• Fri, Apr 19 2013

Party Favors: Countdown To ‘The Pick-Up Magician’ Becoming A Thing

Weird one-pieces for you summer coverers. -Ladyish

Sorry Biebs, Chanel doesn’t actually design hockey masks. -The Fashion Law

Old & busted: “charming” men; new hotness: literal magic to score dates. -Your Tango

Reddit’s anti-masturbation ”fapstronauts” avoid orgasms for reasons. -Nerve

SyFy’s Defiance includes “promising female characters.” -DoubleX

Om nom Mondrian: modern art desserts. -The Frisky

You think you want to build your own house-Money Crashers

Louis C.K. on sex, love, dating and all that good stuff. -Nerve

Some “celebrity” wants you to be submissive to your man. -Your Tango

Kool-Aid Man got a makeover. 59 years old and he’s still got it. -Jezebel

Wait, this kale salad sounds delicious. -Sadie

Kim and Kanye’s Parisian plans for petit bebe West. -The Stir

Why are teenage rape survivors being driven to suicide? -Feministing

Avoid feeling like a Cathy comic when swimsuit shopping. -Refinery29

Interview with a 32 year old virgin-The Hairpin

Spring shoes now that you have to take your boots off. -Betty Confidential

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