10 Reasons Why We Love Rebel Wilson On The Red Carpet

Rebel Wilson at the Los Angeles premiere of Bachelorette

Rebel Wilson is hosting the 2013 MTV Movie Awards (airing this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET)–and we’ll be bringing you our usual red carpet shit-talking during the ceremony in realtime. But more importantly: it’s about time Rebel had her moment! She’s an excellent entertainer, bad-ass and babe—a triple threat. Viewers, prepare to be slain.

Before she kills it on stage with her brilliant comedic timing, moves and rhymes, she’s going to kill it on the red carpet.  Wilson’s known for her comedy, but she can also work it when it’s time to get glamorous.

Here are ten reasons why we love Rebel Wilson on the red carpet:

pics via Wenn

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    • Anonachocolatemousse

      The love I have for Rebel Wilson knows no bounds. I just think it sucks that the awards are on at the same time as GoT and Mad Men.