Why Borrowing A Friend’s Sex Toys Is Never A Good Idea

sex toysWe may all be on the same page in knowing that everyone has sex, but at some point, a line has to be drawn as to how much you want to share about your sex life. It’s one thing to verbally share 80% of the intimate details of your bumping and grinding, but it’s another thing to share sex toys with your friends.

On two separate occasions in my life, friends have chosen to help themselves to sex toys of mine. Not only did they not ask permission — permission that would not be granted — but they actually used things that had CLEARLY already been used multiple times, and yet that didn’t seem to be an issue for them. While one of these people was a close friend, another was a woman who was staying in my apartment. In both cases I was horrified, and in the former case my friend shrugged it off explaining that she was horny and we’d been friends “forever anyway.” I told her to keep the damn thing, or I was going to throw it out. She chose to keep it.

I understand that in the heat of the moment you may want to reach for something to spice up what’s happening, but personally, I’d like to think someone else’s sex toy would not be one of them. However, maybe I’m not as free-wheelin’ and fun as I thought, and sharing used sex toys is now all the rage.

But rage or not, here are some legitimate reasons why sharing sex toys is never OK.

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    • Lastango


      One other thing: respect for privacy goes in both directions. I won’t be opening drawers in someone’s home, in part because it’s none of my business, but also because I don’t want to know about their sexual idiosyncrasies. If I knew, it might be in the back of my mind as an unwelcome distraction when I’m talking with them.

      That means I also don’t want them to tell me about it. At first glance that might seem ok, because I’m not invading their privacy if they’re freely offering. The problem is that, if I don’t want to be burdened by knowing, and don’t want that sort of information to be part of our dealings, then they’re invading MY space by telling me. They may not have realized that they’re making a choice for me that they have no right to, but IMO that’s a fundamental problem with oversharing: it’s essentially a selfish act.

    • Tovah

      Invading someone’s privacy, especially if rummaging through a roommate’s drawer of pleasure toys, is not acceptable. Some friends/roommates/partners do share toys and it can be with very low risk to none of infections. Medical grade silicone can been cleaned and shared between partners, it is non-porous, but for extra safety, use a condom over it. Glass, stainless steel are the most hygienic materials that if cleaned properly (soap and hot water) are as good as new. What do you think they do in porno? New toys are not purchased for each actor. Sharing toys is likely to be much safer than sharing a sex partner. But permission is first!

      • Thianna D

        I must point out that STDs are rife within the porn community, so I am not sure that argument flies. But yes, many toys can be cleaned… but that wasn’t really the point of her article. It was that once her toy had been ‘compromised’ by another, she didn’t want it.

        I wouldn’t either. Though, if they used my Njoy, I would force them to cough up the money for a new one for me.

    • Thianna D

      Some people do not understand that there are boundaries. And not just around things like dildos and vibrators. One’s whips and restraints should be left alone too.

      That you had two people even get into your toys? Shows a lack of respect on their part. Gah! I wonder if they share underwear too. *shudders*

    • http://www.facebook.com/karen.valdivia Karen Valdivia

      I think even stealing a condom without telling is rude: what if you are all horny and find out someone took your condoms and there is not even one left? There had been murders for less than that.

      I don’t even like to share make up or hair brushes, let alone something as private and potencialy STD contagious as a sex toy. Plain gross.

    • http://www.thrillmeuk.com/womens-toys.html sex toys for women

      Sex is the key of happiness. I just loved dildos.. And yeah, I never shared it with anyones. It’s mine..

    • SexyForLove

      Sex is the most important part of the life besides it no one can live happily. I also want sex hardly,