Please Do Not Paint Freckles On Your Face, You Will Look Ridiculous


Once upon a time, I was a total idiot. I thought that I knew enough about makeup as a 10-year-old to apply dots of sunless tanner and create fake freckles because I thought (and still think) freckles are beautiful. However, fake freckles are not. They look ridiculous and not like actual freckles. Nevertheless, people are inexplicably doing this as a fashion trend in order to look younger.

Our friends over at Refinery29 elaborate:

According to makeup pro Ruth Crilly, the easiest way to keep your youthful visage is to fake a few freckles.

Already seen on Holly Fulton models at London Fashion Week and in debut products from Illamasqua and MAC, there’s just something youthful about the way freckles appear on your face. Faux frecks are achieved by applying normal foundation over the bridge and nose and on the tops of the cheeks. Then, draw large, light, and closely packed freckles with eyeshadow. You can place additional dots on your T-zone with a pencil brush and shadow powder. Of course, to make the freckles look as natural as possible, you should aim for a scattered effect, though Crilly emphasizes the importance of layering.

Look, guys, for the record, you will probably not look younger because you have freckles. It will certainly look scattered, but not necessarily in a good way. Rather than looking cute and doll-like, as freckles are often associated with, you will look like your face was bizarrely stained by lumpy, uneven mud. Actually, playing in the mud is quite youthful, so perhaps there is some truth behind this technique!

[via Refinery29]

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    • anna

      Oh god, I did this as a child and I actually HAD freckles. I just wanted… bigger ones? I had tiny little golden brown ones all over, I wanted the larger darker kind. So i got a marker. It was not charming.

    • anna

      And what happens if you don’t apply them one day? Everyone will know!

    • I’mALittleTeapot

      Frecklejuice anyone?

    • Luiza

      How about this, each person does what they want to do. Sounds pretty good to me