Met Gala Beauty: The Worst Hair & Makeup From The 2013 Met Gala

So, parsing last night’s Met Gala red carpet was pretty challenging–thankfully, the beauty looks were a little more cut and dry. While you can also go admire the great hair and makeup of attendees like Anna Hathaway, Rooney Mara and Hailee Steinfeld, below you’ll find our picks for the worst Met Gala beauty. :(

Dylan Lauren attends the Costume Institute Gala

Dylan Lauren didn’t try one bit, but the real problem here is her super fake-looking tan.

 Elizabeth Banks attends the Costume Institute Gala

Uh. Nice flattop, Elizabeth Banks?

Kristen Stewart attends the 2013 Costume Institute Gala

Same goes for Kristen Stewart.

Guys, maybe for next year’s Met Gala–Rockabilly: Just Roll A Pack of Lucky Strike Unfiltereds In Your Sleeve And Sit the Fuck Down–flattops would make sense.

Gwen Stefani attends the 2013 Costume Institute Gala

It pains the pogo’ing 11-year-old in us to speak any ill of Gwen Stefani, but her hair really ruined the look for us.

Jessica Pare attends the Costume Institute Gala

Jessica Pare went way overboard, and not necessarily in an on-theme way.

Julianne Hough, wearing custom Topshop, attends the Costume Institute Gala

WHOA Julianne Hough.

Actress Katie Holmes attends the Costume Institute Gala

Katie Holmes‘ hair was much too towering for our tastes.

Kelly Osbourne attends the Costume Institute Gala

Kelly Osborne should have had this in the bag, because she’s always had an anarchistic streak. We did not understand her hair at all.

Kim Kardashian attends the Costume Institute Gala

We were shocked to like Kim Kardashian‘s floral Givenchy print, but we really, really love florals. Her hair and makeup were as over-the-top and cheesy as ever, though that berry lipstick was flattering.

 Taylor Swift attends the Costume Institute Gala

Taylor Swift. The same look she does on every red carpet.

 YORK, NY - MAY 06:  Nicole Richie, wearing custom Topshop, attends the Costume Institute Gala

We really hate to penalize anyone for doing something a little different, risky or odd, but Nicole Richie‘s hair simply didn’t work.

(All photos via Getty)

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    • Sean

      Wait, maybe Nicole Ritchie misunderstood and thought the theme was 70s era sci-fi movie aliens?

    • eewzers!

      stop trying to be nice to kim kardashian.

    • Jules

      I’m the most embarrassed for Jessica Pare and Julianne Hough :-/

    • Elizabeth Kinports

      I really, really like Kelly’s hair, for some reason.

    • Tania

      I love Kelly Osbourne’s eyeshadow colour with her hazel eyes. The hair looks like a ball of wool, ready to be knit into a lovely shawl for my grandmother (were she alive).

    • Cee

      What the junk! You wrote a book?! About SEX?! YOU?! About Sex?!…I will be reading it!

    • Kwisatz Haderach

      Really. Kristen Stewart & Gwen Stefani do not belong in the above article. No taste fashion editor or whomever polled and compiled this. Eat bananas…

      Extends wing…

    • Jade

      Nicole Ritchie looks insanely brown, I like her weird white hair though.

    • gbur

      The theme was punk couture, what were they meant to do! Stop being so much fun.


      Taylor looks perfect, go sit in a hole

    • jeffery sateininger

      Gwen Stefani the next James Bon woman easy. I am a white libra man,my nickname is sunshine.I love email is