Guess How Much Strippers Make

Before you guess how much strippers make, I want you to ask yourself if you are ready to feel bad about absolutely all of your life choices. I mean, every single one of them. You’re ready? That’s great. This is a picture of her take-home pay that a stripper posted on Reddit:

how much do you earn as a stripper

At first I thought, “There are a lot of ones in there. What is that, like, $600? That seems reasonable.”

Hahaha, I cannot count! Or have much conception of what a good deal of money looks like. You would think watching Scrooge McDuck swim through that pool of money over and over as a kid would have helped me, but it did not.

MSN tallied up the money and found it worked out to about $3,445.

For one day. Jesus, God. Now, to be fair, she worked 15 hours (11:30am to 3am) so that’s only, oh, well, that $230 an hour. I guess that’s still pretty good, $230 an hour.

Wow, I made poor life choices. I should have studied gymnastics so much harder as a kid. The stripper who posted the picture tells MSN:

She did admit that this stack of cash was “double an average night,” but pulling in a grand every night isn’t too bad, either. So how do we get this gig? “You have to be in good shape, quick witted, confident and have a pretty face,” she wrote.

I am wondering if I can maybe pull off the rest, but, also, approach everything with an air of abject fear and timidity. I think I could handle a lot except for the whole “talking to people” and “dancing” parts. I would settle for a small paycut, so, say, only $3,000 a night.

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    • Fabel

      Time to switch jobs!

    • armspiders

      Generally, strippers have to pay a fee to the club to work there. They may also have to pay fees to use the private rooms.

      • Sean

        That would make sense I suppose, sort of like how many hairstylists rent a chair at a given salon (but aren’t “staff” per se).

    • armspiders

      Generally, strippers have to pay a fee to the club to work there. They may also have to pay fees to use the private rooms.

    • Cee

      Wow. I reallydont have the hot bod to be a stripper. I wonder if those ladies that get paid to eat on webcams make the same money. I take a job that pays me to eat “Want to see me eat this pizza oooh cheesy!”

    • anna

      My friend had a brief career as a cam girl and was the most popular girl in germany. She made $15 a MINUTE.

    • Jennifer

      To be fair, it really depends on what club you work at. I’ve had stripper friends who were earning between $1-3k a night (on weekends) and ones who barely made $100. One friend could barely pay her rent each month, while another bought a new car and a set of implants within six months of starting. Small, celebrity-frequented clubs seem to be the best ones to work at–they’re discreet, cater to high-end clientele, and treat the girls much better than many of the larger places do. Of course, this is just what I’ve observed in Los Angeles. I have no idea what the rest of the country, or state, is like.

    • Nadia

      I think I want to start stripping. Good thing I did gymnastics when I was 8.

    • chattyCathy

      Kudos to this lady if she did it all clean and if this was really one nights work…inside the club.

    • good dad

      How you make your money matters. What does it profit a girl if she gains a lot of money but loses her soul? Do you know any retired strippers who are happily living well? The reason is the money is a lie. If they make a lot of money for a few years, why then don’t they have any when they are old and no man wants them? They give up a lot for that temporary wealth and they don’t end up happy. Don’t be a stripper, the personal loss, the spiritual devastation, the cost of mental health therapy and STDs make it a losing proposition. Be a hot lawyer with high morals and be proud!

      • Camilla

        You are aware that stripper and prostitute isn’t the same thing, right? Do you think they catch STD’s of the pole?

      • John Andra

        if you have the brains to be a lawyer.

    • Gia

      I’m an exotic dancer and I make around 96k a year, only working 4 days a week (with the occasional week off every couple of months). It’s a great job if you –really– don’t care about the opinions of others (friends, families, customers etc) and grinding on the crotches of strangers for 6 hours a day. No, there’s no sex involved, but you will get guys that think they’re buying your body and soul for the price of a lap dance. The important thing is to maintain your boundaries and all times and always think towards the future. Save your money and have an exit strategy and back-up plan for the day you retire.

      Oh yeah, you’ll also want to invest in a safe.

      • Houston hottie

        @Gia.. Girl please tell me what club your at so i csn come work too! Seriously, Im trying to move to LA with my kids and am considering it strongly.. If your in LS , im definitely there! Thanks….