Quiz: Can You Tell The Real Nail Polish Color Names From The Made Up Ones?

nail-polishNail polish color names, amirite ladies? Anyone who takes more than a passing interest in nail polish knows that they can be a little bit over the top sometimes. And by “over the top,” I mean “named after the trashiest aspects of female-oriented culture, and sometimes random foods.” I’m not going to go so far as to call them anti-feminist, as some (like “pornstar”) are only offensive to the anti-porn brigades, and we can choose our choice, etc. I also think a lot of them are pretty tongue-in-cheek, because with names like that, you have got to be joking at least a little, right? Nonetheless, I think the people who name the nail polishes would agree that in an effort to capture people’s attention, they often turn to the ridiculous and the inflammatory. To illustrate my point, I made a quiz. Can you tell the real nail polish color names from the ones I made up? Answers are at the end!

Photos: Shutterstock, Wikipedia

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    • http://thegloss.com/ Ashley Cardiff


      • Maria

        My thoughts exactly!! I got all the others right, except for the Hot Sauce one. It sounded almost plausible compared to the others.

    • April

      I actually got them all right except for Fame Whore! Unfortunately, this is just about the only special skill I’ve gained from working at beauty store.

    • Nat

      Awwww Fame Whore would be a great color! It could be whatever the Kardashians are wearing at the moment.
      Actually, I think they have a nail polish line.

    • Cee

      Wow! WTF! Shows you what they think you should feel like when you wear that color. I’m glad I wear Zoya. All their nail polish colors are just ladies’ names.

    • Barbara

      I thought Fame Whore and Pass the Hot Sauce were real!

    • Barbara

      I thought Fame Whore and Pass the Hot Sauce were real!