White Gowns Apparently Just For Basic B*tches Now: 13 Nontraditional Wedding Dresses From The Spring 2014 Bridal Shows

A model walks the Oscar de la Renta 2014 Bridal runway

The Spring 2014 bridal collections have shown and the big surprise is… more nontraditional wedding dresses. We see this pretty regularly (dove gray, pale pink, mint green and the like), but it’s still always a surprise how polarizing it is. We’re of the opinion that no woman should feel required to wear a long white dress (or, uh, get married, for that matter) but the sight of a nonwhite gown sends others into irrational frenzy.

So, for those of you interested in/horrified by nonwhite gowns or other variously nontraditional wedding dresses, here are the latest from the Spring runways, featuring Vera Wang, Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier and more.

Vera Wang 2014 Bridal Spring/Summer

Despite being the quintessential designer of big, frothy wedding gowns, Vera Wang likes herself some moody drama in bridal collections. The Spring 2014 look involved elbow length black gloves. And black. Lots of black:

Vera Wang 2014 Bridal Spring/Summer

We were really hoping for a peplum-free 2014. :(

Vera Wang 2014 Bridal Spring/Summer

As much as we’re pretty nontraditional about this shit, we kind of think one’s wedding is a weird time for peekaboo cleavage. But you do you.

Vera Wang 2014 Bridal Spring/SummerThis, though. How spectacularly beautiful is this neckline?

Whether or not it’s a wedding dress is an entirely separate question.

Monique Lhuillier Bridal 2014 Bridal Spring/Summer

Monique Lhuillier. We’re interested to see if brides of the future adopt the “fur chubby” look.

Monique Lhuillier Bride 2014 Bridal Spring/Summer

However. As far as short wedding dresses go, this Lhuillier look is at once a cool mod throwback and an undeniably fresh, modern take on bridal. Into it.

Monique Lhuillier Bride 2014 Bridal Spring/Summer

Cream?! Is Monique Lhuillier trying to give your grandmother a goddamn heart attack?

Reem Acra 2014 Bridal Spring/Summer collection

Okay. We normally love Reem Acra‘s bridal collections but this looks like something a circa 2002 Paris Hilton would wear to her wedding.

Reem Acra 2014 Bridal Spring/Summer collection

Even moreso.

Reem Acra 2014 Bridal Spring/Summer collection

This isn’t a nontraditional dress, so much as it’s a fairly traditional dress involving a themed parasol. Perfect for your steampunk wedding, we guess.

 Carolina Herrera 2014 Bridal Spring/Summer

Carolina Herrera also wants brides to accessorize with fur capelets next year.

Oscar de la Renta 2014 Bridal Spring/Summer

Oscar de la Renta kept things mostly traditional, he just tinted them differently.

Oscar de la Renta 2014 Bridal Spring/SummerHe did it in blue, too.

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    • Katie

      I love the blue one. I never thought I would, and I want it. Want it. Actually, I don’t eve like that one that much, now I just want a blue dress.

    • Tania

      There are people who think a groin-high slit dress is a good look for a wedding? Or… anything? Interesting. I’d be worried about flashing more than a thigh. And can you imagine the “fun” garter bit?

    • CMJ

      That peekaboo cleavage one looks horrible…not the top (I mean, it looks like a torture device even on that tiny model), but the bottom. If they can’t even get it non-wrinkled for a runway show how the flying fuck will you be able to keep that thing looking decent without having one of your bridesmaids running behind you with a cordless steamer?

      Honestly, can you imagine paying over $6,000 for a dress when that fabric looks cheap as hell?

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    • Los Angeles Designers

      Very sleek and elegant! I am absolutely in love. You bring wedding dresses for the modern and stylish bride.