What Dating Was Like in the 1920s

What Dating Was Like in the 1920s

What Dating Was Like in the 1920s

Did you know dating in America started in the 1920s? Yes, we have those fabulous flappers to thank for modern-day first dates, missed calls, and mixed signals. The first world war was over, and the action — and moonshine — was brewing in illicit night clubs. Small town girls and country boys flocked to the city, where the drinks were flowing and the women were wild.

>Dating in the Jazz Age wasn’t all Gatsby parties, cocktails and pearls. Here’s how you would have dated in the 1920′s…

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    • Lastango

      Delightful piece! With so many people hungering for the return of the Classic Date style of night on the town with your sweetie, I wonder why it doesn’t happen more often.
      BTW, I recall someone writing that, if we could go back to the time before WW1 we would find ourselves in an alien world where we would understand almost nothing about the mores and manners, or how people communicated with or related to each other. If we went back to the Twenties, though, we would find people who were very much like ourselves, with a modern outlook we would recognize.
      Here’s a book for anyone who wants to dig deeper into that worldshift:


    • Anonymous Coward

      Margret Sanger was at the forefront of racial hygiene in America.