Harlotry: How I Got Revenge On The Client Who Outed Me As A Sex Worker (To My Mom)


Cate is something of a renaissance sex worker; she’s currently employed as a pro-domme at a fetish house but has held numerous interesting jobs in the adult industry. Each week, she shares her stories in Harlotry.

Longtime readers will remember “Grant,” the client who outed me as a sex worker to my mother at the very start of my career. Grant was a creep, plain and simple, and his borderline stalker behavior was one of the two most terrifying moments of my career.

What I didn’t know at the time is that Grant is what’s known in the industry as a hobbyist.

I’m a smart girl, but I wasn’t always the smartest hooker. When I started out working independently, I didn’t even think to get client references from other girls. I looked to my hooker friends for emotional support, but that network didn’t really extend to my profession. If I’d asked around I probably would have discovered that Grant has patronized pretty much everyone in the Chicago pro-fetish scene, and a lot of vanilla escorts besides. You’d be hard pressed to find a lady who hasn’t seen him.

When I started working at Dolorous Delights in February, it didn’t even occur to me that I might encounter Grant again. My experience with him was so far in the past that it might as well have happened a lifetime ago. I’d seen countless other clients, and had nearly five years of on again, off again sex work experience under my belt. It took me completely by surprise when my boss, “Cecilia” put the phone on hold and informed me that “Grant Caroll” was calling for me. The tone of her voice and the fact that she used his full name was enough to tell me this was the same person.

My first instinct was to bug out my eyes and make a rapid swiping gesture across my throat.

“No no no,” I said, “he’s a creep. He outed me to my fucking mother when I was eighteen. I can’t see him.”

“But he isn’t on your will not see list,” Cecilia pointed out.

“I had no idea he came here! He would be if I’d known!” I replied.

I’m not sure if Cecilia sensed my curiosity or if she just didn’t want me to turn down a client who would mean money for the dungeon, but she persevered.

“So, will you see him or won’t you?” She asked.

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    • anna

      It’s petty but I wish you had outed him as he outed you. Called HIS mom, called his office, hell even shown up. “HI I’m grant’s sex worker!”
      You’re probably going to get a lot of shit because people are dumb, but I think you restrained yourself wonderfully.
      How did you get rid of him after he outed you to your mom?

      • http://toyboxkiller.tumblr.com/ Cate

        Um. There are some problems with this approach. First, he is a senior partner at the place he works, meaning he can basically do whatever he wants. His secretary knows exactly why there are always young women calling his office, hell, I actually met her briefly. I could potentially call his mother, but that would take so much research that just isn’t worth the time.
        Basically it was pretty simple to get rid of him the first time, though. I just ignored his calls and he eventually got sick of trying. His hobbyist nature was actually a really good thing, it turned out, because it made it easy for him to just move on.

      • Sabrina

        Yeah, I think she was just being outraged/supportive on your behalf. I don’t think anyone blames you for not tracking him down!

      • http://toyboxkiller.tumblr.com/ Cate

        I hope so.

        But like, I do kind of wish I could track him down. Especially calling his mom.

    • Maggie

      HIGH FIVE!

    • Lo

      Going to ask the obvious question… If you told him, would he be even more pleased?

      • http://toyboxkiller.tumblr.com/ Cate

        If I had told him to begin with, maybe, though I don’t think he’s into ruby showers. If I were to tell him the next time I see him or something, though, he’d probably be really upset because I got one over on him. He likes to believe he has the upper hand all the time.

    • Marilyn

      Loving this! You should check out http://www.theredmartiniblog.wordpress.com it’s a blog about a brothel manager and stories there in!! Totally interesting!!!

    • You’re trapped

      The guy has been a submissive for years.

      If you told him that he’d been licking the bloody piss of your coworkers off your feet, he’d probably orgasm harder. He is paying you for abuse. You are abusing him. Revenge would be having him blackballed.

      You made the mistake when you were sharing a phone with your MOM. The fact that you are seeking “revenge,” after all this time points to the weakness between your ears. Get a job.

    • Psych Student

      Good for you. That’s awesome!

    • ms fay

      heyyy bb! ;) what a creepo that guy is! well, in my book, there is a thing called karma, so one day, he might just be sitting all alone or something with no money looking like a dummy or something.