Guess What Percentage Of Men Want Their Partner To Get Plastic Surgery

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I am 76% sure that your partner loves you and thinks you look perfect just the way you are. Unless he is in the 24% of men who really want their partner to get plastic surgery. The treasure trove of horrors that is The Daily Mail reports:

Research has revealed that a quarter of men (24 percent) would like their partner to have cosmetic surgery in order to improve their looks.


Liposuction came out as the most popular choice of treatment with 57 percent of the male vote, followed by breast enlargement and dental surgery.


Men were asked: ‘Would you like your partner to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their looks?’ to which an overwhelming 24 percent said yes.

And, oh, it gets worse. It’s worse than I even initially thought.

A fifth (19 percent) said they were unsure while 19 percent said they wouldn’t want their partner to undergo surgery.

Only 19% wouldn’t want their partner to get plastic surgery? That is astonishing to me! But, I guess, at least they’ll be honest about it. 12% would tell their partner they thought their partner should get plastic surgery.

Has this ever happened to you? That just seems like something that would really undermine one’s confidence. It would not make me get plastic surgery. However, it would make me never want to be naked around my boyfriend again. And, honestly, probably break up with him pretty quickly given that I no longer felt comfortable being naked around him.

Does this go both ways? Would you expect your boyfriend to get plastic surgery? I have genuinely never considered that as I kind of… like them for other qualities, and also, picked people I liked the look of, initially? Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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    • Jaya

      I’m hoping that the other guys fell into the “If she wants to get plastic surgery then I want her to do what makes her happy” category. Can they? Please?

      • JennyWren

        This is what I thought. I mean, for starters it’s just a very odd question, and I’m guessing a large percentage of men were all “Uh…I guess if she wants it? Is that what you’re asking?”

      • Amanda

        That’s how my boyfriend is. I’ve wanted a breast augmentation for a very long time now, and at first he opposed it because he wanted me to learn to be happy with myself the way I am (& he just hates anything fake), but now he’s come to terms with it and says if its what makes me happy, he supports me all the way. So yeah, that part confused me, too.

      • NG

        My boyfriend loves me 100% the way I am, but is totally supportive of my decision to get a breast reduction. Hopefully the other guys in that category think along the same lines!

    • Lo

      If this is 24% of any group of people willing to speak to the Daily Mail, I’m not surprised.

    • Andrea

      Before I clicked on the article, I guessed half. Not surprised. Lotta douchebags out there.

    • Person

      Why is this surprising? Men want hot women. If you’re not hot, they want nothing to do with you.

    • JennyWren

      I also love (by which I mean hate) that they describe it as an “overwhelming” 24%…even if you include the 19% who are “unsure” about this very weird proposition that’s still somewhat less than half of recipients.

    • Natalie

      I think if you say “only 24% of men would like their partners to get plastic surgery” instead of “an overwhelming” it actually makes it seem not so bad. 24% isn’t bad! And maybe those women want to get plastic surgery or talked about it! And then, some people are just jerks. But 76% aren’t really jerks and probably never really thought about it. It’s all how you spin things.

    • Kate

      Does Dental Surgery really count?

    • odie11

      Alright, let’s see if I understand this correctly. Of the 24% that indicated that they would want their mates to obtain plastic surgery, More than half (57%)indicated they wanted their women to have liposuction which would make them look thinner–is that correct? Well given the fact that in the western world, so many men–and women are obese, does this really surprise you? This means that about 13% of the total surveyed actually wanted their women to take off some weight–correct?–actually, given the fact that so many women are overweight (less than men), that sounds pretty reasonable. So what is the beef?