The Daily Mail Is Absolutely Shocked That Victoria’s Secret Is Sexy

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Look, when I think about Victoria’s Secret, I generally think about leopard corsetry. Want to know a secret? A personal kind, though somewhat related to Victoria? I shopped there when I was about 16. I basically thought “leopard skin on everything” was the definition of sexy. I grew out of that. But The Daily Mail is shocked – absolutely shocked! – first, that Victoria’s Secret is sexy, and second that teens are shopping there.

Regarding the Pink line, which is targeted towards college age girls and has come under fire before, The Daily Mail writes: 

In order to reach Pink, youngsters have to walk through the main store, which is kitted out like a bordello. The walls and floor are covered with gleaming black lacquer, mannequins display risqué underwear and numerous French mirrors reflect sheer lace babydoll nighties, corsets, thongs and suspenders.


Look, if the worst things teenagers are doing is buying underwear, I think we’re okay. I can assure you that my corset lay in my underwear drawer until I wore it as part of a Halloween costume in college. I think there are going to be very few teenage girls who – while innocently looking for a tank top from the Pink collection – are lured into buying a babydoll nightgown and then immediately wear it out on the streets.

However, The Daily Mail begs to differ, and quotes one 14 year old saying: 

‘I am happy to be here with my mum,’ says Sophie quietly. ‘I think if I came with people my own age, I would feel under pressure to buy some of the more sexy items to show off.’

Sophie is either the squarest 14 year old in the entire world, or she is lying so that her mother does not know that she has an entire garter belt set hidden in her childhood dollhouse (good hiding place, Sophie. Smart).

Picture via Victoria’s Secret

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    • Tusconian

      What is the uproar about Victoria’s Secret, anyway? You can buy the same stuff at basically every women’s clothing store targeting women under 60. Why is buying a push-up bra and lacy boy shorts from Target, H+M, Forever 21, or Nordstrom perfectly normal and acceptable, but buy the exact same stuff from Victoria’s Secret and you are apparently training for the bordello? They don’t even sell particularly risque lingerie, and everything I’ve ever seen in the PINK line falls into the category of “completely functional foundation garments.” Most teenagers I knew when I was that age weren’t interested in wearing sheer red nighties and leopard print corsets to be sexy, anyway, and if they were they’d be able to buy the same stuff anywhere.

      • Emily