Star Wars Poster Dresses Are A Real Thing Now

Star Wars poster dresses from Her Universe

Do you love Star Wars and want everyone to know it? Does hearing “Greedo shot first,” make your blood pressure rise? Would you gleefully wear one of the Balenciaga Darth Vader hats everywhere? Then these might be the dresses you’re looking for.

Ashley Eckstein, the fangirl and designer behind the geek-centric clothing line Her Universe, earlier this week teased a trio of new Star Wars-themed summer dresses on Instagram, and this time she went seriously old school with her art choices. Particularly nostalgic Star Wars fans will appreciate the vintage-esque poster art and the sleeveless, A-line shape that makes the dresses seem perfectly comfortable for summer while still looking somewhat reminiscent of those old Luke Skywalker Halloween costumes that came with a Mark Hamill mask and a smock covered in Star Wars characters, but not necessarily in a bad way.

If you want to let your geek flag fly and be the best-dressed woman at ComicCon, the Star Wars poster dresses Eckstein posted are just a teaser of things to come, and judging from the #hottopic hashtag, the styles should be available at that particular shop soon.

Of course, if one is going to design a line of Star Wars-themed dresses, why stop at just two? There will also be a low-cut Rogue Squadron dress with a swishy red skirt.

The creation of a line of Star Wars dresses does raise some important questions, though. Like, how do you style a Star Wars dress? Neutral sandals and pearls? X-wing earrings? Your father’s lightsaber?

Via Fashionably Geek/Photos: Instagram/HerUniverse

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    • Christina

      As far as I know, they have been a real thing for some time. i bought a Star Wars poster dress from H&M a long while ago. But these are cool as well, definitely going to check them out.

    • Lemona

      I own lots of Star Wars tee-shirts, and have basically been wearing them on regular rotation for several decades. In the past 6 months, while in my SW garb, I’ve been asked about a dozen times “Do you actually like Star Wars?” *sigh* It even happened when I wearing a Yoda baseball cap at the same time (I love that hat, Mom, and I am not throwing it away!). Anyone else had this happen?

      • Maggie

        Yes! Most of my Star Wars t-shirts have been worn down to gym shirts and pajamas (though my fiance gets me a new one for my birthday every year), and recently I’ve been asked by a few people if I actually like Star Wars. I think it’s because it’s become popular to wear Star Wars, or any “nerdy” fan gear, lately, so a lot of people assume that someone wearing Star Wars clothing (especially for women, ugh.) is just in it for the trend.