Indiana University’s Delta Kappa Sorority Thinks Homelessness Is Celebration-Worthy, Are Awful Douchebags


I can’t imagine what was going through the minds of members from Indiana University’s chapter of the Kappa Delta sorority when they decided to hold a “homeless party,” but I have a feeling it wasn’t a whole lot.

Rather than the traditionally racist Mexican party or parties meant only to please dudes in Greek life or just tweeting out offensive shit, Kappa Delta decided to upstage Deranged Sorority Girl and act like complete assholes as an entire group by holding a party wherein they all dressed up as their best impressions of homeless people and made signs that said messages like, ”Why lie? It’s for BOOZE. Homeless need $ and prayers” and “Give me a nickel and I’ll tickle your pickle.” Ha ha, get it? Because some people are so desperate for food and shelter than they have to resort to desperate, dangerous measures to obtain safety. It’s like hazing, but like, for basic human necessities and all the time. :(

But seriously, is the second half of “#YOLO” the acronym “SALAD” (So Act Like A Douche)? Because I’m starting to wonder why the ones who popularized the phrase most/worst are the most obnoxious, unlikable human beings in America. And according to Jezebel‘s source on the matter, this is an especially striking example of indifference:

Just so you know, Bloomington, IN (home of IU) has a disproportionately high homeless population. They’re typically the target of a lot of shit from students. They get treated pretty badly. It’s actually really sad—one of the places homeless people tend to hang out is right across from the most popular student bar in Bloomington, and on pretty much any given night, you can hear students loudly ridiculing the homeless population while they sip their drinks. Students will be out canning for money for their big national philanthropies, but when a homeless person asks for a quarter, they’ll tell him or her to get a job. The greek system here does do a lot of philanthropic work, but homelessness, which is one of the biggest local problems we have, and a problem that the greek system has the opportunity to really help, is completely ignored.

Oh, and the sorority’s Facebook page says, “Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.”

lol u don’t say.

I am very close to going on a long rant, but I doubt you folks wanna read that on a Friday evening. That said, there are several personal reasons I’m extremely opposed to this type of callous attitude, and I can’t imagine any respectable person would find this hilarious.

Homelessness is not adorable, it’s not chic and it’s not cute. It’s not celebration-worthy. It’s not a Halloween costume, a party theme or a trend. It’s not “just a joke,” and even if it is a joke, it’s not a funny nor clever one. I’m not saying that because I volunteered at a homeless shelter, I’m somehow special or more capable of caring for people in that situation; these girls absolutely have the same power, if not more, to help those human beings around them, particularly as a large group. But instead, they choose to laugh about it, trivializing the struggle of millions. Solid joke, ladies.

[via Jezebel]

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    • Lastango

      Women can be “douchebags” now? I hope not. Otherwise the term just means “generic jerk” and tells us nothing. I still want it to mean only “hot chicks with douchebags”-type guys — deadend weenies proving that open shirts, gold chains, and being crude and loud will score way more poon than anything else except maybe being a Florida billionaire.

      Best part is, for-real douchebags leave youngwomankind with one hell of a pile of explaining to do about why they’re banging these turds, and what that means. That’s simply too much fun, specially when the splainer is a have-it-all white babe at a gold-plated school.

      If everybody is a douchebag, then no one is. That would be sad.

      • Eileen

        But what makes this specific kind of guy a “douchebag”? Is he a bladder of water that his girlfriend uses (unnecessarily) to rinse out her vagina? Because if not, why the fuck call him a douche bag, either?

      • Lastango

        Why call these guys douchebags? Well, because they’re… douchebags! Start here, with the 2012 Douchie awards. Check prior year awards, or scroll the headline pix on the blog posts.

        I mean, are these guys douches, or what?!
        If we let the ladies into the club, how are we going to refer to these douchy guys? “Jersey Shore bums” isn’t broad enough. Not all douches can phony up mob cred just by where they come from (but, being douches, they would if they could).
        So it may seem sexist, but there’s no way we should start calling women douchebags. We would lose critical specificity in our social language — our whole ability to meaningfully call some guy a douchebag would be gone. That’s a huge price to pay for inclusiveness. Douchebags everywhere would be off the hook because we could no longer point them out. Do you want that?? Do you!!!!

      • Eileen

        I was pointing out the actual meaning of the word “douchebag” to make fun of the fact that you think it should be reserved for a specific group of people. They’re not douche bags any more than you are a catheter.

      • Lastango

        Not only does it belong to a specific group, it belongs to the group here. If these douchebags were in Europe, they would be eurotrash. But ne’re the twain shall meet. When our Jersey douches went to Italy the Italians would have none of it. And rightly so. Unlike you, they know a douchebag when they see one. But that’s only possible because we call them by their right name. Water douchebaggery down (so to speak) and the douches will triumph.

    • Jessica

      I joined a sorority when I first got to college because I wanted to keep an open mind and I didn’t feel comfortable bashing something I hadn’t tried. It turned out to be everything I was hoping against all hope it wouldn’t be… a bunch of obnoxious and insecure girls bent on making themselves feel better through the degredation of themselves and others. Needless to say I didn’t last long in that environment. Who would have guessed that sorority girls don’t appreciate dark humor?

    • Patrícia Camelo

      my opinion, simply and shortly put: what the fuck?

    • Holly

      This is my school and my former town of 10 years. How terrible. I actually worked in a homeless shelter in Bloomington. Some of the students did give the residents and the other homeless people in town a lot of trouble. At least 4 times while I worked there one of the residents at that shelter or another across town were hit by a student while riding their bikes. The downtown area of Bloomington is where the bus depot/transfer area is. It is also where the public library is. Unfortunately, because these areas are also a block or two within campus and thus full of student bars and hangout places, they’re constantly in the same areas. Bloomington itself always had a very liberal, progressive, get in there and help people out, kind of feel in the circles I dabbled in at least, but the University does bring in people from all over and unfortunately, people from all over raises the chance of asshole.