Check Out Tiffany’s Resplendent Great Gatsby Themed Jewelry Collection


The decadent 1920s fashions on display in Baz Luhrmann‘s new film version of The Great Gatsby are so beautiful that it’s easy to forget they’re a symbol of some less-than-beautiful things: hubris, materialism, and the gilded cage that Tom Buchanan keeps his wife Daisy in. At least, that’s what Tiffany & Company is betting on with their Great Gatsby tie-in line of jewelry! From a diamond and pearl headpiece that costs $200,000 (pictured) to all manner of dangly baubles and jewels, this collection asks you to look at these shiny, shiny fineries and forget all about the sinister narrative role they play in the film. So sparkly. So forgetful. You will covet them like Gatsby covets Daisy: fiercely and inappropriately.

(Via Fashionista)

Photos: Vogue Australia, Tiffany & Co.

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    • Jules

      That headpiece… *swoon*

      Also the sapphire, platinum and snake bracelets. But not as much as that headpiece. Goddamn.

      • Cee

        Yes, the headpiece! I’m going to wait for the Forever 21 knock off of THAT one so I can pretend *sigh*

    • el

      Why can’t I be Liz Taylor and have men buy these for me!

    • AmbienceChaser

      Oh man, I want that headpiece. Who do I have to oppress to get a tiara around here?

    • brandon

      So it’s funny to swear in your descriptions? Be a real journalist, my friend.