Who Are The Ten Types Of Women Men Don’t Want To Marry?

tina fey

Were you thinking, “I desperately want to get married and provide a nurturing, loving home for someone, but no one is marrying me? Samantha Daniels thinks you should change your personality around! Here are the types of women she claims men do not want to marry. Prepare yourself for a cool, Handmaid’s Tale type circle wherein Samantha Daniels chants “Her fault, her fault” over and over:

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    • Tania

      But if I accept that someone might love me without me drastically changing my personality to fit some theoretical ideal, how will people who sell books with advice about how to snag a man, any man will do, because you’re the only one who should change because NO ONE WILL LOVE YOU profit from my neuroses?

    • Alexis H

      Miss “I Live For You And I Have Nothing Else Going On” seems like the very definition of the marrying type. I mean, she usually gets married to an abusive, controlling asshole, but the quality of a marriage doesn’t seem to be Ms. Daniels’ point.

    • sabrina

      oh wait I’m married. wheeew.

    • Eileen

      I forgot for a second that Angelina Jolie has actually only been married twice, even though I think she’s been with Brad Pitt longer than with either of her husbands.

    • MR

      Yeah, I agree with your last point. A man marries a woman cause she, as she is, is fun to be with. Worse thing a woman can do is change herself to be some other indentity that she thinks the guy she likes will be into.