You Do Not “Need To Diet Every Day Of Your Life To Stay Beautiful”

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Oh, God, stop it, Joan Collins and Samantha Brick. Just stop. Stop right now. Stop telling women that “to be beautiful, you need to diet every day of your life.” Oh, God, do you want to hear more? Really? You don’t want to stop reading right now? Alright…

Samantha Brick, a woman has written in the past about how attractive she is, writes:

When my husband and I invited friends to dinner, I knew they’d want to bring something along as a contribution to the evening and made a point of saying that wasn’t necessary.


So when one friend arrived and thrust a hefty box of chocolates into my hands, I rewarded her with ice-cold contempt rather than the grateful smile she was clearly expecting.


Take a moment to roll your eyes and mutter, “Pull yourself together, lady.” If you do not want the chocolates, you give them to your husband. Or you bring them into the office, where you can divide them up among your co-workers. Or you lay them out with coffee at the end of your dinner party so everyone can sample one. There are options, here. She continues:

I don’t believe overweight is ever attractive. Whether we like it or not, we live in an age and a part of the world where men and women regard thin as beautiful.
As an actress, this is something Joan Collins understands only too well, revealing last week that the secret to maintaining a perfect hourglass figure into your 70s is spending every day on a diet.


Joan, 79, said she controlled her weight during a long career so that she could stay in work – an entirely laudable attitude.


Like Joan, I have no intention of letting my body slide flabbily into middle age.

Look, Joan Collins looks great. She really, really does. She has always looked great. But you can look great and still eat a bit of chocolate in moderate amounts.

Eat chocolate in moderate amounts, okay? Please. Please. Have a chocolate for me.

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    • Tania

      Oh my god, Samantha Brick. I am fascinated with her in a very perverse way. Did you read the excerpt from her book they published in the Daily Mail, where she describes her pot-bellied Frenchman as being incredibly sexy, and then reveals he doesn’t brush his teeth (except once or twice a week when he’ll scrub his teeth with kitchen cleaner) or shower more than once a week? I shuddered. How could she not taste how gross his breath was?!

      • Rezia

        I felt so weird about being hate-fascinated with her! On the one hand, it ought to be okay for women to think that they are beautiful and even to boast about it. But on the other, Samantha Brick is just horrid. I don’t mean in a is she hot-or-not physical way. Just that everything she writes seems to be engineered to get a rise out of all women everywhere.

      • Tania

        Right? I don’t think she’s ugly, as the common comment threads seem to say, but her entire attitude is horrendous. That’s why no one is friends with you.

        Edit: you being Samantha Brick, not you, person I am replying to.

      • JennyWren

        I don’t think it’s so much that she thinks she’s beautiful, as that she apparently bases this perception on how much “uglier” everyone else is. It’s a weird, competitive view of beauty that says in order to feel good about yourself you have to put everyone else down.