Shopping Guide: Affordable, Adorable Spring Flats All Under $100

cheap cute flats for spring

Our fellow Gloss editor Samantha Escobar recently moved to New York. Unfortunately, no one warned her about bringing really comfortable shoes (New Yorkers walk a lot). For many recent transplants, all those city blocks amount to a shitload of new calluses and blisters–and a constant hum of discomfort from the feet. Anyway, we’ve been there–so we decided to help her out and compile a list of some attractive, walkable flats perfect for all that Springtime galavanting about… on the cheap.

Without further ado: cute flats under $100.

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    • Cee

      Love these articles, Cardiff! This one especially. As a math and tech instructor Im always on my feet teaching or fixing anything with a wire in it so flats are my best friends, especially inexpensive flats because educational salaries :/. Not to mention, wearing anything cute completely fucks with my staff’s head ” whaaat?! You fix technology and youre a girl?! A well dressed, non frumpy girl?!”

      • Ashley Cardiff


      • Guest

        (and glad you like them)

    • Jobeans

      Only a few of these look like they’re truly comfortable, with support, etc.. (I’m lookin at you, Sperry and Bass). I may be 24 but I’m basically a geriatric so… I’m picky.

      At the risk of other people walking around NYC with my footwear, I will divulge that i have these in three colors (black, purple, green) The first pair gave me blisters in the back at first but wearing those tiny socks has totally helped. I love them.

    • Tania

      I love the fish scale pattern on those blue flats. Unfortunately, shipping costs over the border are ridiculous so I will never own them.

    • Amanda