guy in the rabbit suit hide all the painted eggs while the kiddies are asleep.

      • Brian Lockett

        Actually, Canada’s almost just as bad with delicious-yet-unhealthy food as America. There are more doughnut shops per capita in Canada than anywhere else on the planet. Canadians eat more doughnuts than any other country’s citizens. Tim Hortons speaks loud. We Americans invented and love donuts, but Canada’s embraced it to a point that you can put a donut on your flag in place of the maple leaf. Poutine isn’t exactly healthy-eating, either. And apparently, statistically, you guys out-eat us in waffles and (to stereotype-satisfying effect) maple syrup. You also enjoy Big Macs and Pizza Hut as much as any American.

        Also, “we” didn’t give the world Twilight and Jersey Shore, anymore than how “you” weren’t responsible for giving the world Bieber and Nickelback. They just happen to come from our countries, and it’s unfortunate. But we’re just free enough nations to let such them exist–a small but annoying price of freedom, I suppose.

        Obama is a rather good President, but he’s nothing particularly special. He’s quite “cooler” than most other Presidents we’ve had, but as for his job performance, he’s nothing particularly outstanding. People take the contrast from the last President and overrate Obama as some kind of “hope” for America, when the reality is that America is still as hopeless as it’s ever been. At least, I’m still puzzled as to exactly why he’s gained a Nobel Prize for what amounts to just talk. He’s more popularized than anything. But to those who see past the hype, he’s just another politician.

        Finally, our justice system is in terrible shape, too. The Stubenville rapists only got at least one year of juvenile detention each for their crime and registration as sex offenders, merely because of the leniency allowed them because of their age. Had they been about two years older, they would’ve spent many years in prison (though, even then, we’re still often too lenient on rapists–they should spend life in prison, at least). The law has no bite anymore. People just don’t respect or fear the slap-on-the-wrist law anymore.

        Despite our many differences, we’re not that different as nations overall. You’re not as fat, overloaded with bad pop music, or high in crime as the U.S., but you’re not that much healthier, home to the most annoying pop star on the planet right now, and apparently, have your share of a declining future society further thwarted by a weak justice system, too.

      • LostInKansas

        Brian… I want to marry you! But… you need to embrace poutine!

      • invtemp

        Canada has something for which it can hold its head high, in the case of Rehtaeh Parsons… and Ohio has something to be ashamed about, with the prosecution of the biys in Steubenville.

        At least the investigators in Nova Scotia were serious men who admitted openly that there was nothing to prosecute in the Parsons case. Party girls go get drunk every weekend with their friends, and have sex with them. High schools are full of promiscuous sex. There is no way for her to prove that she was “raped”, nor that she hadn’t had relations with those guys at every weekend party for the last 2 years.

        But, the Ohio government nailed those high school boys to the wall, for doing what half the high-school boys and girls are doing every weekend… including this one! Drinking, partying, and having sex with the popular athletes.

        The girl in Ohio is as much a rapist as those boys are (who have been convicted of only fingering her while she was going to another party with them in the car. They said the boys raped her, because she was drunk and could not consent. But, the boys were drunk, too, and could not consent. So, she raped them, too.

      • Jon Noj Snyder

        Barry Soetoro is the worst thing that has happened to us since (shudder) Jimmy Carter and Billy-Beer. Usually you ‘Bama lovers are the ones that LOVE Jersey Shore and shovel McDonalds into your faces by the truckload

      • LostInKansas

        is that why nine of the top ten poorest states in this country have consistently voted Republican?

    • Natalie

      How were they eventually convicted? Did one of the girls report them? I agree, horrifying is the only way to describe this. I always hope to think women will protect women, but apparently that isn’t completely true.

      • Samantha Escobar

        They haven’t been convicted (yet) but it’s my understanding that they were arrested because some of their victims came forward.

        Also, re: your last sentence, I always feel that way, too. And it astonishes me that any person could choose to not protect another person in this situation.

      • Brian Lockett

        One day, women will realize that they’re not truly in a club together. Not as much as they think. That’s because people in general tend to be intrinsically selfish, tending to group together for their own selfish reasons. They’ll easily divide if it best suits their selfish reasons.

      • TruthFinderXXX

        Civilization needs to eliminate all those individuals caught raping, murdering and victimizing others, Those who remain will be far better off because the trash will have been removed from the gene pool.

    • Candace

      how. is. this. real.

    • ally

      This is absolutely terrifying. What is wrong with people? Are you kidding me? How can this actually happen? And how could so many people be involved and NOT DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? Is human dignity worth nothing anymore?

      • john smalberis

        Absolutely nothing . Sux .

    • Hillary Orene Reynolds

      let’s hope that none of these teenage girls have daughters of their own one day.

      • checkman69

        Make that never see the light of day, along with the Johns, and you have my vote

      • norf4

        Or sons for that matter! We have enough human debris reproducing already!

      • Cody451

        Let’s hope they don’t.

    • AvoidbelmontU

      Where the hell are the parents?

      • Herbert Napp

        Making youtube videos about their favorite animes and living off of the government.

      • Jon Noj Snyder

        You hit THAT one on the head. Being a parent is nowhere NEAR as fun as smoking hash cigarettes and drinking Laurentides while trolling the net for good hentai

      • Karen Cook

        hmmm…must be a Canadian thing…LOL

      • Ken Stewart

        Right – As if they could do something about it without going to jail themselves.

      • Teena Marie Smith

        Good point. If u disciline ur kids, u get in trouble.

      • Teena Marie Smith

        Why is it always the parents fault? These kids are old enough to make ther own choices and they know right from wrong. Stop blaming every parent. These kids parents may have taught them well. U don’t know.

      • Bassgeye

        Parents should know where their kids are and what they are up to. It’s called parental supervision! You don’t raise your kids correctly by ignoring what they are doing but by watching them and correcting wrong behaviors.

      • James M

        Depending on what state you live in kids can do whatever they want at 16 years of age. They teach kids in school that if a parent is too harsh, threatens to spank or actually spanks them all they need to do is call the cops. Maybe you are one of the lucky few that has a “Leave it to Beaver” fantasy family where your kids say yes daddy to everything you tell them. Unfortunately that’s not how real life works. It’s not always a parent’s fault.That kind of stuff doesn’t just get fixed by watching them and correcting wrong behaviors. Especially when they tell you to fuck off and they walk away. What do you do then? You are not allowed to put your hands on them because you will go to jail for assaulting a minor. You just have to hope they decide to listen. There are a lot of good parents and yes I will say it, there are actually some bad kids out there. Assuming it’s always an issue with how a kid was raised is nothing more than ignorance on your part.

      • Fugly

        Libtards think the Bosting bombing terrorist who is 19 is just a child like baby trayvon

      • Ravishing Rick

        Why does everything have to be reduced to liberals vs conservatives? Are you five years old? Are you so simple minded that you have to have every event reduced to two options?

      • Lucie2cute

        at work supporting the goverment while they give our money away to other countries so while the adults are being raped financially the kids are out and about being raped time the goverment straightens up!!!

      • James M

        The problem is that parents have no legal way of controlling their children. The law has stepped in and let kids know that if your parent tells you to do something that you can tell them to go pound sand. If I spank my kid he can have me arrested. I have personally gone through this with a 16 year old child who moved out then in to his friends house. He was given almost 900 dollars a month child support to spend on whatever he wished. On top of that we were still responsible for him legally and financially even though he didn’t feel like living at home. And do you know what I could do about it? Absolutely nothing. And if he decided to walk in my house I had to let him or I’d be arrested. So talk to me again about parental supervision. Thanks to our wonderful town social worker and school guidance counselor my child was told he didn’t have to listen to us anymore at 16 years of age. And he was told how he could do as he pleased and we were still responsible for him until he turned 18. And they even gave him information on how to become emancipated if he wanted. All the while he’s failing out of high school and buying drugs with the child support money he’s getting. It’s a great system of law we have in Connecticut.

      • Fugly

        you know your boi is gonna vote democrat the rest of his useless life. Welocme to obamma land

      • James Machie Jr

        I’m not really sure what the hell the President has to do with my story.

      • Cynic17

        Perhaps it gives Fugly another excuse to troll? S/he hasn’t said a damn thing that makes sense yet, and yet at least 10 fools are here to cheer him/her on.

        Gotta love the Internet.

      • Davillus Hynzerelli

        Sounds like a living nightmare.

      • Karen Cook

        That was in CT?? I thought u were from Canada. Yes, I know we have same no spank law…but I have never heard that we have to pay child support to our children if they move out of the house until they are 18! They are supposed to b “children”…hence the cs….so how can they receive money directly that they can spend as they see fit?? I don’t remember hearing anything like that in TX…but u bet I am gonna chk into it! What a nightmare! Hope at least the money part is over if the brattiness isn’t.

      • James Machie Jr

        Yes Karen this was in CT back in 2005. He stopped receiving money when he turned 18. I don’t know how it is in other states. I was surprised to find out that a 16 year old child could go live wherever he wanted and receive child support with no supervision while the parents are still legally responsible for him. Of course when he came to us asking us to sign off on his drivers license we said no way. The laws in CT pertaining to children 16 and 17 years old are confusing and make absolutely no sense. They are not adults yet they can basically do what they want while the parents are fully responsible for them. Do you know that at 16 they can have sex with whoever they want as well? I learned that the hard way too. We had a 44 year old woman making plans to come see our 16 year old and sending him videos of herself naked doing all sorts of things. She was one of my wife’s friends or so we thought. In the state of CT 16 years old is the legal age of consent. The police said they couldn’t do anything about it.

        CT really needs to look at their laws when it comes to children that are 16 and 17 years of age. They are either responsible for themselves or they are not. You can’t have it somewhere in the middle.

      • Thomas30000

        That’s pretty sad, I feel sorry for you….let him go, do what he wants, after he fucs up maybe he’ll come home different.

    • PiperPixieDesigns

      Right there with you Tania……it’s sad.

    • MR

      Another good article, Sam. Prostitution should be abolished. The question is how? And I mean it from the feminist perspective – it undermines free love.

      • Cassandra Merchant

        Forced prostitution should be abolished. True feminism means accepting that a woman has the right to accept money for sexual acts if she so chooses. The problem here is that these children were forced, not that prostitution exists in general.

    • Dave F.

      Desn’t this remind you of the reverse of the “logic” that is used to support “Gun Control”
      “But millions of people have seen 90210, millions of people listen to rap music, millions of people see films that involve prostitution; does that mean we all have an excuse if we decide to hurt other people for our benefit?” There are a LOT of gun owners out there who don’t shoot anybody!

      • Gus Hodges

        I was thinking the same thing exactly.

      • historyredun

        ok ban Holly Wood ,they show killings rape ect. every hour!

      • norf4

        No, let’s not ban their work; let’s TAX it like we do cigarettes and use their profits to heal those harmed by their product! (Facetiousness inserted only to make a logical point.)

      • Teena Marie Smith

        Actually, that’s a good idea

      • Joe Boxer

        They only show what people are willing to watch. Higher ratings = longevity, that is what is happening. People watch this crap like it’s a must see situation.

      • Samantha Escobar

        This article is about rape and the sexual exploitation of minors, not gun control.

      • Barnes45

        The same principle applies, though. The point is, the same way not everyone should have to stop listening to rap music and watching 90210 because of what these girls did, because they’re responsible for their own actions, not every gun owner should have to suffer the consequences of the actions of a few psychos

      • jonathanhakim

        Wow, you really have an obsession about gun control, eh?

      • Bruce Morgan Williams

        Except you can’t kill 30 people in 30 seconds with en episode of 90210.

      • Jon Noj Snyder

        You sure about that? I swear that show made my eyes bleed and lowered my practical intelligence considerably. And I only watched the advertisements for the actual show. I think that “Honey Boo Boo” show is now classified as a WMD.

      • Arlene Velario

        I am glad I got no TV.

      • Susanne McDaniel

        It was the NRA that said video games were to blame in the Sandy Hook shooting.

      • Tigerlily0605

        No but the will shoot defenseless animals, same diff!

    • Tzipporah

      They should print the names of these beatches.

      • Ken Stewart

        It’s Bee-otches BTW…

      • Nicole Lee

        And I say it is bishes, BTW. It is not even a real word she can spell it any way she wants!

    • Texan101

      I say we lower the age for the death penalty, iam damn tired of all this “oh their just kids” crap, if they are smart and evil enough to think up this scheme they are smart enough to know it was wrong, I say let them rot for life in a hard labor camp in Angola LA, in there you work with old world tools and no luxurys.

      • G Scott Spence

        I concur.

      • LostInKansas

        Its Canada.. there is no death penalty

      • jonathanhakim

        This is Canada, not America, “Texan”.

    • Clarence Abbott

      Look Hosers, this happened in Canada, and these girls were Canadians. Go blame yourselves and stop trying to deflect.

    • Jack Frost

      Canada is filled with weak-spined wankers. We (Americans) should just drive in and take over the place.

      • LostInKansas

        I was recently at an event with people from all over the world. Trust me. Canada is loved and you go right ahead and drive on in there and take over. The opinion of other countries of the USA is not for the faint of heart. time to do some image repair. People like you destroy the image of what was once a great nation

    • Mr M

      “were send home in cabs, and naked in trench coats”? and the parents didn’t IMMEDIATELY call the police and STOP these crimes when they arrived that way? Something isn’t right about this……there wouldn’t be enough time for the police to respond if MY Daughter came home that way and I found out…..and believe me, I would…..sickos

    • Dung Pie

      What? No pictures???

    • Jesse Locke

      “The culture that glorifies sexual assault and violence needs to change.”

      This is the job of parents of these children. What subculture teaches this kind of behavior?

      As long as “we” continue to vote in and re-elect politicians that snatch power away from parents and retains it for the government, expect more of the same but in much greater numbers.
      Read more:

    • embeddeddude

      These people are so morally corrupt they should either be locked away for life or subject to capital punishment. BUT we know they will be out of jail by the time they are 25.

    • Cassandra Merchant

      Why all the Canada VS America comments? Shitty people live worldwide. Shitty government officials live worldwide. These has nothing to do with locale.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Thank. You. Oh my god.

      • Jon Noj Snyder

        No shit. Because America has no creepy self-absorbed idiots, right? And to the Wet-Pasta-for-Brains below that “loves Obama” I have a couple comments: ONE) His name is Barry Soetoro and be careful handing out comments like that. When Barry completely ruins America where do you think all of us smart folks are going to go? Mexico? LOL.. Nope. You’re going to see what those Mexicans taught us about ass-raping a border crossing. TWO) *IF* you love Barry so much, PLEASE come and get him. A whole bunch of us would love YOU if you’d come and take him away

      • LostInKansas

        LOL i love republicans that hate obama and want to move to Canada.. YOu do realize there is socialized medicine, abortion AND OMG!!! Gay marriage! Lol.. So stupid

      • Fugly

        The best part will happen when obama enacts sharia law. A filthysodomite like you will be the first to go by beheading in the town square.

      • TruthSerum

        You are obviously an uneducated, or at least a socially inept and opinionated fool. I would love to take a picture of you for the world to see your fat lazy ass, probably with several guns piled around your home (or more realistic is that you probably live at home with your Mom and have never held a real professional job in your life (at least without getting fired).

        The truth is you probably also have poor hygiene and are ugly as fuck and most people really avoid you like the plague. The things you type are the same ridiculous repeated invented and repeated silly cartoonish sayings that all of your like adhere and subscribe to. Typically all of your ilk are very similar, with nothing to do but hide behind a keyboard and type out ridiculous spewisms that you think are cute and smart.

        The truth is that our president IS a Christian with a much higher education than you, and is doing well in life as opposed to you, the “Hidden Keyboard Oaf”. His kids are smart and beautiful, his wife is also intelligent, eloquent and poised in life.

        There is no radical Islamic background in his family or beliefs. You probably also think the “birther’s” like Trump have something truthful to say too. The entire truth is that you and your kind are nothing but racist hater fools that cannot get over the fact that a mixed race person made it all the way to the top of our country.

        And you, the sad odious troll are sitting at home boiling about it, telling lies to make you feel better about being ruled by someone that represents progress and fresh thought.

        You will always sit around making up your lies or repeating silly ridiculous comments that you find online or Facebook that have 0% to do with real life situations.

        The real truth is, you are nothing but a mindless “shaved head” Fox News-watching redneck spewing hate and complete ignorance like all of your other ignorant brethren.

        Please go somewhere where you can talk to people that are as ignorant and stupid as you, and leave the educated, hard working, unbiased, and open minded people of the world alone. We find your ridiculousness tiring and boring. We are tired of being ashamed of people like you.

        You have nothing to do other than blame others on your worthless position in life. And you will never tell the truth while sitting behind your littke keyboard castle. “Fidiot” would be a better name for you Bubba….. and I bet you did not even shower today…. am I right??? I bet you smoke, drink heavily, probably are into drugs, and live in squalor somewhere.

        Do you never have anything interesting to say? Nope. Never. Not even for a second. You have no class, live a scummy life with scummy friends (if you have any at all) and hopefully no children. Show yourself unless you are exactly like we all know you to be! “Fugly”….. Yep…. that just about says it all.

        Bye foolish idiot troll….. go away PLEASE!

      • Davillus Hynzerelli

        We got it……you’re on Obama’s ball sack but did u have to write a page long diatribe dissertation about the prior commentor who in reality u know nothing about….U Schmuck

      • AverageJoe1

        It was a well written comment, covering all the previous points brought up by the trolling Fugly. Too many words for you? Did you lose your concentration? And by the way…has everyone forgotten about the 2 wars, horrific deficit, and living in constant fear of terrorism that we went through with Bush? FFS

      • Karen Cook

        Dude, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel! Just because someone does not have the same beliefs or politics as you, it is not really a liscense to berate and insult them. This country was built on “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”. If we all just let each other believe what we believe and hope that the majority rules laws from our Constitution are really being upheld, maybe there wouldn’t be so much negativity in our country right now between parties. Oh, and by the way…how do you KNOW that his is a Christian?? Do you go to church with him? just sayin…..

      • Cynic17

        “Just because someone does not have the same beliefs or politics as you, it is not really a liscense to berate and insult them. This country was built on ‘FREEDOM OF SPEECH’.”

        The irony of Karen telling someone to shut up in a country “built on freedom of speech” is just brilliant.

        Well played, Karen. The Clueless Tool Award for May 14 is all yours.

      • Richie Evans

        What “Cristian” chooses a name like Hussein?

      • Jon Noj Snyder

        Your living in a fantasy world.. You put the Soetoros on a pedestal. you talk about “truth?” Well the truth of it is that the Soetoros would step all over you to get on that pedestal. Michelle is a high society bitch with no taste or tolerance for people like you and I. Their kids are, of course, intelligent as they are exposed to the greatest private education that money can buy and they want for nothing. What do YOU know? You are a “hidden keyboard oaf” too. You assert the President’s Christianity like you know him when, in fact, you are simply parroting what he’s told you. He also told you he wouldn’t raise taxes (he did), he wasn’t moving for a single payer health care system (he certainly is), and he told us all that the ACA (BarryCare) would be deficit neutral, lol, which it WAS because he didn’t provide any funding for it. Now, as they try to implement insurance exchange entry points even LIBERAL members of his own party, people that worked on this monstrous bill, are crying that there’s no money.. 10 to 15 Billion ADDITIONAL dollars are needed and where, may I ask, did he tell you THAT money was coming from? Well **I’LL** tell you: After selling certain sections of ACA BarryCare to PRIVATE interests in lieu of hundreds of millions of dollars in “donations” Barry will be quietly requesting a tax increase as part of some negotiations likely involving the debt ceiling. So you and I and everyone else will be paying for BarryCare because, as me and “people of my ilk,” as you put it, have told you time and time again (maybe that was one of the things you found so cartoonish and cute?) THE GOVERNMENT IS BROKE. There is NO MONEY to pay for a massive entitlement program. But you don’t like that, do you? It’s the single biggest problem that liberals face. How to implement their ideas without any money. In fact, If there was unlimited money I would likely agree with many liberal ideas and ideologies. But there isn’t unlimited money. And that reduces the liberals’ idead to what they are: absurd, unrealistic, and childish. Much like your rant full of “facts” you could not possibly know and opinions that give yourself away for the cool-ade drinking, card carrying BarryBot that you are.

      • Ravishing Rick

        How again are godless,secular democrats going to enact Sharia Law? iIf anything, the far christian right would love to put religion on the legal books.

      • Karen Cook

        kansas, i dont really identify myself as either party, but i do NOT like or trust oblama. and i have no prob with the issues you mentioned…except would like to check into how that soc med thing really works…if it does. don’t think it will work fairly here at this time. people r working too hard to make/keep a dime and afford med care for their own without having to pay for illegal aliens who dont even pay taxes….otherwise, except for the cold, Canada is BEAUTIFUL!!!! . i still love the USA too.

      • John Hoppe

        Americans don’t want to move to Canada but plenty of Canadians move to the US every year. We don’t hate Obama just because we don’t agree with his world view

      • letsblameobama

        jonnoj ??
        And to think we COULD HAVE HAD Mitler in charge – along w/buffoons Palin, McCain, Mitler, Bonehead orange face Boehmer, Mitchy Angry 1-termer – and the rest of the Obstructionist GOP self-serving Hawks who would have finished George Wa’s debacle in stride. Just Imagine …. I’ll stick with “Barry” hon – and what kind of a name is jonnoj? Sounds like wet-pasta-for-brains named appropriately.

      • Financial Man

        Obama is presiding over the ongoing decline in morality in this Country, that his administration supports in there actions or lack thereof. Whether it is his support of gay marriage or creating more and more dependent citizens and attacks on constitutional rights.

      • Brian Yarbrough

        you really think Obama is responsible for the Morale decline of this coutnry? in just 5 years? are you a special kind of stupid. and no one man is responsible for the morality of this nation or its children, its the parents who are dropping the ball.

      • Financial Man

        You are taking my words out of context. I said that Obama is presiding over the “ongoing decline in morality”. It started many years ago following the initiation of the Great Society Programs under Lyndon Johnson and has accelerated in recent years.

      • jonathanhakim

        The events in this article happened in Canada, not America, “Financial Man”.

      • LouAnnWatson

        of course, as an obama supporter, your intellect is automatically superior and your opinions unassailable. i thought we were discussing the depravity of society here, but what do i know?

      • James Mastin

        Did you forget what this article was about? It is a teenage prostitution case in Canada. Somehow to you it ties into US politics? How is that not “Wet- Pasta- for- Brains” like? Please get a grip on your delusions and try to stay on topic. It may take a little extra concentration in your case.

      • Fugly

        obama azz rapes America on a daily bsis dumb fck so yeah his point is on topic. obama wants sodomy in the streets with gay “marriage”

      • Karen Cook

        I think you may be taking it a bit too far Fugs. I am not Obama fan, but not because of gay marriage. Govment has no right dictating who we love or marry. Not their job!

      • Cynic17

        “Govment has no right dictating who we love or marry.”

        And yet that is EXACTLY what the Right wants to do: dictate who we cannot marry.

        I love your posts, Karen. So brilliant in what you aren’t comprehending.

        And BTW. The governments that are trying to get rid of the limitations on who can marry who are NOT “dictating who we love or marry”. No one is telling anyone who to marry. I would hope that you would be able to understand the difference here.

      • Kevin Hogan

        Thank you.

    • Kier Feeney

      Social housing complex. That’s Canadian for ‘projects for low life dirtbag scum of the earth parasites. Social housing complex, what leftist BS that is.

    • Joshua Farmer

      Put these little whores away forever.

    • Nadia

      What. The. Fuck. I find it really hard to wrap my head around the things that people can do to each other. I hope those girls don’t have any children of their own. Ever.

      • LouAnnWatson

        ah, but they will…then what?

    • bcmugger

      Wah Wah….you democrats are pathetic, you whine about 14-15 yr old girls having sex but you are perfectly fine with having babies beheaded.

      • LostInKansas

        seriously………..what. the. fuck.

      • LouAnnWatson

        planned parenthood, or didn’t you know? or care?

      • Kevin Hogan

        Um, ok. Another conservative Republican, Fox News-watching opinion. Thank you so much for proving our point. Wow!

      • LouAnnWatson

        you’re automatically a jerk for preceding your comment with “um”. many times trendy speech patterns indicate that the comment is made by a fool.

    • Valarie Cotton

      This happened because Others looked the other way. Some of the “Johns” knew and sent the girls home but they never called the police. They were in the wrong themselves or just got another girl. I hope these girls get help. I think it’s about time we go after the ones who “know: and do nothing.

    • soaps

      I appreciate the horrified response of the author of this article — we all should be horrified. But trying to explain the need to teach teens like this right from wrong doesn’t make sense because one important factor was not discussed here: EVIL. Most children or teens wouldn’t even THINK of doing such horrific things to another human being. The fact that these girls did only shows that their spirits/souls were pure evil to begin with. You can’t “teach” or “reform” evil, no matter the age, unless God has a say in transforming these souls. These teenagers already had the evil in their spirits, and in their families of origin somewhere. They are only sad proof of the evil in this world, and more proof of why we need to pray and accept Jesus Christ, who is the way, truth and life. Pray for the souls of children who are automatically given over to evil so they don’t destroy the lives of good and innocent souls.

      • Kevin Hogan

        Please. Jesus Christ? It wasn’t the answer for all the boy loving priests. Organized religion, spewing their hate for other organized religions, IS the problem, as well as all the brainwashed lemmings spewing this nonsense. Spirituality is one thing, organized brainwashing is another.

      • Yaspar

        I’ll take my Baptist Sunday school over your Occupy rally any day, as a training ground for children. “Organized religion is the problem” is one of those sayings people parrot, thinking they sound smart. They don’t. They sound like a parrot.
        (BTW, I thought you libs liked “boy-loving.”)

      • Davey Doughnut

        spoken like a true dingbat

      • LouAnnWatson

        Yes, organized religion helped these girls form this prostitution ring…do you ever listen to yourself?Do you even know what a Bible looks like, much less what’s in it? You are judging what’s in it by the behavior of spiritually ignorant men such as yourself. Do you have a coexist bumper sticker on your prius? or is it an anarchy symbol on your gti?

    • Paul Lee Palmer

      wtf what caused these kids to truly go this way just because there under 18 there is no real excuse for such a messed up crime and where are these kids parents/guardians????

    • norf4

      While violent, sadistic, masochistic music-videos, rap-music, movies and video games cannot be singled-out as the only “cause” for why this heinous crime took place, facts of such behavior being linked to these perverted forms of media have become crystal clear over the past 30 years. Beginning with Madonna singing on-stage in her garters “Like a Virgin” to the Two-Live-Crew rap- “Me So Horny” followed by artists like Iced T with his big-hit “Cop Killer”, then Snoop Dawg producing his masochistic rap-videos followed up by his his production company (Dog Fart Productions) recently venturing into distributing porn which features thugs draped in gold chains having their way with naive suburban teenagers (all of consenting age of course) engaging in group sex on casting couches and worse are why we now see behavior like what happened in Ottawa happening not only in girls, but girls barely past puberty.
      Children have been conditioned through unrelenting exposure to such debauchery dating back to the seventies when I was a teen. Only then, it was relegated to vinyl records. There were no MTV shows Glorifying teenage-pregnancy, or group-housing which threw a half-dozen or more self-absorbed personalities together with cameras running 24/7 jumping from one roomie’s bed to another; nor were there video games glorifying the theaft of automobiles and “banging” hot girls in the back seat (First edition of GTA) or books passed around the locker room written on how to throw the best “Rainbow Party”. Most-importantly, there were no perverted educators teaching five-year-olds about sex in the classroom! (Think I’m off my rocker? Think again! Such news was just reported recently in the Wall Street Journal.) To say yours is the “first” generation to experience such depravity would be incorrect however, yours IS the first generation to think it is perfectly normal to behave this way. Unfortunately, it is my generation which is to blame for such thinking, since we are the generation teaching such vacuous non-morals to your generation, and the one right behind it.
      As I continue to say to my fifteen year-old son: It is your generation that must rise above such deviancy, and do the right thing by once again teaching morals and (dare I say it?) virtues to the next two generations, or western society shall indeed crash-n-burn just as it did two thousand years ago with the Romans.

      • exoraluna

        ?? I have heard some crazy shup out there, but you take the cake.
        lt’s unfortunate that you have children. I hope they don’t listen to your delusions.
        You are incredibly knowledgeable of deviancy, I hope the authorities see your post and investigate you.
        This is a terrible crime that has been committed & you have no sadness or concern for the victims here.
        I sincerely hope for the sake of humanity that there are not a lot of people like you.

      • LouAnnWatson

        she has sadness for our current societies social soup that’s cooking this into our children. just because she doesn’t respond in an overemotional way doesn’t make it invalid.

      • Davey Doughnut

        I thought the ressponse was quite lucid and hit the nail on the head. What an idiot. He should be investigated because he used logic instead of emotion? To suggest he is a deviant becasue he commented on what is common knowledge and in the news everyday is absolutely stupid. Please self-terminate immediately as your basic instruction set is corrupted

    • Danimel

      Society has failed when its children become monsters. Social ills and societal degradation is doing far more damage than any politician can do (including Obama for whom I am no fan). There is little hope for positive change when these kids breed a new generation that has even less ability to raise their kids than the ones who raised them. A valedictorian as the ring leader – she would have been a perfect candidate for a future wall street executive had she not been caught.

      • LouAnnWatson

        wait until kids with this “moral” mindset get a little older and find out the socialist nanny state is collapsing under it’s own weight. all of you pensioners better take up running track or live in self sustaining communities, because the only thing that will repair their way of life is your death.

    • stretchman

      Anyone seen the film “The Babysitters”? This pretty much mimics that to a Tee.

    • survon1

      Monkey see, monkey do. Our children learn from their surroundings and follow in the footsteps of the adults they admire.

    • Marti

      I am curious to know if the 16 year accused of ‘pimping’ will be charged as adults or under Canada’s woefully inadequate Young Offenders Act (there isn’t another option for the 15 year olds involved) . I would also like to know where the parents of all the children involved were since it seems like they also bare some responsibly.

      As to the article and the statement “Plus, underage individuals can’t consent whatsoever so regardless, these guys are still creepy, messed-up people.” I wanted to point out that in Canada, the age of consent is 14. Legally an adult can have sex with a ‘child’ provided that the adult isn’t in a position of authority of that child (such as a guardian, teacher or coach’) No doubt, the adults involved would still be messed up and creepy, but legally…they wouldn’t be rapists.

    • TannRann

      Sounds like quite the enterprise to me dude.

    • The Snake

      Who cares?

    • jamm54

      It’s just called having a sense of conscience, compassion, morality, principles, ethics or decency as a human being and member of this planet. Obviously, something none of these mini-pimpettes possessed. Pitiful. I hope they are jailed and forced into some kind of counseling, but an absence of conscience towards others is troubling and I don’t know if that can be “taught”.

    • Hunter901

      Just shoot the kids! When are we going to tell the libiral’s we are not going to stand by and watch this shit go on any more. The people who commit these types of crimes need to know bulling can result in their death.

      • Kevin Hogan

        The “libirals”? Thanks for your insightful conservative comment. Figures.

      • LouAnnWatson

        oh, i’m so sorry, vastly superior, atheist liberal, what can i do to amend?

    • Joe Boxer

      My belief is that until the punishment fits the crime, people are going to continue to behave like this. You rape, you get raped….You murder by slow and painful means, you die that way. You use children like this, death!!! (I couldn’t come up with a way to punish the filth without more children being involved)

    • Harry King

      It is time for real change! All over the world!

    • Teree Alfaro

      I am a parent and grandparent, i am also a teacher in the public high school system in what one would call the gettho. I have seen some devistating behaviors, these girls are animals. society is changing, these young people live with a sense of entitlment. There is often no accountabilty in the home and we who parent our children are subjected to the the results of those who do not! Blaming their actions on rap music and television? not responsibility! other kids knew of their actions? sick…and not one told……

      • winner

        Dear teacher… while I agree with your general sentiment…I hope you don’t teach English…’s dev·as·tat·ing

    • Robert Cruise

      Notice how they have HIDDEN the race of the “teenage” girls. In America they always do this – call them …”teens” . Americans know long before they click on the link that such behaviour that is so callous and violent and unimaginable will only be the- work of blacks.

      • LostInKansas

        seriously… what. the. fuck

      • Kevin Hogan

        You’re sick.

      • Robert Cruise

        And you’re a Liar who lies about the truth and protects evil and darkness which results in the continuation of these forms of abuse , violence and crime.

      • LouAnnWatson

        wow, the God hater speaks

      • exoraluna

        So, you’re a time traveler from the 18th Century, you say. How interesting.
        Wouldn’t it be nice when we can jail people who have your mindset & throw away the key. nut

      • Yaspar

        We don’t have speech laws here in the States, like you do in Canada. We are a free country, not a prissy, whiny country like Canada, where government controls expression, to the advantage of the political Left. We say what we like, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Excuse me; aboot it, eh.

      • Davey Doughnut

        at the risk of using the wrong metaphore, don’t be afraid to call a spade a spade. you see, i knew you were going to misinterpret that….

      • exoraluna

        You know me,

    • Nancy Law

      Let the punishment FIT THE CRIME as the BIBLE states.

      Capital punishment is needed here.

      List the names too of these monsters too. Why HIDE them?

    • Hope

      If someone did what is described above to my beautiful, loving, perfect 10-year-old niece, I don’t honestly know how I would do. I love her more than anything and the thought of her suffering at the hands of child monsters is unimaginable. Goodness and kindness inspire that in others, horror begets further horror. There is NEVER, EVER an excuse for terrible crimes against others, yet I wonder what was done to these terrible girls to make them that way? I’m betting someone did something similar to them. Again, NOT AN EXCUSE in any way – there are countless victims of sexual violence who survive, overcome, and help heal others – but I hope we can recognize that horrible acts of this nature are typically a cycle; rage is perpetuated unless it is healed. For anyone out there who is suffering, PLEASE don’t be afraid to ask for help. You are not alone, though you feel it. There are survivors who will be there for you and protect you. The hurt can’t end if you hurt others or yourself.
      National Sexual Assault Hotline – 1.800.656.HOPE

      Sexual Assault Support Services – 1.888.747.7070

    • Gort1

      ok we need to wait for “the rest of the story”….there is no way teenage girls are running a prostitution ring…there are some disgusting, menacing, grown men behind this for sure….Wait for it!

      • LouAnnWatson

        denial, teenage thugs don’t kill people on their own either, right? dolt

    • pgrace

      In reality, there girls were probably pimped out themselves… made to do these things by an older person that is waking away. I don’t know this for sure, but THIS HAPPENS EVERYDAY, IN EVERY COUNTRY…When are we going to wake up and see what is happening to OUR kids.

    • gayedgerhuver

      let me guess? welfare bred thugs? cant u see what THEY do to the USA!

    • Bubba Cantrell

      Gods word (Christian Bible) Says we are born sinners except by the Grace of GOD through Jesus Christ we continue in that sin. It is evedent these girls neglected to except that Grace and continue in wicked sin!

    • Nene

      We are living in revelations. These are the end of days we are living in. We are living in Revelations. Luke 21:9 referring to events preceding the Coming of Messiah, “Nation will fight against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes and plagues and famines here and there; there will be fearful sights and great signs from Heaven.” People hearts will grow cold and callous. People will become unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self … brutal good gossips haters irreconcilable love lovers malicious not of self-control slanderous. I pray for all mankind.

      • Kevin Hogan

        Go away with your Bible fantasies…you and your ilk, propagating these fairy tales are the problem.

      • Yaspar

        His “Bible fantasies” are remarkably accurate. Go away yourself, unless you have something useful to contribute.

      • Davey Doughnut

        …and the stork put the diamond in the cabbage patch. Quit with the jesus fantasy war story, eh.

      • LouAnnWatson

        sure, no truth to insights into the very human nature that this article discusses…but then again all you did was ridicule, no evidence of critical thinking in that. ignorance of the truth is your problem and we all suffer as a result from the likes of you.

    • Burnerjack

      While I can’t fathom that ANY of the men nor other teens that knew would call the police, what’s even harder to understand was why any of the teens released didn’t call either.
      Maybe they were ashamed, maybe they were terrified. No matter what, in this age of social media, actual human contact and empathy seems to becoming more distant. What does that say about us and all this tech?

      • ninic1999

        Those young kids were terrified and realistically afraid of what those psychopaths would do to them. The men are truly disgusting and should be hunted down. The girls probably video taped the rapes, so how about publishing the photos of those men?

    • whoresunlimited

      Little do most folks know, but many many teen girls are already whores and love that they are! The stories my daughter comes home with (she’s only 10 years old) would turn stomachs. Girls today are not the girls of yesterday who played with dolls and pretended to be Mommy’s or pretended weddings. No more folks. Wake up. Teen girls are doing hideous sexual crap today and boldly brag about it; older the man, the better since hs’s got the bucks. Sorry but reality sucks!

      • ManassasGrandma

        You’re sick. You and your daughter need help.

      • Terri Black

        I know right. There is something a little “off” about this person here.

    • Mike

      I grew up in the days of the PMRC and rampant music censorship,and I was always the first one to laugh when the notion of music and/or media being able to influence the actions and mindset of an individual was presented. However,as I get a little older and hear more and more stories like this one that were all but incomprehensible a generation ago,I find myself starting to wonder. As you point out,scores of people listen to Hip Hop and watch tv with no ill effects,but…are there a certain number of people that it DOES affect? Particularly young people who might not have the counter-balancing effects of a relatively tame and orderly world like the one we grew up in? I’m not drawing any conclusions here,all I’m saying is that I don’t dismiss such ideas as easily as I used to.

      • LouAnnWatson

        the 60′s anti war movement was propelled by music, how did you miss that?

    • Andrea

      Just bought a ticket to Ottawa. Need to get cash out of the ATM and a new SD card for the camera…

    • lainey

      These teens are quite likely re-capitulating the abuse they received by another. And so the story goes, if you are the aggressor not the vicim, you regain some illusion of power and control again in your world. I am sorry for the trauma for all….

      • ninic1999

        Regardless, they knew what they were doing was terribly wrong and should be severely punished.

    • Ksgrrrl86

      OK when did they have enough unsupervised time to do all this without getting caught for so long?!!!!! No one turned them in…yet so many knew? This is insane!

    • jonathanhakim

      I just want to note that you say:

      “Plus, underage individuals can’t consent whatsoever so regardless”

      but then later:

      “it’s important to show teenagers that traumatizing and harming other human beings is not excusable simply because they’re under 18.”

      Obviously, all underage individuals are in some way responsible for for their actions, yet all underage individuals are still developing and we can’t just expect them to make decisions the same way an adult world. You can’t just divide them all into “victims” and “perpetrators”, and then decide who you’re going to give a pass because they’re underage and who you’re going to lambast because they are underage. If consenting to sex is a decision that we don’t think someone under 18 can make competently, then we need to take that into consideration when we discuss other harmful decisions they make as well.

    • jonathanhakim

      Reading the comments below, it is amazing how an article about teenage girls profiting off of the sexual abuse of other girls in Canada has just turned into a string of anti-Obama rants.

      • Sharon Campbell

        these days just about anything is turned into an anti-obama rant. really, obama won, you lost — get over it! bunch of cry-babies!

      • Brian McClellan

        ever heard of impeachment? LOL

    • Yesenia Hudson

      First, these girls need to be tried as ADULTS! Second where the hell was their parents!?! I mean seriously…every parent has to monitor their child. I do.. online and off so where the f**k are these girls parents!?!

      OMG, the victims have serious scarring and a life time of healing mentally and physically.

    • Jim E King

      Those girls NEED to be tried AND punished as Adults. There is NO way that their age can excuse their behavior.

    • LouAnnWatson

      Human nature has not changed since the beginning of time and we cannot change it on our own…we all suffer from this affliction…
      “For it is from within, out of a person’s heart, that evil thoughts come–sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly, All these evils come from inside and defile a person.” Mark 7:21-23. the rejection of God’s principles are having disastrous effects on our societies…ignore His guidance at your own peril.

    • Smooth juvenile criminal

      is prostitution legal in that part of Canada?

    • jimgarcia

      they must be black

      • Sharon Campbell


      • Anthony Guthrie

        Jim said “they must be black”…meaning, I think, the skin color of the people in the story. Of course, he failed to use proper punctuation and capitol letters in his remark…but who’ll notice anyway, right?

    • Jim

      Doesn’t add up.

    • Guest

      The men’s who raped the underaged girls should also be caught and place behide bars, and get raped them selfby inmates lets see how they like being the victim…

      And to you girls out there never meet someone at their place if you’re buying or selling something meet them at a busy shopping center, during the day with sun light if possible.

    • Rb Redmond

      And the parents of these two girls were – where exactly???

      • Brian McClellan

        smoking weed and making more kids that they dont five a crap about

    • J. Meyers

      We’re reaping what we’ve sown. We’ve taught children they are cosmic accidents, have no value and life is meaningless. This is what comes of evolution centered science, and abortion. It is sickening and we have brought it on ourselves. It is a culmination of years of densensitizing by raunchy tv, music and mocking what is true, right and pure. It is only going to get worse.

      • Ergo

        don’t blame evolution for the problems inherent in Liberalism.

      • Anthony Guthrie

        Well said! When the state decided to BAN the rod instead of sparing it, the state decided to raise OUR kids. I say let them have at it…the kids today can do NO wrong. Just glad mine all graduated college, are respectable and mind their manners.

    • Lupita Gonzales

      Rap music! ha ha ha. The problem is that many people are disenfranchised and alienated from what we call normal society thus the wierdness. This cannot be fixed. It is part of life.

    • billrowland

      This is a black problem not a “poverty problem”

    • billrowland

      How does a 7 year old go to a distant apartment complex to raped and prostituted?
      Where are the parents of said 7 year old?
      Oh yeah they’re black. Nevermind… answered my own question.

    • wayne rogers

      One thing I will guarantee you,the teen pimps weren’t white

    • Robert

      The Only thing required for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing, while the only way for good to succeed is for good people to constantly work at it. There is a lesson i shared with 4 kids *( all grown now ) and DON’T shelter them. Help them to see realistically the risks involved in modern life while making sure they are NOT afraid to come to you for ANY problem with no fear of retribution. In my house if a child made a mistake and came to us to get help addressing it then we didnt think punishment we thought education and support. :)

      just my 2 sense worth
      Atlanta GA

    • isadora

      Every time my kids are out in my house to go to school or just playing in the backyard I started worrying and I started praying, my kids are aware that theres evils lurking around I keep them posted let them read this news so that they know and they are aware…May God cover our kids the mantel of protection..

    • ninic1999

      Who the heck raised these monsters? I hope they are not given ‘teenage’ sentences, but I’m afraid some bleeding heart will use the girls’ age to plead for leniency. Psychopaths, like those girls, never, ever change. They do not have the mental ability to do so; they must be permanently separated from society or they will commit other atrocities.

    • Queequeg

      “The accused allegedly used social media to lure their victims to an apartment in a social housing complex”… what is a social housing complex and who populates them in Canada?

    • Jim West

      For those of you that don’t remember your middle school years… this is what I continue to describe as the “animal kingdom”. Kids develop physically, but are not emotionally or morally developed. There are the bullies and thugs who go around un-supervised by their parents. They throw the alcohol and drug fueled parties where their parents are missing. All manners of vile behavior occur.
      What you have read about in the article above is what you would expect of kids who have either no parents in the home or ones who have abdicated their responsibilities. The age old lesson is that children, teens and adolescents will not behave morally, unless they are taught and monitored by moral parents.

    • KnightTime

      On the one hand, the author says “The culture that glorifies sexual assault and violence needs to change, yes…”, yet on the other hand claims that “to insist that rap music and television are to blame here … would be irresponsible .”


    • Concreteblonde

      When I was 18 I used to like to walk at night. My husband forbade it. “If you walk at night, you will be armed or you won’t walk at all. Don’t you know that you could be kidnapped and sold as a sex slave?”

      I looked at him stupefied. He was a lot older than I was, but he was right. That was 35 years ago!!!! He gave me a gun, taught me to shoot and made me take a knife with me if I even stepped out the door after dark without him.

      Best advice that man ever gave me.

      If you have children or young girls, they need to be taught that this is a dangerous world we live in. The vast majority of people no longer have a moral compass at all. Like the person that posted below F***k. What kind of language is that to use in a public forum? But that’s what kids are exposed to when they go to Youtube and view what are seemingly innocent videos. some of the comments are x-rated even when the videos are non-offensive.

      Two teens rape a twelve year old and post it on facebook.

      Do they not even have the morals to know that what they did was a vicious attack that will mess that little girl up for life?

      No, they don’t. Sociopaths and Psychopaths is what our culture is creating these days and it will get worse.

      Take Planned Parenthood for instance. They sexualize children, sometimes starting in kindergarten (teaching sex positions with stuffed animals) and by the time they hit college they are throwing orgies for teens on college campuses.

      On of their handbooks meant for the age groups that are committing these crimes is cartoonized porn and it’s sold on Amazon.

      Parents you need to wake up!!!!

    • imconfsdru

      “millions of people listen to rap music, millions of people see films that involve prostitution”

      What in the hell does rap music have to do with this crap??? I WAS LEANING MORE TOWARDS WHERE THE HELL ARE THESE TEENAGE GIRLS PARENTS WHILE THEY ARE RUNNING A PROSTITUTION RING? Anyone saying this is caused by “rap music, television” or otherwise needs to be tried right next to these girls for being a moron.

    • TruthFinderXXX

      Welcome to the Congo

    • Tony

      What these little pieces of trash did was abhorrent and they should spend the rest of their lives in jail. What they men did was abhorrent (the ones who raped the other girls) and should spend the rest of their lives in jail.

      What the men did (the ones who sent girls home when they realized they didn’t want to be there) while decent, wasn’t enough as mentioned in the article. However, PLEASE don’t give me this garbage that a 14 or 15yo girl “can’t consent” to sex. Maybe not legally, but yes she indeed can. Just because there’s a man made law that “says” she can’t doesn’t mean that’s the reality.

      If so, how do you explain many places where 15 IS “legal”? Also, the fact that the pieces of trash who were doing this to the other young girls were 15 and 16 themselves.

      CLEARLY, they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that 15yo girls aren’t children given the sick things they did. Just because they are teenagers doesn’t mean they have the mental capacity of children. And as I said, while I hope these girls will spend the rest of their lives behind bars, there’s going to be an odd twist to this case:

      I can only imagine (and hope) they will probably be tried as adults. Ironic that 15yo girls, who can’t consent to sex, in this case, might be tried as adults. I guess when it’s convenient, we decide 15 yo girls are capable of understanding their actions just fine.

    • Gary McCauley

      Evil exists everywhere, particularly that petri dish known as washington dc

    • Ben

      Holy fucking sick bitches. They deserve to be tried as adults and locked away for years. Send a message to todays youth.

    • Jimmy w

      oh, Canada…………