Fashion Disasters: Solange Knowles Combines Cutouts & Zoot Suits, Unsurprisingly Looks Ridiculous


I guess, even celebrity crushes are bound to disappoint us sometimes — especially when they’re renowned risk takers. Though her music videos are impeccably art-directed and styled, Beyonce’s rad baby sister, Solange Knowles, has sported some questionable get-ups. Her hair, lips and sunglasses are on-point, but outfit-wise, she’s totally screwed up (again). Bummer!


The BET Awards nominee can often merge different trends seamlessly, but this time, she failed at combining menswear and visible lingerie.


Honestly, this is the most unfortunate zoot suit I’ve ever seen. This is also one of the more creative ways I’ve seen the cut-out trend (which is already awful, so this is not a good thing). We need to end this. I love exposed underpants as much as the next sex-maniac, but not like this. I wouldn’t expect the wearer of glittery, purple, platform sandals to wear such a practical bra. We shouldn’t even be able to judge her underwear game, but her suit and blouse have slit-like cutouts. It looks like the jacket tore…except it didn’t, and those are intentional. Even if I don’t always vibe with her style choices, I typically wonder what sorcery is as work that allows Solange to be so cool. Still, this outfit makes me wonder if she’s quitting music to pursue a career as a magician.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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    • anna

      i don’t think it’s intentional. I really don’t. It’s so unflattering to the outfit to have it poofed around the cutout?
      I refuse to except it!