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Once Upon A Time, Karl Lagerfeld’s (Slightly Awkward) Chanel Film Starring Keira Knightley Is Here!


Anticipation for Karl Lagerfeld‘s Chanel film, Once Upon A Time, has been building ever since the project and its star, Keira Knightley, were announced a few months ago. After a lovely trailer was released in April, we have been increasingly excited — Knightley looks magic and the clothing (obviously) looks wonderful. However, I must admit: even in all its prettiness, the film is a bit awkward.

The dialogue and action feel…strange. While lovely, the performances seem a bit forced and kind of uncomfortable. Fashionista points out that this may be due to Lagerfeld reportedly giving the actors their lines right before shooting, a move that tends to not go over super well when dealing with actors who are relatively inexperienced, such as Lindsay Wixson, who’s also in the film. He supposedly did this to make dialogue “more natural,” but you can judge whether that is true for yourselves.

It’s also a bit odd because Knightley maintains her English accent while others have French ones, and still others speak exclusively French in the film. It throws everything off a bit and certainly doesn’t make things more natural.

Nevertheless, the film, set at the first Chanel store in Deauville, circa 1913, is beautiful and absolutely worth fifteen minutes of your time. Everyone looks incredible and, once you see past the initial clumsiness, it’s simply an endearing glance at how Lagerfeld sees Chanel.

Also, after watching, please let me know if you giggled as hard as I did at Knightley’s facial expression at 1:46.

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  • Alexis H

    I laughed (hard) at “BY THE WAY, I’M MISS VANDERBILT.”

  • JennyWren

    Dear God that was clunky. I’m assuming he cast models instead of actors in addition to feeding them their lines last minute? Unfortunately it really shows.

    • JennyWren

      I should add that yes, despite the dialogue and accent issues, it was really pretty.